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I know i'm getting WAAAAYY ahead of myself here but everytime time i read a blog i come up with more ideas so thought i'd share some for the future...

firstly when the game was announced i read an interview miles had about the new game and he mentioned a change in the conversations with players and that got me thinking how about being able to converse with you coaches. i mean you ask your players for recommendations on players and staff (don't think anyones ever given me a member of staff) so maybe you should be able to talk to coaches about the same, with the team report, the assman occasionally recommends players suitable to sign but sometimes i'd rather ask one of my other coaches (normally due to the fact that the assman has something against especially since its his duty to be after my job, hence why i call him assman :p) so from the options that are already their for player convos you can throw some out and instead put in stuff like who are the players excelling in training and what ways can we improve training for the players rather than going to those damn meetings every month where it seems they don't realise whats already happening at the club and just keep repeating themselves (no i'm not gonna make gibbs corner taker over honda winterburn!!!)

anyway thats just one suggestion i know others have a million and one more

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How about travel having an affect on fatigue so that draws for competitions can actually have some sort of relevance e.g. players are more fatigued on the weekend after a journey to Russia in the week than they would be if the game was in France

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