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  1. wouldn't it be ver - bow - herd - uh (i'm dutch so i reckon that'd be a bit closer)
  2. maybe you can convince her instead to join the back room staff, that'll at least get rid of her pimp...crap i mean agent and then you can evaluate her working with youngsters for when you bring in a replacement
  3. this is a great DB and i've already started a game with albirex but i've got one concern last year i downloaded a JLeague database and there was no information page for clubs meaning i can't view things like facilites etc. it seems theres no information page on this DB either, is there a fix for this because its annoying that you can't see important information about the club still great database, thanks
  4. despite a disappointing season once again simon cox has displayed his determination to win world player of the year after another brilliant season seems i have run out of ideas with the baggies and will now but the club up for sale :'( its been fun
  5. TB in prep for the championship next year is there any chance of bringing back tony mowbray on a 1 year deal, he knows how to get the baggies up then i'll bring in someone to steady the ship, if he's not available can i look at tony adams or roy keane
  6. so it seems we're down...is david villa a non player yet?
  7. how many players can i get in on loan? was looking at players that haven't been playing in your newcastle team and have an idea of what could help
  8. was considering that but theres so much needed yet i don't know what
  9. simon cox still our main man......4 in 20 it hurts but theres nothing i can do, except...... LISTENING TO OFFERS FOR ALL PLAYERS (except simon cox)
  10. i've been guessing a full blown 4-3-3 without widemen for the baggies...could be wrong
  11. interesting.....not a league win to take note of...not really scored anything either, will wait til xmas before i do anything drastic
  12. cristian benevente in what fantastic news, he'll keep us up too, and i'm happy with the outs....can i change the amount of money that becomes available from transfers cos if so i have to give the gaffer 10%
  13. yeah i know but i reckon we need to concentrate on the outs All players are available except Simon Cox
  14. i thought the promotion would have been enough to level the playing field a bit, are those finances from july?
  15. i've been away for a while but am delighted to return to the club with the play off won and premier league football restored, now the challenge remains if simon cox can keep us up seeing as we have absolutely no money to spend
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