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  1. I was arsenal before and it was at 4-4-2 automatically i do agree with that earlier post about pires though
  2. i was actually wondering that as well, i thought that maybe that just had one built because i never checked on it until my third season
  3. i also like this but i'm a tad disappointed you replaced arsenal 03/04 with arsenal 97, because they aren't title contenders anymore due to newcastle, liverpool, united, chelsea and even the scum of north london having better (tons younger) squads and thierry henry hasn't turned out to be very good and i'm in 2013, i think he moved clubs, plays for whatever team j.j okocha plays for
  4. well one reason would be the teams are well too unbalanced, imagine arsenal with thierry henry, dennis bergkamp, ian wright and cliff bastin all at their peak ages being amazing or manchester united with cronaldo, wayne rooney, peter schmeichel, eric cantona, ole gunnar solskjear, andy cole plus all the '68 legends. and i can't imagine what it'd mean for international football
  5. i don't believe suarez should be in the game as he's only 22, not proven himself yet in the big leagues or on a world stage and van der vaart robben and sneider coming through at ajax (who i currently manage) would definitely upset the balance as their team is already amazing and their under 19's already having amazing prospects (seedorf, davids, de boer twins, reiziger, van der sar)
  6. Lev Yashin < Peter Schmeichel and Heinz Stuy Sindelar is too good to be true
  7. yeah i was looking at him in december of my first season but didn't want to bid for a player thats unavailable at first then when i looked again in january i could sign him on a bosman at the end of the season so did that at bayern i wouldn't know who to sell, i have the same problem at ajax with all my strikers so i just loaned out a few of the younger ones, try that if you have any EDIT: has anyone mentioned that all my players pics are asian and i've found a few more players retired from international football i.e. ronald de boer, 16.
  8. he's playing for austria vienna (wien) i believe, AM/F C, Matthias Sindelar, one of the few pre war legends
  9. i don't know if anyones said anything about it yet but freddie ljungberg is still retired from international football which is disappointing to say the least and also FallenAngel have u looked at ferencvaros and hodved for players plus a certain austrian superstar that u can get for free due to his military service.
  10. vela - 07 Vyescheslav Hleb - 07 (anyone know what the hell happened to him) Freddy guarin - 06 Alex Song - 05
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