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Ultimate Fiorentina - come and try it

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Well, where to start??

First of all, I'm french, so please be fair and forgive me for my possible typing and writting mistakes :(

This being said we can move further topic...

Like all of you, I was struggling to find out the best tactic for FM 2010. I was not only looking for some tac that make you win continuously, but for something accurate both pleasant to watch and to manage. Because you all know that the very first thing difficult in this FM edition is to find a suitable tactic over the time..Indeed AI gets used quite quick with new tacs, if not immediately..and I was not in the mood of adpating my strategy to each team I would face (though I should be doing it in order to bring the game closer to real life football).

Anyway, I also noticed, that unfortunately, this new edition has almost completely banned 4-4-2, as others teams find always a solution to counter it...And well as I am a deep lover of this 4-4-2 strategy I tried since the game was released to create my own 4-4-2 stylish and vanquish, but still I did not managed to..Until...

Until a few days ago, when I decided to take a real look at strategies…

First this tactic is based on the old tactic system, this means that you will not be able to use pitch instructions while playing…

Second you have to understand that this is not a miracle tactic, meaning that against good opposition teams you will sometimes draw and perhaps even lose…However one thing is sure: you will be playing a good, very good game and you FM experience will be totally renewed...

At least it was for me...

So I decided to share it with you mates, downhere, cause the inspiration for this tactic came while I was going through this site’s threads. In fact I mainly used as a first basis, tactics originally existing, improving players’ instruction on the pitch, and I think by now that I came pretty much close to what I was looking for : a good, strong, attacking but also defending system, where all the players, and I say all, are involved and participating in each actions…

Obviously what worked for me may not work for you, as each game, may be different…However I recommend it for all those of you, who want to enjoy a new approaching way of playing FM.

But let's stop talking and get started ;)

So basically this tac is a 4-2-2-2, or an attacking 4-4-2 as follows:






The mentality of the team is quite balanced: every players defending at the same time and every one attacking on the same time. You will get goals coming mostly from centres from the full backs and wingers, from corners, from your attacking midfielder and finally from your forwards.

Here you will find some tips for player’s main attributes:

GB - A strong goalkeeper

Handling, reflexes, anticipation, one on ones...

DD and DG - Suited for full backs both defensive and offensive

Pace, stamina, centre, tackling, marking, anticipation and passing are the main characteristics...

Left DC - Strong defender --> The Roc

Marking, anticipation, tackling, positioning

Right DC: Good Areal Abilities --> This defender will be the one scoring on corners therefore he must be a top head finisher

Heading, Jumping...and if possible all the other characteristics of a good defender

Left MC - Creative midfielder, with good finishing skills

Passing, Creativity, Finishing, Long shots are the main characteristics required here

Right MC, with the arrow downwards: Strong Defensive Midfielder

Passing, Creativity, Marking, Tacking, Long shots, Placement, Anticipation

MOG, MOD: Fast wingers --> This position is meant for wingers that are both pace and accurate on passing and centre delivering

Passing, Acceleration, Pace, Centre, Stamina, Ball Control

Left AC, with the arrow downwards: Striker --> This position is more suited for pure strikers like Torres, Anelka, Gignac, Berbatov, Soldado...

Heading, Finishing, Acceleration, Passing, Technique, Strength, Off the ball

Right AC: Attacking Midfielder / Forward --> The player here must have striker abilities like Jovetic, Aguero, Vela, Pastore...

Centre, Finishing, Acceleration, Passing, Dribbling, Technique, Ball control

I know that most of you do not have a top squad when it comes to players attributes:

To let you have an idea this is my squad:


As you can see, I am playing with some average players: De silvestri, Pasqual, Barnetta..and from the moment I used this system this would be the first time I have seen them playing like they are doing it…So you see, so far it does not bother me even losing games since I have seen them playing as a team.

As I mentioned earlier you will be scoring a lot from corners, therefore I recommend that you should use a left shooter on the left side to have outing corners and the same for right shooters. If corners’ attributes are 16 or above and your right DC jumping and heading over 15 you will be scoring corners like hell..

Also, as I discovered it at the end of the previous season, I will not be posting any results till the end of next one. You will have to try it and see by yourself if it is properly working or not. Besides some of you will possibly come with an idea for scoring on indirect free-kicks as this the only aspect that is not completely "tweaked" by the present tactic…

Download link


So this is the version I called ultimate, but if you feel like you can improve it, please do not hesitate in doing so and telling us what changes you made to bring it to next level.

Anyway, will be awaiting for your comments and feedback on this one,

Have fun !!

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Kami - you say the right forward has a back arrow and is suitable for a Jovetic type player yet your pic shows Gignac on the left with a back arrow and Jovetic on the right?

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Kami - you say the right forward has a back arrow and is suitable for a Jovetic type player yet your pic shows Gignac on the left with a back arrow and Jovetic on the right?

My mistake, will be changing it in the initial post.

can you maybe post some results with this tactic

Results of my on-going season will be posted here late tonight.

very bad tactic lost 3-0 to stoke city and then lost 4-1 to aston villa with Manchester...

Well, odd, since you had MAN U, perhaps you would need a little bit time to get the players used to it. In my case it worked almost immediately, though losing champion's league final against Barcelona (1-2), since then I did not lose a single game.

Anyway you should try ticking tight marking in team instructions, and make your two wingers (MOG-MOD) tackle instructions changed from soft to normal.

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