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  1. Great tactic! Used with Spurs, no purchases and no tweaks whatsover during games and won league and FA cup. Defoe finished with 58 goals from 38 appearences.
  2. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Jules H.: Hi First of all thanks for some great tactics! Right now I'm playing with pompey and things aren't going quite how I would like them to. Last year I finished 3rd in the Premiership but now I'm struggling at the 6 or 7 place. The first year I played with the ver. 2. and became 4 in the premiership. The next year I tried a mixture of the ver. 2. and ver. 3 and became number 3. I decided to try out the version 3 but I'm having some difficulties. My team is: GK: Ustari DL: Poconogli DR: Abenzoar DC: Araujo DC: Pique ML: Marcelo MC (def): Cattermole/Sivok MC (att): Mikel / Gary O'Neill / Modric MR: Silva FC: Higuain / Sturridge FC (target man): Eddie Johnson Is the problem that Eddie Johnson isn't the proper target man? He finished players player of the year two years in a row and plays very well, or should i play wider or faster? Thanks in advance. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Im also playing as Pompey with EJ upfront. I have a mirror version of v3 so that I can easily put EJ onto the oppositions weakest jumper. Also the tactic as default seems to have gk distribution as long kick to the fast striker, I changed this to target striker which seems more effective for me as in most matches EJ is so dominant in the air. Also try watching the first few minutes of a match...it should be quicky apparent if the opposition is closing down quickly and causing you to lose possesion, if so then try going to a more direct passing and slightly higher tempo (likewise if a team is playing very direct in can be better to lower your closing down so that your team keeps its shape and can get more interceptions)
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