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    hi, i'm stuart from motherwell,i am 13 years old.my main loves in live are pc,fm,scotland&motherwell

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    PSN - comonthewell


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    football,hockey,volleyball,tennis,badminton,computer,fm,supporting motherwell fc,ps3 and tv.

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    motherwell and scotland

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  1. uncle sam, by far the best opening post i have saw for a tactic, well done. i can see the amount of effort you have put in for this and the detail is just great, congratulations on a great post
  2. cleon, i am in need of help and i thought you could help me. this is my first attempt at a tactic and i am going to try it with man utd because it is easier than someone like stoke. any way i want to play a slow control passing game working our way into the box, here are our team instructions, can you give me any advice to improve please p.s. i play a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond
  3. i have entered my email address to get a link but fmbritain has not emailed me yet, is the link down
  4. first can i just say great post mate:thup: i am going to try this with man city for a season and report backs the results.
  5. great post cleon, really helped me a lot. i used to be one of those people who downloaded a plug and play tactic and nowe you've gave me inspiration to create my own tactic. i just have one question tho, why did you put gerrard's long shots on rarely, was it because you wanted to work you're way into the box??? great post congratulations:thup:
  6. much more in depth training, such as drills and shooting or passing practice etc... also phases in tactics
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