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  1. tactic is really very bad as i finished 3. with Real madrid with appling all instructions and also i bought srna zhirkov vs but tactic messed it up
  2. thanks for your post, but we didnt leave it because moderators just ignored the bad languages. someone do a tactic,then think that he is good as alex ferguson, then start insulting learner players.we still wait the apologises,or official warnings.dont forget who used the really bad words.
  3. rashidi, alimdemir is right,spencer and fuss said very insulting words to him and only these 2 must get the warn, no one should be warned except them.i believe you see who offenced new players.
  4. i dont except this tactic to be a diablo tactic but its not better then any other average tactics,i had too much unsuccessful matches with this tactic, thats what i had and whats my opinion.
  5. hey Fuss, i have tried your tactic with barcelona,totenham,newcastle,real betis and reggina.here are the results : barcelona : 20 matches,9 win 2 draw 9 lose totenham:18 matches,7 win 5 draw 6 lose real betis:22 matches,6 win,6 draw,10 lose reggina : 8 matches,3 win 5 lose thanks for wasting my time such an unsuccessfull tactic.grrrr.
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