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  1. it is very realistic because Turkey has improved football academies very much
  2. men,you are so rude,thats my idea that i believe it would be good...
  3. one day it will become and it will be much better for everyone especially for SI
  4. i would 9.3 too
  5. i dont think like you.i think it will increae the games value very much.increase the popularity. Now you dont agree with me but one say it will become.
  6. Perhaps i would firts chane the corner bug immediatly. i really cant understand why you dont want to edit engine..
  7. of course No ! And we dont need to be. you couldnt understand me. With a match engine edit tool,you dont need to be programmer. This is like that: chess programs...they have an engine and opening book.People make up their own engines with an engine tool.And their engines are using by other it?
  8. i cant understand why you feel yourselves so inexpert.
  9. no one couldnt explain why ?
  10. all you say "that wont happen" BUT WHY ? i am adding a poll.
  11. We know Football Manager is getting more and more detailed.İt's improving very quickly and getting better.When it's getting deeper,it is hard to prevent bug's and another unwanted issues.And we know nobody cant and will never be able to do %100 perfect game,no one can blame you for this. At that point my suggestion is that i think it would be wonderfull if you open match engine public.Support we FM lovers with a "match engine edit tool" and let us do our own match engines.When thousands of people work on match engine,i think it would be near perfection.Then gamers try their match engines and there we can select the best one and use it. Any similar opinions welcome.
  12. no transfers,no special training schedule,it was a league game and barça had no unavaliable players. good luck