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[FM10] 140x180 Facepackmod v1.1

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I made a little tweak and deleted this Graphic Attribute Analyzer from the profile view in order to give 140x180 pictures more room (thanks for Delijes TF-mod, which I have used as template). I designed it as a skin but in fact it is only a little modification which could easily be adapted to other skins. To let you know how it looks like I've uploaded a picture:


Also have changed the attribute colours. If you don't like them, just delete the settings-folder within my mod. If you want other colours just edit the specific settings.xml within this folder. How to?


RGB-colours? What the heck does this mean?



Like normal skins. Just extract the file to:

My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010\skins

If you want this profile view in any other skin just copy the player profile personal details.xml from panels-folder to the panels-folder of your skin. But be careful! An previous version could/should be overwritten! Please make a backup of your existing skin.

Downloadlink (v1.1) below:

140x180 Facepackmod

Alternative link

Hope you enjoy this,


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I tweaked it to fit it for 140x180 pictures but yes, I used the TFmod as template. Sorry for not having written this down. I'll change it immediately.

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I really like it. Especially the club logo in the background.

Is there a difference if you watch a national player profile? Is there still the club logo or will the national federation logo appear as bg?

I could give it a go, if you want to upload the xml-file. I want to test it on my low resolution desktop of 1024x768. Maybe I'll have to scroll? I don't hope so. ;)

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Can you explain - will the logos in the background behnd the photos show up for all teams, or do you need a separate download of those logos?

And do you need bigger player photos to take advantage of this mod? i.e do we need to download thousands of new player pics if we already have full sets?

It does look excellent, but what else is needed to make it look like your screenies?

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Oh, I forgot. Yeah these mods are working of course very good for facepacks in 140x180 (or for Orange2000s mod maybe 180x180). In my screenshot I have used the Panini 140x180 pictures (I've got nearly all of them - over 70.000 pictures!!). You can find the official thread here:


Orange2000 uses the Cut-Outs, which are very complete too! Well I don't like them, but maybe you like them. You can find the thread here (or maybe even here in the forums, dunno):


To see these logos, you need some extra packs as FM10 only delivers some few leagues.

As for the logos, I don't know which logos Orange2000 uses. But I can recommend you the FMG09 logos, which are really complete. Nearly every playable club is covered. You can find them here:


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