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  1. Sorry, but i had another type of problem. Try to change tooltip time in options.
  2. Yes, i `ve found option to change this. I didn`t know that there are the option to change that. By default in all version on fm the mini player profile appear after hovering mouse over small player icon. After 20.2 it was changed... Anyway thank you for reply
  3. After last patch i have a problem. When i hover mouse over the small icon (in red) before player name mini player profile don`t pop up. Only after clicking left mause button it appear. Clearing cache don`t resolve the problem. Also using default skin.
  4. I`ve took Claassen`s file San-Marino from 19 version, make verification and everything work fine.
  5. Yes, 1 year ago hi`d uploaded leagues almost everyday since release. It`s a pity today he is busy. His update are the best!
  6. Good work) Could you make the same with czech and serbia?)
  7. Thank you for updates. Could ypu make czech and croatia?
  8. this is problem with fm itself, not skin. Sometimes i have this issue too...and changing to default skin (clearing cache...) don`t help. Only continuing game resolve the problem
  9. Thank you very match Tariq13! Understand now, why it is advance mode))) But you say do you mean only competitions in that country (Swiss in my case)? also, there are number "-1". What does it mean?
  10. Hello/ Where are I can find the option to change fixture rules (Maximum number of foreign players in match) in Advanced mode ? In Basic mode i know how to do that.
  11. some leagues from version19 pack works fine in fm20. Just played Albania and everything ok for 5 years simulation
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