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  1. Vitrex! with some my own addons)
  2. fm2017 skin

    crash when injury happened?
  3. some fake female faces needed)
  4. fm2017 skin

    Also i need to move back Advice icon . How to do that? Thank you in advance!
  5. fm2017 skin

    great skin! But i have problem with location panel on the club overview panel. it`s have some bugs.
  6. thank you for icon status! very cool skin!
  7. I mean full window like in flut skin. Playing around with "match title bar score.xml" Thank u in advance man)
  8. Thanx for the nice skin again! Is it possible to add weather, competition name and city on scoreboard? also i`m using nice YaciniB and status icons is missing(
  9. The best skin ever! Big thanx!
  10. just buy the game!
  11. Yes, It was in early version of CM. Small button with triangle on top left corner. Very like this option !
  12. fmeurope update with France lower league add Martin Ødegaard
  13. Thank you for the help Michael! Solved!
  14. thanx but it doesn`t work(
  15. in my custom skin i have the same problem at my first loading skin after patch. Clearing cache and reloading FM (2 times) solve the problem.