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  1. Octavianus[GER]

    [Germany] Data Issues

    The answer to that and other stadium names is easy: Licencing issues. I'm sorry but we're not allowed to use the full/sponsored names in a lot of cases.
  2. Octavianus[GER]

    [French] Issues in French Translations

    Guys, please do not only post screenshots but please post what exactly is wrong in that situation.
  3. Octavianus[GER]

    [Germany] Data Issues

    Thanks for spotting! We don't create clubs for the sake of creating them. We only create clubs down to level 6 (because of their potential to be promoted to level 5 one far day). I don't see the point in going lower down the ranks because of the upper quoted problems of keeping track of all those lower league clubs and their developments (e.g. merging, renaming and so on...) which takes a lot of time in researching. Time that we can spend for other areas.
  4. Octavianus[GER]

    [Germany] (Official) Data Issues

    This issue will be fixed for the upcoming patch. Duplicate.
  5. Octavianus[GER]

    [Germany] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks, this is one for League Specific. I will compile a document with all changes in detail.
  6. Octavianus[GER]

    [Germany] (Official) League Specific Issues

    The participating teams in DFB Cup are all teams from Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga plus the top four of 3. Liga. The rest of them are determined by regional cups which are no part of the game. Therefore these teams are determined randomly. So you were a bit unlucky to not be part of the competition.
  7. Octavianus[GER]

    [Germany] (Official) Data Issues

    Regarding Youssoufa Moukoko. He is 12 years old therefore way too young to be included. All players have to be at least 16 years old, Odegaard a few years back was an exception because his father gave his explicit permission to include him. The age rules are there for a reason, to protect children and their rights and I do believe that is a good decision.
  8. Octavianus[GER]

    [Germany] (Official) Data Issues

    Please read the rules for posting Data Issues. Stating that player X is underrated won't do. Please state exactly what attributes need an overhaul and deliver some kind of supporting evidences for altering these attributes. Please also try a savegame and look how well he is doing. And one last thing. Be more constructive in future posts here in Data Issues.
  9. Octavianus[GER]

    [Germany] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks, this will be fixed soon.
  10. Octavianus[GER]

    Players' name messed up

    Try using the original version and stop using pirated copies of that wonderful game.
  11. Octavianus[GER]

    A thread where we discuss films

    I won't spoil anyone just wanted to state that the new Star Wars film was pretty awesome. It reminded me of Episode IV while watching but I can understand a lot of people considering The Force Awakens to be the best Star Wars film yet. Even if you haven't watched any of the old films and start your SW experience from Episode VII you should be able to follow the story quite well. The cast performed well too and once I've read that Daniel Craig has a cameo in it I was dead certain about what scene they referred because his German voice (Dietmar Wunder) was very clear to hear. So epic to see/hear Craig in Star Wars.
  12. Octavianus[GER]

    A thread where we discuss films

    Have been watching Mockingjay Part 2 and after Part 1 my expectations weren't that high. Absolutely unnecessary to split the last book into two movies but that seems like usual business these days. I don't think the message in the books and films are going deep enough to count as a masterpiece of literature or cinema. My main problem with Part 2 is the photography. Half of the movie seems to be filmed with shaky cam and in more or less complete darkness. Although I know what was going on in the subway below the Capitol I did not care much as the action scenes weren't shot ideally. Maybe I'm not the right target audience as I already thought that the books were some sort of "girl literature". I don't have problems with literature that focusses on girls as protagonists but it felt cheap all the way through and the final ending of the movie was quite awful. Katniss as a private person? This film sends out a horrible message IMHO, but maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. Well, blame the books, the films are just a cheap copy of cheap and not very clever books.
  13. Octavianus[GER]

    FM16 - Bulgarian Honeymoon

    Have seen your passion for OFK Nesebar and just wanted to share it with you now that I know your SI username. I've played a quite successful save with Nesebar a long time ago and got hooked. I even managed to win Uefa Cup in FM06 with Nesebar although it was a very tough season. But with the help of someone called Alexis Sánchez Nesebar ruled Europe (well at least Uefa Cup). Later I've visited their stadium twice and have seen them playing (and winning! Yeah!). Unfortunately they still play in Yugoiztochna V grupa. Hopefully they can claim promotion this year, looks good so far: http://bulgarian-football.com/yugoiztochna-v-grupa.html On topic: Tactic looks interesting too. Sorry for being so much offtopic.
  14. Octavianus[GER]

    A thread where we discuss films

    Good point and I thought of that too but why send a henchman out in the first place if you want to meet the unwanted person hours later? For me that's one major plot hole.
  15. Octavianus[GER]

    A thread where we discuss films

    Watched Spectre too in a German cinema here in my town. It was rather late (11 pm) and midweek so I didn't expect many people although I visited right on the release date here in Germany. In the end we were about 25 people in a hall for about 100 people. I love Waltz as actor and have seen him in many roles and IMHO his Blofeld impression wasn't his very best. Especially the weak ending left me a bit disappointed as I've expected much more (evilness) from him. On the other hand I loved the tons of references to older Bond films. I could exaggerate here a bit but several sequences reminded me of old time classics. The wild intro as a salute to Live and Let Die. Spectre meeting as a reference to the Thunderball meeting (just compare the brutal way of killing unsuccessful members of Spectre). The psychiatric clinic in the alps as a salute OHMSS. Too bad that I know Andrew Scott already from his role in Sherlock. It wasn't that surprising for me to see him acting evil which he did brilliantly. Some nice action sequences, more or less subtle humorous scenes and some nice bad guys. The plot itself wasn't very convincing as it was mainly an unforced Hide & Seek. Bond would have never got so far if old M hadn't mentioned Sciarra and if Sciarra hadn't mentioned Mr. White. I do have problems to see Blofeld's influence in all previous films. So IMHO the film was good but not the best Bond film of all times. Some errors were there too: 1. L'Americain: Madeleine Swann goes to sleep (fully) dressed but awakes in her nighty? 2. The train scene makes absolutely no sense afterwards. I don't want to spoiler too much but it left me puzzling what Blofeld (or shall we say the story writers?) was thinking with his move here. My personal highlights of Spectre: - Opening shot. A-w-e-s-o-m-e! Loved it! - Title song fits perfectly with the film and the title sequence. The song itself sounded very boring to me but I totally got hooked for the further film once the title sequence started. - Humour is back again. I really love that Craig were given some really hilarious scenes. Not the old Moore chestnut kind of jokes but rather funny parts. - Photography was pretty impressive. From a technical viewpoint I loved this movie. Very well shot!