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  1. Honestly the Leipzig legacy is one of the most ridiculous cases I've seen so far. There are so many different clubs and it is actually pretty hard to set it up. But thanks for the suggestion (also the other ones), we try to implement it.
  2. Because playing at level 3 only guaranties you a cup spot if you finish in Top 4. All other lower league participants are picked by chance.
  3. Max Attendance =/= Possible maximum attendance In fact this value is defined as the maximum average attendance and therefore 75,000 would be too high because Hertha games are only sold out once Bayern or Dortmund are guests.
  4. Yeah, that helps already a lot. Thanks!
  5. Please just put in your observations and we try to put them in. It doesn't work the way you describe it.
  6. Seen it, read it and you will see, how his profile looks after Winter Update. I don't see the point in repeating myself but if that helps you, I'm fine with that. No hard feelings.
  7. You should consider your tone here and not jump into conclusions as you don't know me personally. But if you prefer 'helping' in this way don't expect polite answers. Seen it, acknowledged it, we'll see what we do with it.
  8. There's no need to link the same video three times in a row. Also basing suggestions on highlight videos is not our approach. Obviously everybody in Europa has monitored his progress and so did we and you will see the result of our considerations in the upcoming Winter Update.
  9. I have set up a document for SI regarding the promotion from L4 to L3. Your description is almost correct but Southwest has only 1 direct promoted team and cannot have a 2nd participant.
  10. https://www.stadionwelt.de/sw_stadien/index.php?head=Neue-Foersterei-im-Zeitplan&folder=sites&site=news_detail&news_id=17999 https://www.rbb24.de/sport/beitrag/2018/10/fussball-union-berlin-stadionausbau-plaene-einsehbar-fans-reaktionen.html Well, according to my sources they are rebuilding it.
  11. Eckfahne is correct. We should regard this, if you can code something like that. If not I prefer the simple solution that is momentarily set in the rules. At least the stage should be reflected although I thought we've set that in db.
  12. Because this is only possible under certain circumstances (for example a secondary nation). Teams below German level 2 aren't allowed to sign players from Africa, Asia or America unless they have some agreements with the EU (therefore above listed nations are treated as EU associated). In reality there are sometimes ways to bypass these rules but it is more realistic for FM to generally forbid the signing of non-EUs than the allowance of all players world-wide - because the latter one would also lead to a ridiculous amount of foreign players in German lower leagues which is just not realistic. Edit: Or is your question a different one? I can't see the nationality of the player you were bidding for. Is it US-American?
  13. Thanks for spotting, will be fixed in future instances.
  14. Please take a look at page 2. Licensing issue. Nothing that we can do from an official viewpoint. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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