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  1. Second season in and I’m joint top with Chelsea and Liverpool in late november doi g well top of my cl group and lautaro is starting to score goals i also have valverde joining in January after I offered partey plus 30 million (transfer listed and Younger/better) I think the next area to strengthen is my wide areas. Maybe I can bring in rashford? He looks like he could be a brilliant inside forward. has anyone signed mbappe? I wonder how much it would take?
  2. By the way, Felipe Cruz is amazing and free at the end of the first season 18 years old currently 2 stars but rising to 4 star potential he’s played well in big games already for me and is a cheap superior heir to hector (no idea what his pa is)
  3. I turned off the first window so I’m not sure but it was easy for me to sell a load of players at the end of the first season and loan out with fees people like mustafi and sokratis
  4. I literally played him most games with Gabriel as a bpd and he did well he left for free at the end of the year with no hassle
  5. Right, confirmation of my second season teansfers shifted skid of youth who won’t make it out on frees and cheap deals holding to wolves 15 mill guendouzi to Berlin 18 mill torreira to shakthar 23.5 mill el neney to sociadad 10 mill laca to Valencia 15 mill in coming Felipe Cruz a rb who can play the whole way up the right for FREE (from benfica, huge potential and played amazing in my 3-2 away win at city) tonali from brescia 20 mill upamecano 60 mill lewis cook 44 mill rising to 54 eventually so my depth is strong prev
  6. Right, tomori was gonna cost 70 mill, Gomez wasn’t going to be let go, de ligt was gonna cost 130 mill so I just went and got upamecano for 60 he has a ridiculous potential and pace and power. I now have 4 class cbs, Gabriel, Ahmed, saliba and upamecano world class cms in camavinga, tonali, aouor, partey and willock who has become a pacey beast great fullbacks in bellerin, tierney, amn, saka and my two youngsters strong wide forwards in martinelli, Pepe, Nelson, saka and amn as well as esr who is good and finally, my strikers are auba, Martinez and nketiah that is an
  7. Gomez is so expensive but he’s the dream. I’m gonna make this long term so will see what happens but I would love Gomez and Greenwood involved i also broke a promise to Nelson after forgetting g to give him a new deal. I let him be listed and offered him a deal anyway which he signed so he’s still listed lol if I lose him I’ll buy Marcus edwards
  8. Is rice any good as a cb? I have tonali as my regista/dlp and camavinga, Partey can play there i might try and unsettle tomori. united gone mad in my save, they signed Graelish and that Swedish lad from juve and they already have a young winger coming from Atalanta I wonder if that allows me to get Greenwood eventually?
  9. Right so season 2 pre season is underway. Managed to sign tonali for 20 mill, camavinga arrived, Martinez arrived, I have a young pair of fullbacks, one from benfica at rb and an Italian left back I managed to offload holding for 15 mill to wolves, guendouzi and torreira are negotiating deals away so that’s an extra 40 million odd coming in. Laca too and el neney could be off. bought in the young keeper from genk, looks promising and I’m looking at rice. Wouldn’t mind some more young English talent but my squad is looking very strong for season two
  10. I have him, saliba, Gabriel, holding and mari i want to get rid of mari and holding and wouldn’t mind a world class cb and rotate the young ones in.
  11. Haaland was too expensive for me in terms of wages etc so I signed martinez haaland wanted to use us as a stepping stone lol
  12. Managed to sell xhaka, chambers and have bids for el neney holding furned down several clubs but he’s not going to play much, no one wants mari Can anyone recommend an elite centre half? Have about 60 mill I can stretch. Gonna sell torreira and guendouzi too. Torreira is massively overrated but tiny so won’t be effective imo for through balls over the top as a dm Thought about bringing ceballos back on loan but my just buy a cheap talent in that role. Willock is great for me
  13. Me of my first season. Won the title by 1 point after Liverpool bottled it vs Leeds final day auba and Pepe killed it this season, if I hadn’t lost Pepe with a long term injury, I may of won the europa league too cant wait for the off season, going to make massive changes. Camavinga and Martinez of inter arrive and I’m going to sell a whole load of players
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