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  1. i have a decent 4 2 3 1 that has 3 amcs but can't get wider formations to work like a 4 1 2 2 1 anyway, my transfers in lars bender - 17 mill lewandowski - 15 mill connor hunte - free balanta - 12 mill mason bennet - free transfers out fabianski - 2.1 mill park - loaned with future fee sangog, afobe, galindo and martinez out on loan trying to play a 4 2 3 1, a 4 4 1 1 and a 4 5 1 any recomendations on formations? is the 4 4 2 strong again?
  2. why has giroud been released after a really good first year? looking forward to starting a new game and checking out the new tactics shizzle
  3. can anyone tell me how good ramsey is? anything like he has been in rela life? is ozil a complete beast? how is gnarby rated? is giroud a quality striker now? is zelalem in the game?
  4. won everything with my attacking, very fluid, zonal marking 4 2 3 1 at arsenal ....................af if/a................ap/s...........w/s ..............dlp/s..dlp/s fb/a.........cb/d...cb/d........fb/s ....................gk/d
  5. on my saves, city usually buy sandro and/or feillani too might buy him on my milan save if hes cheap
  6. i think i have created one of my best fm teams, only won the league 1st year but will hopefully dominate next season .......................cavani/giroud schurrle/caz........gotze/wilshere.......theo/redmond/ox ..............lucas leiva/ramsey...wanyama/will hughes gibbs/santon...kos/zouma.......dede/verm.....corchia/jenks ...............................chez/mannone obviously need a new backup keeper but so strong everywhere else!
  7. kwvin volland is an absoloute beast of an aml-inside forward-attack!!! legendary
  8. guys, kevin volland....what a beast! i highly recomend him, excellent aml inside forward as well as striker....out-performing luis suarez in my second season...only cost £15 million and he has 5 star potential according to a coach! he is like a better version of jovetic out wide for me
  9. CAVANI SUCKED FOR ME BUT ALWAYS SEEMS TO SCORE IN BIG GAMES?!! dunno what his hidden stats are though?
  10. in a system like that i would use them as cm-defend and they hold the middle i have lars in my arsenal team and he is excellent as an anchor man or a cm - defend
  11. my team is doing well, both city and us have won all games, i have just played one more, so i have 15 points and they have 12 falcao has been a beast while neymar is floundering at a poor utd side whoa re playing him aml randomly my trident of strikers has been devestating, especially falcao! has 8 goals in 8 and cavani has 5, suarez just the one and theo who gets a few games has 1 or 2 i had to fine nainggolan after 2 red cards and he accepted it and seems less mental lol i am also trying to get more games for cazorla and chamberlain too with different formations away from home and in cup games....btw, retrain vermaelen as a dm! perfect stats and wins every aerial ball! makes buying a dm redundant as coq is adequate too! .........cavani (dlf/a)....falcao (p).....suarez (dlf/s) ................jw (dlp/s)....nain (bwm/d) ........................vermaelen (am/d) gibbs (wb/s)......smalling (cd/d..kos (cd/c).....corchia (wb/s) ....................................chez (gk/d) i have to say, smalling has been excellent, i didn't want shawcross after what he did to ramsey but wanted english players and utd were selling him, turns out he is consistently good although he has scored a couple of og's!
  12. started a milan game recently! trying to implement a diamond midfield with wing backs as a throwback to my cm 00/01 days managed to sign a good prospect in okore and have loaned another cb called suchy rom psartak moscow sold yepes and ambrosini i have no other money to spend so i am hoping the board become generous in december! i play the diamond away and a 4 5 1 at home, i will update as i progress
  13. sounds good! i have cavani, surez, falcao and volland atm with theo too! i would look at him in future games, maybe a milan game i want to start soon!
  14. i have had issues for the past few fms with sagna! i think i am paying 6k a week for park to go lol
  15. looks a big talent! 3 strikers or 2 ams and hernandez uptop?
  16. fair enogh! i think we would have won the league in 08 if that blues clogger hadn't smashed his ankle! could've been a legend here anyway, just sold off djourou and park for cheap....sagna wants to leave so i am negotiating a 10 mill transfer to porto or psg, who want to buy all my players
  17. so, another big spending window! missed out on neymar who i wanted, imagine a front 3 of cavani/suarez/neymar? but i got potentially an even better player lol transfers in serge diakite - 4 mill (quality lb to potentiall usurp gibbs) falcao - 29 mill (i wanted another superstar lol, i'm going mad with money this save) kurt zouma - 24 mill (plan to sell mertesaker) transfers out bendtner - 2.5 mill to monaco denilson - 2.5 mill to norwhich giroud - 12.5 mill to psg podolski - 5 mill to dortmund chamakh - 3.7 mill to juve monreal - 6 mill to lazio plus is free transfered alot of the youngsters and owen hargreaves who only played 3 times! feel like i have a complete squad now gk - chez, fabianski lb - gibbs, diakite cb - smalling, mert, kos, smalling dm - coq, verm cm - ramsey, wilshere, arteta, nain, hughes am - cazorla, ox, suarez st - theo, cavani, falcao, volland alot of versatile formations available and some excellent players to utilise! i am worried that neymar will make utd unbeatable though#!
  18. he scored the last 2 he took, including a decisive one to help me win the title, strange
  19. he wasn't playing lol ah well, won the league drawing 3-3 at the emirates vs second place man city....came back from 3-1 down after mertesaker got sent off
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