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  1. If possible it would be worth posting this in the following thread along with a pkm.
  2. I've uploaded another example, it's the first goal in Tranmere v Hemel Hempstead. The game finished 4-5 so it may be relevant to the high scoring game issue, although bar an 8-1 (also involving Tranmere incidentally) I've not noticed anything stand out in this regard.
  3. So in my game Hemel Hempstead Town have been taken over by a rich Puerto Rican gentleman who has pumped in considerable funds to the club and they inevitably won promotion from the National South via the play offs. First season up they started off well, pushed around the play off positions but have faded badly - W.4 D.3 L.10 over the last seventeen league games. Now first season up for most teams this would represent a satisfactory showing, if not a good one. The thing is Hemel have spent £252,000 net on transfers (Tranmere the other club with net expenditure is £9,020 in the league) and their wage bill is £5,210,000 - the rest of the National League combined is £20,174,860 - essentially one fifth of the entire National League wage expenditure is by Hemel. They pay higher than any League Two club and only Forest, Wigan and Ipswich pay higher in League One (they outspend Sheffield United for example). Now for this expenditure I would expect promotion or else, yet Hemel are fourteenth after 34 and at no point has the manager's job registered as insecure. I imagine this is to do with Hemel's reputation, but the sheer financial weight behind them makes me think that if this scenario was transferred into real life it would be simply unacceptable as they are drastically underachieving - especially as well that they stumbled over the finish line last season with similar resources in a division below. I have uploaded a save "Bankrolled Hemel Hempstead Town".
  4. Another one, Crusaders v Portadown. Certainly at a lower level goalkeeping own goals seem fairly consistent now I'm looking out for them.
  5. Uploaded Lurgan Celtic v Coleraine to cover a different issue however another goalkeeping own goal like this is in that match. Additionally I have uploaded Portadown v Glentoran, slightly different goalkeeper own goal, he cuts out a low cross under no pressure with his weaker left foot and somehow diverts it behind him and into the net.
  6. Lurgan Celtic v Coleraine uploaded - finished 7-4 and includes a ridiculous goalkeeping own goal similar to that raised in the below thread
  7. Have sackings been tweaked? Coming into November and there have only been three sackings in England, League Two, Vanerama National, North and South have still yet to have a job come up as insecure.
  8. Say whaaaaaat? That's amazing.
  9. Presuming that there's a new patch out with the release and it'll slightly tweak the match engine, are samples from this version still requested?
  10. University clubs

    Right, Queens University Belfast allow alumni as well. Queens Grads however don't have any educational requirements and are just another team which I always found a little bit weird.
  11. Nic, I've got another one for you - uploaded "Fleetwood v Wrexham" which finished 4-6. Probably a complete coincidence but both games have come on the final day of the season (actually looking at when other high scored happens it seems to be complete coincidence, however I don't have access to the other games as they haven't been saved).
  12. Done that, however it's still only saving the last four games played by the AI. Ran something overnight and there was really only one weird thing that stood out - Huddersfield scoring 104 goals in a season that they finished 10th. Without working anything out the goal averages look to have fallen into normal ranges. I'll work this all out in my lunch break and post the average results. However I did catch one game that I've uploaded "Oxford v Shrewsbury" - it finished 6-3 which in itself isn't the weirdest of occurrences, however Shrewsbury were 3-0 up until the 67th minute. Okay, could have been a late game Braveheart inspired rally, however Oxford had been playing with 10 men since the first minute. Seems highly implausible that a team with 10 men for 66 minutes can turn over a 3-0 deficit by whacking in 6 over the final 27 minutes.
  13. I'm presuming the answer is no, but is there any way to make sure that all games from a particular league are saved for eternity (well, for that save/ for a season as 10 yearly autosaves would cover it)? The reason I ask is that I've got a pretty good computer and I work from home, I don't mind running a test save on full detail tomorrow with x leagues running and then searching for anything a bit off - would give a decent sample size and stuff from the latest match engine.
  14. Lack of goals in lower leagues

    How many games/ what averages have you got?
  15. When I was at Dundela, season two, NIFL Championship and just after promotion, I had a data analyst on less than £100 p/w. The wage budgets, club stature and playing level were all comfortable below the National North/ South.