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  1. Thanks for the input guys, I've got a few things there to consider there. My last laptop was a 17.3 incher which I didn't think was a terrible nuisance to transport in terms of width, the 4kg weight + the heaviest power cable I ever saw, which was needed as the battery life was realistically sub 1 hour, really made it a cumbersome chore though. I had a cheap rubbish notebook supplied by my last job which I had to carry across London (Buckhurst Hill - Ealing) a lot, was about 1kg and not even noticeable.
  2. So, I'm on the hunt for a new laptop. I want something that's portable (university is an hour away on the London Underground), has a decent battery life (I also do some work that requires a bit of travelling around the South East, would be great to be usable on the train without charging worries), and if I'm using in a quiet area doesn't sound like it's about to blow up (I was looking at the Recoil II until I saw reviews about fan and the mechanical keyboard noises). I've had a look around PC Specialists, but most of the configuration stuff is just words to me really. I have a pretty good PC Desktop which will be my main thing to run games on, however there is a good chance in a couple of years time I'll be doing a masters in Germany in which case I wouldn't want to lug a great stonking PC across Europe. I'm not looking for something that runs the latest biggest and baddest titles on Ultra + settings for everything, but I would like to be able to run FM, EU4, Civ6, Fortnite and maybe the occasional bigger title (a new Elder Scrolls or Fallout maybe). There will be quite a bit of use from excel, word, browsing, videos and basic statistical programmes also. My budget is as cheap as possible (preferably three figures), but at the same time I could probably stretch £1,500. I want something value wise that does a job to meet the requirements, but at the same time if there's a must have that will last 10 years or there's nothing decent at lower costs then I'm happy to not eat for a week! I don't really have much computer knowledge regarding specs etc. (I found out yesterday that SSDs exist...), so I'm unsure even what sort of price range is reasonable for my requirements. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. If possible it would be worth posting this in the following thread along with a pkm.
  4. Have sackings been tweaked? Coming into November and there have only been three sackings in England, League Two, Vanerama National, North and South have still yet to have a job come up as insecure.
  5. Right, Queens University Belfast allow alumni as well. Queens Grads however don't have any educational requirements and are just another team which I always found a little bit weird.
  6. When I was at Dundela, season two, NIFL Championship and just after promotion, I had a data analyst on less than £100 p/w. The wage budgets, club stature and playing level were all comfortable below the National North/ South.
  7. Ha, less than 10 mins later I have an example that perfectly illustrates the long throw problem: 1. Mullen has the long throw, he has a long throw rating of 15. I have instructed every throw to be long. This ought to be going to number 5 on the six yard box. 2. It doesn't, it goes to the main group, none of whom can head the ball for toffee and are there for the second ball knock down. In this case the ball is comfortably intercepted. 3. This then gives Tobermore the opportunity to counter attack. 4. Which they score from because there's a lcb sized hole from where he's gone up to be the target, but hasn't been.
  8. Saving is bugged I think. I don't think set pieces go into enough detail. One of my jobs involves analysing football stuff and the depth of set piece creation is somewhat limited. Fairly basic template for a long throw involves a centre back pushing up to the near post for the flick on the the main group (normally cf, cm/cf formation dependent, and opposite winger). You can get the positioning right but the "long" option often doesn't go to the near post for the big man. Corners similarly, there's a routine in real life used sparingly admittedly, where the main group of four plus the man on the keeper will camp inside the six yard box creating space for one of the two players (on FM I believe it is only possible to have one) at the edge of the area to theoretically attack the space when the ball is played to the edge. That isn't possible. Defensively the AI use zonal marking a lot, when - and certainly in England - I can count on one hand over the last few years that I've seen a team set up four players across the six yard box with a zonal/ man marking hybrid far more common.
  9. From my first impressions, albeit having played one game, but having simmed to 2023 randomly checking on stats and that nothing weird was happening, looks to me to be the most polished Beta in an absolute age.
  10. Running me a quick long term simulation test and I'm noticing that bookings for sure are on the lenient side, possibly penalties as well but I'm having trouble finding last seasons stats for a sample size.
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