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  1. In game the Gallagher Stadium is 4,200 all seated. This isn't the case. In real life they are expanding the capacity to 4,200, however this is via a new terraced stand -
  2. info requested

    *Mental note to self - read posts* Right. I've tried to upload caches and preferences but, basically, it came up with errors and then filezilla crashed, so, basically, erm, I don't know what I'm doing
  3. Had an example from a game that Neil asked me to raise, unfortunately I was just playing around with things and didn't bother to save after. The screenshots I took can be found However I now have another example and I have uploaded the pkm "Distillery v Dundela". The problem is here that long throws are not replicated in the game accurately. Whilst it is fairly rare at the top level lower leagues are full of examples of long throw ins, the general set up is something along the lines of: Typically there will be a big player at the front post - normally a centre back or centre forward and he will look to flick the ball on to the main group of two/three (centre forward plus opposite winger and then sometimes the other centre forward/ centre midfield player). Typically the winger on that side will offer short, one of the centre mids will push to the edge of the area for the second ball, the other will be deeper and the other defenders will be back. There are some variations of this model, but it's all along the same logic. Sometimes it creates a chance, most of the time it's cleared, but that's basically along the lines of what would be expected. Now I've tried to implement this into FM 2017 and it just isn't happening. The theory is that I've pushed the right back with a long throw of 15 forward to launch the ball into the area for the DCL at the near post. This hasn't happened on any occasion I've positioned for a long throw. Instead what happens is the ball invariably goes to one of the closer players, in this case the aim is for the STCL (him and the MCL should have positions swapped, but that isn't the point). In game this translates to a starting position of: With a long throw of 15 I would expect the ball to be launched towards number 5, or at least the group of three in the area. Instead what happens is that the ball is played back to number 9 (covered by white number 6), what happens is that the ball is invariably intercepted Becomes a 6v3 counter (white left midfield is off screen) Which is similar fashion to the post I've linked results in a counter attacked goal Now I don't have issues with a goal resulting from either of these, but they're coming from a long throw instruction, and the full back from the opposite side has moved across to take it, one would expect the ball to be launched into the area, Delap style - or McCallum at Orient, Ellis at Carlisle, Dickson at Yeovil etc. etc. Point is, long throws don't work like long throws should.
  4. info requested

    I have this issue but with player ratings. I've uploaded a pkm "Glentoran II v Dundela Widget"
  5. Steel and Sons Cup competition history has a couple of omissions. 2014 winners were Carrick Rangers who beat Harland and Wolff Welders - 2015 winners were Harland and Wolff Welders who beat Albert Foundry -
  6. Ha, less than 10 mins later I have an example that perfectly illustrates the long throw problem: 1. Mullen has the long throw, he has a long throw rating of 15. I have instructed every throw to be long. This ought to be going to number 5 on the six yard box. 2. It doesn't, it goes to the main group, none of whom can head the ball for toffee and are there for the second ball knock down. In this case the ball is comfortably intercepted. 3. This then gives Tobermore the opportunity to counter attack. 4. Which they score from because there's a lcb sized hole from where he's gone up to be the target, but hasn't been.
  7. Saving is bugged I think. I don't think set pieces go into enough detail. One of my jobs involves analysing football stuff and the depth of set piece creation is somewhat limited. Fairly basic template for a long throw involves a centre back pushing up to the near post for the flick on the the main group (normally cf, cm/cf formation dependent, and opposite winger). You can get the positioning right but the "long" option often doesn't go to the near post for the big man. Corners similarly, there's a routine in real life used sparingly admittedly, where the main group of four plus the man on the keeper will camp inside the six yard box creating space for one of the two players (on FM I believe it is only possible to have one) at the edge of the area to theoretically attack the space when the ball is played to the edge. That isn't possible. Defensively the AI use zonal marking a lot, when - and certainly in England - I can count on one hand over the last few years that I've seen a team set up four players across the six yard box with a zonal/ man marking hybrid far more common.
  8. From my first impressions, albeit having played one game, but having simmed to 2023 randomly checking on stats and that nothing weird was happening, looks to me to be the most polished Beta in an absolute age.
  9. Running me a quick long term simulation test and I'm noticing that bookings for sure are on the lenient side, possibly penalties as well but I'm having trouble finding last seasons stats for a sample size.
  10. The Northern Irish leagues have their old names. Due to league restructuring for this season NIFL Championship 1 and NIFL Championship 2 now ought to be NIFL Championship and NIFL Premier Intermediate League respectively. - second tier labelled as NIFL Championship is here. - third tier labelled NIFL Premier Intermediate here. I believe this is down to the NIFL Championship 1 gaining senior status whilst NIFL Championship 2 is now the highest level of the intermediate leagues. In FM terms it changes nothing bar the league names (I believe).
  11. The Beta coming out on the only night I'm out this week
  12. You say that, but I was using a mod with Europa Universalis IV that was outdated due to a patch and there was an option on Steam to revert to the previous version. Unsure on anything more technical than that.
  13. Under Review

    Here's all the games details, it should be uploaded under the same name (if I've done it correctly!):
  14. Ha, I was reading that completely wrong and looking at cross completion rate in terms of finding a team-mate. This is enough internetting for me, I am off to bed!