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    Here's all the games details, it should be uploaded under the same name (if I've done it correctly!):
  2. Ha, I was reading that completely wrong and looking at cross completion rate in terms of finding a team-mate. This is enough internetting for me, I am off to bed!
  3. Whilst that is true I would be extremely surprised if it hit anywhere near 30% on average, talking of nearly a 50% increase over a few years. Also depends on how the data is interpreted, is a crossing attempt immediately closed down counted? What about deeper diagonal balls, is that simply a lump into a box or a cross?
  4. Much lower than that. The range for the set of statistics I can find is 14.52% - 24.49%. It's something like 1 out of every 240 crosses (including blocked outside the area) result in a goal. Set piece yield is much higher. I think the original table is quoted in Kuper and Szimanskyi's "Soccernomics" (an excellent read) and I think the actual data is from Opta.
  5. In my simulated game he joined on 05.06.16
  6. Under Review

    I've started a new game with the new database, simulated a season and now in October of season two. I've remained unemployed and have had no influence on any teams etc. Interestingly from this Dunne is an Orient player originally yet is assigned number 54. I can upload the save game if needed. Is there any chance it was fixed but then for whatever reason the changes were accidentally left out of the patch? Additionally, if this was fixed and it just didn't make it's way into the patch for whatever reason, is there any chance of it being sent out in a mini update?
  7. I have started a new save. Everything I've done is on a new save with the latest database. This is in October of season two.
  8. It's an immersion problem. Especially as this is a carry over from 2015. Especially as this was "under review". Especially as every other problem has seemingly not been addressed. Literally, everything I've looked for bug wise is still there.
  9. Resolved

    Problem is still there regarding lack of cards in the lower leagues.
  10. Under Review

    Problem is still there.
  11. Additionally weird squad numbers in the Football League (loan players being assigned 50 something etc) has not been addressed. This patch is <deleted> absolutely blimming dreadful. Is there genuinely any point in reporting problems?
  12. I now have data for a season simulated in full detail. Charlie Daniels is the only full back in the Premier League to be amongst those with the 20 most assists - joint 15 with 12 others. In League Two (the league I know best), only Dunk - who has been used at full back, wing back and wide midfield - and Jacobson make the top 18, plus Grainger, Brown, Clohessy and Harriman - also used at full back and wide midfield - on joint 18 with 18 others. Premier League: Assists Bellerin (Ranked 1st - 19 assists), Dier (used as a right full back - ranked 10th, 9 assists) Aditionally Bellerin, Zabaleta and Shaw are number 1, 2 and 4 in player ratings for the season. Championship: Assists: Colin (2 - 15), Hunt + Christie (3 - 14), Richards + Robinson (8 - 12), Vermijl (12 - 11), Moxey (17 - 10). League One: Assists: Tootle (1 - 16), Wilson (3 - 13), Eckersley + McLoughlin (6 - 12), James (10 - 10), Edwards + Bree (14 - 9) League Two: Assists: Binnom-Williams (1-22!), Freeman + Leadbitter (5-13), Duckworth (8-11), Stevens + Hewitt (18 - 9) Conference: Assists: Magri (as a wing back in a 5-3-2) (1-15), McManus (3-13), Hurst (10-10), Hodkiss (13-9). Conference North: Assists: Tomassen (1-13), Ruddock + Mills + Clancy (10 - 10) Conference South: Assists: Strugnall (14-9) As can quite clearly be seen, this issue has not been addressed. The assists particularly for Bellerin and Binnom-Williams are farcical! I find that pretty funny given that it's been a problem consistently raised. Still a lack of cards in the lower leagues - e.g. in the National South, only 5 teams had more than one dismissal, 6 teams had no dismissal. Half the teams have less yellow cards than games played... There are a lack of sackings. In the Championship for example there were seven changes, four of which were taken up by Leeds and Forest. Additionally just because a company has used the same pattern for multiple years doesn't mean it can't become outdated. I'd argue SI's cycle of patches, especially with Steam on offer, is outdated.
  13. Simulating a season or two to see if some of the issues reported have been dealt with. Only have all of England and Scotland running - both in full detail. I am unemployed. In January for the Premier League Bellerin is quite literally running away with assists, double that of second placed Ritchie. However Richards and Coleman are the only full backs to feature in the top 20, joint 11th with nine others. In the SPL Aberdeen's right back Logan is the top assister with six others making up the top 20 including two at joint third. The lack of bookings in lower leagues has not been addressed.
  14. Unsure whether to put this in here as he's now at Carlisle or Shrewsbury as he's there in the game, but Mark Ellis has an absolute monster of a long throw whereas in the game he's only on a 7. Ought to be 15+.
  15. At Leyton Orient we had a lad, Shaun Batt, who is now at Barnet and I have no idea how he managed to get another league club. He was as quick as anything and probably one of the strongest players in the bottom two divisions but those are probably the only things going for him and the only reason he has got anywhere near professional football. He used to be well worth the admission price, would normally just leg it past two defenders, then fall over the ball/ dribble it out of play/ miskick it for a throw in - not even exaggerating. His presence caused defenders all sorts of problems as they didn't have a clue what he was going to do, and in fairness, neither did he.