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  1. I agree on Mendy he has looked good but hasn’t played enough to show consistency or to get a full picture
  2. I agree Mendy is performing brilliantly at the moment and is probably underrated in the game but I can see why as he has only just come back from a long term injury and has not had enough time being brilliant to get an amazing rating
  3. I agree about Silva I personally think he is rated too highly at the moment
  4. Hi, This is just my opinion but I think that Silva for Leicester is slightly overrated in this years game as at the moment is rated as leicester’s top central midfielder and in both saved that I have played so far has been picked up by Manchester United for £30+ million. This seems a bit unrealistic as in real life he is currently struggling to even make the bench for Leicester and when he has played this season and last he looks like he works hard but not much comes from it. So I was just wondering if this would be worth having a look at? Thanks
  5. Wes Morgan is starting in Leicester's Under 23s when in real life he has played every game when fit and not suspened
  6. does every league title need to be from a different league? or if you win the same league twice does it still count?
  7. Whenever I try to save my game I just get the notification that the save game has failed and not sure what to do? thank you
  8. when trying to get to next match keep getting a serious error has occurred application must now close. The game then shuts down. FM 2018 v18.3.1.1071766 (2018.03.12 22.38.22).dmp
  9. Getting an error message saying the instilation is corrupt and the default database cannot be found on startup FM 2018 v18.3.1.1071766 (2018.03.10 13.58.07).dmp
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