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  1. My worst (and heaviest ever scoreline wise) was a 6-0 drubbing by Barcelona as Man Utd in the CL Final on FM15. Messi tore us a new one with four goals. Extra painful considering I was a win away from a quadruple. Still have the save, don't think I've touched it since.
  2. It's been a bug bear of mine for years. Then there are other fixture related issues you don't see in real life such as local teams playing at home on the same day (United/City, Liverpool/Everton for instance), scheduling where you end up with three or four consecutive games either home or away and games between title challengers on Boxing Day and the last game of the season. These have all been flaws in the game for as long as I can remember.
  3. On a similar note I've had a Saturday game brought forward for TV purposes, giving us even less time to recover after our Europa League match: The Saturday 12:00 and 19:45 slots also don't exist in the PL IRL.
  4. I did make a thread but it doesn't seem to be garnering too much attention, there's a real problem with scheduling with regard to giving adequate rest after Europa League games: Not to mention the 12:00 and 19:45 Saturday slots which don't exist IRL.
  5. It's bizarre. I notice Arsenal have also been victims, having had a Saturday game after a Europa league match rearranged for the evening to be televised, rather than pushed back to the Sunday. This flaw is a massive disadvantage and at this point I'm hesitant to even continue the game.
  6. The first batch of TV games have just been arranged and the PL have taken the sensible decision to push the Liverpool game a few hours forward, giving us even less time to recover from our Europa League game. IRL obviously it would have been pushed back to Sunday and the Cup game to Wednesday. Is this a recurring theme in the game and just something you have to put up with? I'm familiar with the fixture pile up problems deep into a season but having not played since FM17 I don't recall this boneheaded scheduling at the start of one before. Also notice the Saturday evening kick-offs, which aren't part of the schedule in the PL this year as far as I know.
  7. Has Under been given a boost on the new update as a result of his form IRL?
  8. Finally managed to fire up a save on the new update, wanted some opinions on which right sided inside forward I should go for. Narrowed it down to Yarmolenko (21.5m) and Volland (20m upfront + 6m in clauses). There may well be better players individually for around the same outlay but these both have the pace, are left footed (no I'm not LvG) and most importantly have the workrate to fit my high intensity system. Yarmolenko looks the more rounded player, though he does have three years on Volland. However the latter is also a great fit for the lone striker role, a position that will need filling once I manage to offload Rooney, and with Januzaj and Mata both options at AMR I'm leaning towards the German. Anyone used either player in the game who could weigh in with an opinion? Yarmolenko was great for me pre-16.3 after a slow start.
  9. Has the option of offering a fee after a player makes X amount of international appearances when making a bid been taken off since the patch? Tried loading up multiple saves but the option no longer appears?
  10. Fuming. Beat Everton to make it two wins out of two in the league with a second successive Anthony Martial hat-trick, only for the laptop to crash shortly after. Reload and it turns out I forgot to save it after the game. Anyway same personnel and tactics and the game plays out exactly the same minus the goals. We absolutely pepper the Everton goal for 85 minutes with them barely getting out of their half. Then to compound my rapidly increasing frustration Marcos Rojo picks up two yellow cards in as many minutes and Ricky bleeding Alvarez bends one in to the top corner from thirty yards. 0-1 it finishes. The temptation to reload and replay until I win is strong but I think I'm gonna take it on the chin and move on. What do you lot do in such a situation? Answers which make me less guilty about doing the former in particular are much appreciated.
  11. A BWM isn't going to offer much in terms of protection for the defence, especially with a support duty. Also i've found on this years game that wide players in advanced positions offer little protection for the full back. I'd consider changing the BWM to a CM and switching to a 4-4-1-1, a formation I've found to be a lot more defensively secure than 4-2-3-1 without losing too much attacking impetus.
  12. Will the default database take the latest fixes and ME into account?
  13. A longshot this but is there any way of starting a new game with the update but without the January transfers? I've been playing on my current save and love the fixes to the game and match engine. I'd like to start a new save taking these into account from the beginning along with the ca/pa updates, but I've never been keen on starting a game with the squads as they were from January onwards.
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