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  1. What/where is the recommended list? Sorry if it's a stupid question but I didn't play much FM19.
  2. Ok, this seem to have been solved with the hotfix released a few minutes ago! Much appreciated.
  3. I'm struggling with a series of graphical issues. I've scanned the forum and can't see anything similar, so makes me think thatit's an issue with my set-up. However, I'm not sure what. I have a GeForceGTX 960m (drivers have been updated) with 16gb of ram, which ran FM19 with no issues at all. One strange thing I've noticed, is that in FM20 the 'graphics quality' in preferences is 1*, whereas it was 5* in FM19?! Text is missing all ovet the place, icons don't appear correctly, drop down menu's are incomplete, strange text appears on certain screens? Please help! Some screen shots attached to illustrate:
  4. Played a few games, there seems to be more Football being played in the final third, instead of constantly looking for the ealy ball. Still massive issues with corners, though,
  5. The match engine seems deeply flawed. They can't even say it's a corner 'exploit'. most of the goals are from big CB's from the edge of the 6 yard box.
  6. At least xG has context though, what with it being based on actual shot data. Plus it's actually quantifiable, what constitutes a 'clear cut chance' in the current set up? 50% chance of scoring? More? Less?
  7. The game really needs some sort of xG model. It's been used by analysts for a long time and is now commonly used in punditry. Counting shots, as you point out, can be mis-leading and the 'half chance' 'clear cut chance' totals are vague and seem slightly random at times. All shots in the game are mapped so some basic xG forumula shouldn't be difficult to implement. This could then lead to a (much needed) revamp of th analysis features whch currently is a bit of a token IMO.
  8. According to the change list, there are no Match Engine improvements in 19.1.3 which I find staggering.
  9. Not sure what's happened to the passing. Every game resembles a L2 hoof-fest. Despite tactical instructions to do the opposite, Pass completion hovering late 50%/early 60% in games between big teams. Anyone else noticing the same?
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