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  1. I'd love to know what Hendersons passing stats are, he hasn't seemed to find an England shirt with any passes so far.
  2. Take a drink every time Joe Allen passes the ball sideways/back - you'll be dead by the time the game ends
  3. I'm in the same boat, although it makes no mention of the fact that your original key was beta-only. Seems to suggest it was full key with beta access added
  4. Mine is not updating either even after restarting Steam, downloaded Dark Skin but cannot apply it, download button to get editor is not functional
  5. Yeah what a mercenary, he was only at the club what..18 months before using you as a stepping stone. /rollseyesrightoutofskull
  6. On the first half showing, Ribery wouldn't get a game for Auchinleck Thistle
  7. Well at least the cheatmode still works. Drop https://rapidshare.com/files/772070700/29634.xml into c:\ bracasoft\fmrte\presets or wherever you installed it to and run the preset ( on fmrte )when you are at the team picking screen (on fm12) . Then see if you can beat my highscore of 38-0
  8. yes, read the bloody thread. Where it tells you what to do.
  9. Can you span across multiple monitors if you have the desk space? For instance I'm running at 5760x1200 resolution, and it would be great to have the match engine in the middle monitor with game stats on the side monitors.
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