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  1. Diablito

    Nation rank and regens

    Just a warning to anyone raising the numbers on the countries youth rating, you'll end up with way too many Messi like players which makes the game too unrealistic.
  2. Diablito

    Brooklyn Beckham on my save?

    Your probably Loaded a custom database by mistake he's way too young to be in the game database.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems to me that to British players it seems more of achievement scoring a hat-trick in a game maybe is a cultural thing. (I'm from Latin America) Remember last season Carling cup final with Dyer getting upset at De Guzman for not letting him take the penalty for his hat-trick, De Guzman was the designated pk taker and did the right thing in my opinion. Like some people have said above it would be awesome if we had an option for things like this, although the problem is not game breaking I would really hate having my non designated pk taker step up to decide the game.
  4. 8/10 of course it has flaws no game is perfect but the good far outweighs the bad, and I must be addicted 1228 hours and counting !
  5. Diablito

    Fallen Giants

    F.C. Pro Vercelli !! They won 7 Italian Championships. I had so many great saves with them throughout the FM series. I read this Article a while ago when they gain promotion to Serie B this Season http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8295474/the-pro-vercelli-resurgence such an great Story too bad it looks like they are going to be relegated from Serie B this season.
  6. Diablito

    FM13 What team should I be!

    I played with Vitesse before Bony will score for fun on the Erividisie, your expected to finish third on the league on the first season. Overall is a fun save you got a good prospect too with Van Ginkel.
  7. Has anyone notice some of the tall players ( Omar Gonzalez, Jeff Cameron, John Ruddy, Joe heart, Frank Lampard and more) height has been reduced on this patch or is it just me.
  8. Good thread waiting on the new update to start a new game with them, my goals are to move from the San Siro into a new stadium and get rid of all the old players except for Zanetti and Cambiasso they can retire at Inter!.
  9. Diablito

    Job Offers From Other Clubs

    On my current saved I'm managing Hertha Berlin. On my third season I was able to wind the Bundesliga after of course gaining promotion on the first season and finishing third on the second. I was surprised the amount of job offers I got At the end of the third season, I had four job offers the one that almost made me move was Barcelona But I didn't want move on till I'm able to win the Champions league for Hertha Berlin. The other offers were from Marseille, Lyon and Stoke, I think I got alot offers since my salary was only 15,000 euros and I must of been alot cheaper to get than other managers : ), And Barcelona ended with Andre villas boas haha.
  10. Diablito

    New Stadium

    This is one of the things that needs to be worked for future editions you can't build a new stadium when you played as Roma, Inter, Milan or Lazio, its based on attendance I believe and is pretty much impossible to build a new stadium when you can't filled the Olimpico or the San Siro on a daily basis, Juventus for example they went from playing at Delli alpi 65,000 capacity to Juventus stadium 41,000 capacity. you don't always have to move a bigger stadium there is a lot clubs that would be better off with a smaller stadium.
  11. Here is an interesting article of why inter are in such a mess financially http://swissramble.blogspot.com/2010/08/price-of-inters-success.html Now a days Moratti's company hasn't been doing that great combine with the Financial fair played regulations Moratti cant bankroll them like he used to do. It makes for an interesting save I think trying to save inter from going bankrupt by selling the high earners and bringing in new quality talent, while developing youth players as well.
  12. I usually just let my AM arrange them as well. Only time I arrange friendlies is when I'm managing a lower leagues can used with some extra income by arranging games against higher rep teams. I always make sure that my last two preseason games I arrange them against weak teams so I can hammer them, so my players morale at the start of the season is high.
  13. Diablito

    Creative parents

    That would be cool if it really happen, One thing that I know can happen is having your son come up through the youth ranks, I believe there was thread about it a while ago, I seen it happen as well on one of my saved games even tho it was another manager. Marco Van Basten was managing Milan and while I was scouting the new youth intakes Milan had a kid name Roberto van Basten come through, he had Van basten as his favorite staff with dual dutch and Italian nationality.
  14. Cant decide yet if I should stop my Malaga save and start over, was thinking of starting a new game with Bilbao or schalke.
  15. Diablito


    Yea their youth rating in game is rated higher than some top countries such as England, Netherlands and portugal. I usally use the editor to lower it since it seems a bit unrealistic that they get so many good players compare to other big football nations.