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  1. I don't have any real knowledge on the architecture of Football Manager itself, and I wasn't suggesting that the match engine and the rest of the game are programmed poorly in the sense that they're linked together with piles of spaghetti-code. What I am suggesting with my relatively limited knowledge of game engines and game development is that Football Manager has been built upon years of work that they've iterated over and improved but ultimately is part of the same set of packages with the same set of dependencies under the hood - for example when there is no match going on there's no
  2. I don't disagree that improved match graphics and player movements would be nice, but you're the one that suggested using Unreal Engine 5. That would require a full game rewrite - from the ground up. Which will take years, and is not realistically going to happen. I wouldn't mind seeing SI leveraging the Metahumans thing for regen faces though, lol.
  3. Lol. FM isn't two separate executables - one for the "manager" view and one for the "match" view. The entire game would need a full rewrite in a new engine - not gonna happen. Not to mention the amount of work that goes into FIFA to make motion capture smooth and animations blend well and look "realistic" (as comical as FIFA can be sometimes) - you're kinda asking for something that just isn't possible for SI. Hell, it's barely possible for EA! What you really want is a revamped FIFA Career mode that isn't rubbish. But FM is an actual simulation, and without years upon years of
  4. All the LFC players +5 in every stat even those with >15
  5. I think that both of us don't feel that the data that exists is a mess - you've done a fine job - but that the game is behaving in a contradictory fashion to the data that exists. I'm pretty sure it was clear in our comments above that we're talking about the weirdness of Liverpool starting with 22 scouts and 6 data analysts, yet the in-game board feels that it's too much. Why is it too much? That's how it is in reality, and they are European champions and league runners up as of the start of the season. I'm not sure why the game feels that 16 scouts and 4 analysts is the "correct" amount
  6. Holy crap, so I just asked for more scouts and coaches and now i can get 4 more scouts (from 16 to 20) and 2 more coaches. Also nabbed an extra physio slot. I figured since I'm still just started they wouldn't accept especially after asking me to drop the team size.... so thank you for mentioning your success ... very helpful! So the question then is ... why the hell did I have to sack a whole bunch of staff at the beginning eh? Bizarre game logic.
  7. No they don't. Try it for yourself - keep Krawietz (a data analyst as a secondary job) but fire all your other data analysts. You'll see that "one out of four" analyst spots are taken if you look at the numbers, but when you're actually hovering over the empty 'vacant staff' icons you'll still find that there are 4 data analyst spots available. Also, I wasn't sure about the effectiveness thing, but I did an experiment and it does. Try it for yourself, put Krawietz as Possession Tactical coach, he's 3 stars for me. Then offer him a ludicrous contract that you obviously wouldn't in real lif
  8. The secondary job here isn't the issue - secondary jobs don't count towards the cap. LFC effectively have 7 dedicated analysts (excluding chief analyst) with a cap of 4. All of the analysts are mediocre at best, although it is hard to find amazing analysts for some reason. i fired all 7 and replaced them with better analysts with at least one 17+ rated in each of the 3 analyst skills.
  9. The scouting department size issue baffles me too. Surely if it's like that in real life, what makes the game arbitrarily decide that it's too big. Maybe by 1 or two, then okay ... but I had to get rid of 6 scouts just to be able to get rid of 1 and replace him with another. I wrote an issue up here on the beta release feedback thread, they said they will investigate but nothing was changed, much to my disappointment. One of the big issues I have with the game in general is the hard limits on staff numbers (where sensible, of course ... don't allow hiring of more than 1 u18s manager
  10. So, answering for myself since nobody else seems to know (or care) - it 'appears' to be the options that the Assistant Manager would choose if you were to let him handle the briefing. I might be wrong.
  11. I've looked about for some proper official info on this but I couldn't and I'm a little puzzled. I know I'm using a custom skin, but this appears to be a thing with the default skin too. Why are certain options in the PMTB a different colour (blue in this case) "Work the ball into the box" was a recommended instruction from my AM but the other options highlighted in blue were not, and selecting them results in a neutral response from the squad - who almost always agree with tactical recommendations from my AM - which when chosen don't always show up as blue options as far as I k
  12. I'm not entirely sure how to implement this exactly, but quite often a huge part of me wishes that I had an option to start an FM season at the end of the previous season, in the sense that all transfer activity not finalised before that date in real life is not included in the game at release. I'm saying that it would be nice if it was an option to do this, not that it was changed universally. I often would like to _not_ have player X Y or Z loaned out, or re-signed, or bought - tying my hands and limiting my funds. Give me the option to have the funds instead (or keep the existing playe
  13. Sure, I understand the notion of them being less interested because of all the reasons - they're new in the academy and a big move would be risky. I found the player by manually trawling through the Youth Intake list from the world screen, which come February/March I visit practically daily. I have minimal information to go on, and I use a combination of Value, Existing Squad Status if I have enough knowledge of the country (Youngster/Hot Prospect) as well as my own guestimation of their quality based on the attributes I can see. I ask my scouting team to scout the player and then I make an ap
  14. This might be relevant, or it might not. But it seems that the source club's reputation or standing probably has a lot to do with it. That guy above is from Lyon. I found another player at Bordeaux who is a hot prospect who admittedly isn't as good, and the wage demands plummet to 3.4k p/w as a hot prospect. Far more palatable. I'm all for top young talented players from top clubs costing more and being a bit more demanding, but the jump just seems over the top in my opinion.
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