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  1. I used to have images that I have now lost or possibly deleted from an old thread (can't remember who by). But it was regarding the mentalities and passing distances. I was looking for more information and possible confirmation if it still applies or not. From memory it said the more attacking mentalities would employ short passing from the back and more direct passing further up the pitch by default. Then the opposite for more defensive formations, long balls from the back and short passing further up the pitch. Do these variations in passing distance for each mentality still apply? Thanks
  2. Just purchased this, assuming specs are more than good enough for FM? https://www.amazon.co.uk/HP-15-ce006na-15-6-inch-Gaming-Laptop/dp/B071ZPXBNS/ref=sr_1_3?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1514324590&sr=1-3&keywords=hp+omen
  3. That makes sense, but surely that shouldn't affect scouting. Or is it because the scouts default is to find realistic signings?
  4. So I started a game with Barca, just for scouting purposes. I've hired a bunch of scouts but every update comes back with 0 players regardless of location. Is this something to do with the recent elections and the owners status now being at "considering your future at the club"? If so im not sure if that is a bug because why would that stop scouts finding players. Any help would be great Thanks
  5. Need to give this a proper read when I get a chance, just skimmed iver most of it. I would say im quite hit or miss with creating tactics, I know what most things mean/do but by the looks of it this guide will help improve my understanding infinitely. Great job THOG
  6. I'm at work just now, but looking to post what I came up with later. Using Everton (wanted a more average team) played pre season and 2 league games, one of which I beat arsenal 5-2. Will give more analysis when I post screenshots and play afew more games. How do I post screenshots btw? Iv forgotten
  7. Just had a chance to catch up on this haha. Im liking the chat that's got going and some good analysis from the looks of it. Everyone seems to be on the same lines other than roles. With regard to Paisleys Liverpools "passing teams to death", could it be compared with a more of a tiki-taka style with lots of sideways passing then? Also to translate it into FM terms A fluid or very fluid system with lots of general rolls would fit in with this. My idea is either counter/defensive, fluid, short passing, retain possession (unless that puts an overkill on passing), press more, higher line, tight marking (to help with closing down)
  8. Yeah a lot of what I read seemed to praise his ability to find and pick out talented players rather than a overview of a system. They seem to be allowed to express themselves so would assume "be more expressive" is a must, I agree with the idea of fluid/counter as it will help with the patient build up play From what I've read the wingers pushed up with the centre mids working hard up and down the pitch so bob-to-box would fit best. Aswell as on of the strikers coming deep to almost make a 4-4-1-1 at points of play. My idea so fair in regard to roles are: Gk-D DR- FB-A DC- CB-D DC- CB-D DL - FB-S MR- W-A MC - B2B -S MC - B2B-S ML -W-A ST-DLF-S ST-AF-A Possibly make the wingers WM-A instead of W-A and change one of the CM to a different duty
  9. So I was looking at re-creating a system from a specific manager and have managed to settle on Bob Paisleys' Liverpool side, but I am really struggling to find any form of tactical analysis or description of his teams. What I have so far is that 4-4-2 was the formation of choice with a patient passing build up but other than that I am stumped. Anyone know of any good links or have more knowledge that could help me out?
  10. I used this with Man Utd to a lot of goalscoring success, I think I have the set up written down somewhere. Pretty sure I used 2CMs 2AMs and 2Strikers.
  11. So im about to go into a game with a couple of mates in the championship and was thinking of going wigan. Just read ur OP and its great, really made a lot of sense to me in footballing terms. So with Wigan I was looking to play a 4-1-2-2-1 Balanced with either controlling or attacking philosophy as I feel im a stronger team the league. Set up as follows: GK;Defend FB:S CB;D CB/BPD;D FB:S HB:D CM/AP:S CM:A W:A W:A CF:S It is 2 wide wingers btw couldn't edit my post to show it better haha Now my question is am I better having a winger on support with a more attacking fullback or will I have a balance as my striker is on a support duty so the wingers can both be on attack without being isolated? I've never really used a CF at all because I've thought only top players could pull it off but in my system I want my striker to have a goalscoring influence aswell so am reluctant to use a DLF but was looking at the possibility of a Treq but not sure how that would influence the rest of the team Any feedback would be awesome
  12. Good ideas there lads, we have decided just to go one tier down to the championship this time, didn't want to go too low as one of my mates isn't as experienced and just got fm14 not too long ago. I like your 4th idea mikenevo think i'll convince them to give that ago if this doesn't work out haha. Cheers guys
  13. Hey, me and my mates are looking to start a new online game together, theres 4 of us including myself although it will be 3 or 4 of us playing, but we are really struggling coming up with a good idea for our game so was looking for some help from the community haha. Our last game we played was a simple go who you want see who wins most trophies so we all ended up at big teams.
  14. Basketball manager would be huge!! It is a fast growing sport in the UK, and its massive in Europe, Japan, China and obviously USA. I dont think it would be hard to make either stats wise it would be similar just need to rename some. IMO it would sell well and at least be worth SI doing a bit of market research
  15. haha for not actually doing anything in the transfer window myself my team is doing pretty well lol
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