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  1. Kingtoad , I think you just go to board on the left hand side and there you can make requests for extra coaches, scouts , physios etc
  2. I play on MacBook Air and it is faster between highlights and at processing times ! Killer on the battery thou and loves to pump up the fans ( computer fans ) during a match !
  3. Excellent , no worries. Do they need any uploads to help ?
  4. not sure if this is an issue but if you see the screenshot only some subbed players replace the players taken off ? is there a reason for this ? I know the players do come on but they don't move into the XI stats screen
  5. Hi All, Is it possible to get your clubs social media account to do a poll on a potential signing ? Example : Should Pogba sign for the club ? Thanks
  6. Sorry if already mentioned ! Potential issue sue I think , please correct me if I am wrong thou ! I tried to sign odegaard for for man Utd , he is on silly wages at RM - £85k pw and when offered him a deal he was very interested in being a hot prospect but wanted £145k pw which when I offered a lower amount I soon found out this was non negotiable ! is this wrong ? I have generally noticed players asking for very high wages but I could see how this is because of the money in the premier league and because of the big name signings Man Utd have made on big wages Thoughts ??
  7. on news items when action is required the box could do with being a darker and more noticeable green as currently can easily be missed Also in the social section when your clubs account announces a signing it says the player is signing for the club you have purchased him from. For Example : Transfer - Man Utd signing pogba from juventus The Man utd account would say Paul Pogba agrees a deal to sign for Juventus
  8. Hi Guys, Could really do with some help on my tactics! I had a kind of successful first season winning the champions league but finishing 5th in the league. The league seems to be where i struggle . . . . The formation i have been playing is below ---------------GK--------------- Team Shape - Fluid FB(S)---CB(D)--CB(D)---FB(S) Team Mentality - Control -------------DLP(D)------------- Fairly Wide - Retain Possession - Be More Expressive - Run at Defence - Look for Overlap -------------B2B(S)------------- IF(A)--------AP(A)--------IF(A) --------------CF(S)------------- Either any ideas to improve the above as i am struggling to get goals winning by 1-0 or drawing in low scoring games or not scoring at all !!! Or i was planning to move to the below ( Really looking for a recommendation on what forward to play alongside my CF(A) ---------------GK--------------- Team Shape - Flex FB(S)---CB(D)--CB(D)---FB(S) Team Mentality - Control --------------RG(S)------------- Balanced - Slightly Higher - Retain Possession - Be More Expressive - Run at Defence - Look for Overlap --------------CM(D)------------- IF(S)-----------------------IF(S) ----------CF(A)--????----------- Individual Instructions GK - None FB - Shoot Less, Run Wide, Stay Wide CB - None CB - None FB - Shoot Less, Run Wide, Stay Wide RG - Close Down Much More CM - None IFR - Stay Wide IFL - Sit Narrower, Shoot More Often CF - Shoot more Often ???? - None Currently Any Adjustments would be great ! If it does help i would like to control games as i have a fit and young squad who are capable of working hard and i have a good sized squad for rotation if needed.
  9. Okay, i will give the below a go for a few games and see how i get on ------------------------------De gea ( GK )----------------------------- Darmian (FB(A)) Rojo (BPD(ST)) Rugani (CD(D))Shaw (FB(A)) -----------------------------Blind (HB(D))------------------------------ Reus (W(A))-----Schenderlin (RP(S))-------------------------------- --------------------------------Rooney (SS(A))-----Depay (IF(SU))--- -----------------------Martial (CF(S))----------------------------------- Any other tips ?
  10. Help Needed I have started a game with he new update with man utd I am Playing the following ------------------------------De gea ( GK )----------------------------- Darmian (FB(A)) Rojo (BPD(ST)) Rugani (CD(D))Shaw (FB(SU)) -----------------------------Blind (HB(D))------------------------------ Reus (W(A))-----Schenderlin (DLP(D))-------------------------------- --------------------------------Rooney (SS(A))-----Depay (IF(SU))--- -----------------------Martial (CF(A))----------------------------------- Team Instructions - Control - Fluid- Normal Tempo Slightly Higher Use Offside Trap Retain Possession Run At Defence Individual Instructions- DR - Darmian - Cross From Deep DL - Shaw - Stay Wider DM - Blind - Close Down more AML - Depay - Shoot more, Get further Forward, Roam CF - Martial - Shoot More, Move into Channels Mixed results after about 7 games, the defence seems to be quite solid but goals a few and far between can anyone offer any advice ? Cheers