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  1. I get why he would be unhappy about PSG but he wanted to stated his dislike for the club prior to the PSG offer due to lack of game time despite the fact he has played every premier league match he has been fit for and every champions league match?
  2. Hopefully will happen, only strange thing is i have been trying to offer him a new contract for the last 12 months yet his "dislike" for the club stops him . . .
  3. Really confused by this one, De gea is refusing to sign a new contract for my united side due to his dislike for the club. Its worth noting he has not asked for contract or more playing time or anything. he is first team off course plays every game in major cups and prem. The confusing thing is the screenshot below that shows he loves me as a manager, the negatives have only appeared when PSG bid 30 mill i said no! Any ideas???
  4. Hi, I can only think about right clicking on the game within steam and selecting properties go to local files and last option is to verify game files. Good luck!
  5. Hi Guys, On FM19 and notice this halfway through my second seasons. As i read it i will be given a cash fine or Docked 5 points. Can anyone confirm and advise on best route to take to not fail!
  6. I did not think it was possible, something that is becoming more and more and should be come incorporated in the game. Oh well, I'm still scoring well!
  7. First off, sorry if this is in the wrong place! Really enjoying FM19 and just carrying on with Beta Man Utd save before moving into a full fat save. In the meantime i have a bit of a tactical question. I am aware of the ability to have 2 players rotate position ( for example AMR and AML) is there anyway to include a 3rd player in this instruction? I would have say, Rashford on the Left, Sanchez on the right and Fekir up top. All 3 are capable of playing each position so being able to have all 3 rotate would create a problem for the opposition in certain situations IMO. If its not possible, then its not possible! Cheers
  8. The main issue I have found with scouting is when you request a report on a player it does not come through on a news item in your inbox like it did in 17. Instead you have to wait for it to appear in the bunch of reports ! Very annoying IMO unless anyone knows how to change this ?
  9. I don't want to report it as a bug yet until i see if other people have noticed this but i seem to think there is a large number of penalties in this years game. I have had 12 in 31 games which seems quite high to me. Is anyone else noticing this or just me ?
  10. Sorry for my abscence since my original post ! I am playing as Man Utd and have the highest reps set for myself as I always do for the beta. I have no players against me at all just no support judging from the dynamics screen. Also at the start of team talks the players are never interested in what I say. I have since had a green appear saying some players are starting to like me. i would of thought that this would change really quickly when you are new to management for example win 5 games in a row and it goes max green but suddenly loose 2 games it drops quite quickly however as you’re career progresses the “bar” drops or rises a lot less. for example fergie loosing 5 games after so many cheers at Utd would not be a big deal but LVG loosing his first 5 games would instantly have everyone on him.
  11. Hi, Just a quick one ! Getting used to the new Dynamics screen and noticed this - Is it normal for the Managerial support to be low to start with ? Only reason i ask is because i am Man utd, Top of the league & champions league group and still in all cups in November yet i had a question in the media saying that i am loosing the dressing room ?
  12. Hi Warlock , nope i I have made the offers , just seemed like a strange message besides from the standard rejected / accepted
  13. Done a few games deploying Cork as my HB rather than a DM. Started really well but now i am appearing to struggle again ! Updated screenshots above but a bit stuck where to go from here ! Any help greatly appreciated ! Cheers
  14. Hi, I did have him as a transfer target ( and he still is ) but no to the other two questions
  15. Hello, I am making multiple bids for Nathaniel Clyne as Manchester United. I have been scouting and watching him and he is starting to become unsettled as he wants to join , Unfortunately Liverpool do not want to sell so need him to hand in a transfer request. The thing i have been finding strange is that most bids just come back rejected but every now and again my Assistant manager just informs me that the deal has fallen through even though a bid has never been accepted. I think this is because Liverpool just don't answer my bid as such. Is anyone able to clarify this ? Cheers
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