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  1. Like i said i play FM17 on a Macbook air 2014 model and it runs well enough for me to enjoy it. I play with 4-5 leagues loaded and with a large database normally , as previously mentioned the fans kick in quite highly during a match for me. Yes you would get quicker loading times on a pro and be able to use better 3d graphics but for portability you just cannot beat the air !
  2. Hi Emf, I play fm17 on a macbook air Early 2014 model so a 1.4ghx I5 and 4GB of ram. I tend to be able to play without any massive issues , the only slight disadvantage is the fact it gets loud and hot during matches and high processing segments as this is when the laptop does the handwork ! The second link you have posted would run the game with no issues IMO, you would properly need to lower some of the 3D match effects. If you wanted to go windows you could get a laptop for that price with much higher spec and with a graphics card for better performance Example :
  3. Have you used the Data Editor or any external data editors ?
  4. Hi Alerion, I have done a DOF game before where he controlled staff and transfers. Its actually quite interesting and gives a whole different take on the game ! you can ask for certain players or positions but you won't always get what you want so if you are trying to build for a particular formation its difficult but if you are happy to build the right formation around your team it can be great fun. I don't have a story but maybe worth having a look in the stories section
  5. info provided

    Can we get an update on this please , although i can still play FM it is a very annoying issue. May be worth noting that i have since moved to a new save and the issue still occurs.
  6. I have always played FM on laptops without dedicated graphics cards, just means you can't have the match settings ramped up so you loose some of the effects. Main thing i would look for would be a powerful processor and decent RAM.
  7. info provided

    Any luck with this James ?
  8. info provided

    Hi James, No Problem if you need any more info or uploads then just let me know. I can still play ! Cheers
  9. info provided

    Yes, It says Standard size 100% under size & text of images. Cheers
  10. info provided

    Hi James, I am Playing on 1440 x 900 Full Screen. I am on a 13" macbook air , like i said i have never had this issue before this save and have not changed any of my interface settings as far as i am aware. Cheers
  11. Hi, I have raised this in General Discussion but after many attempts we have been unable to rectify the issue. After a match at the point of the post match team talk i loose my players names. ( See Below ) Here is the post from General Discussion so that you can see everything we have tried so far. I am using a standard skin and have only uploaded Badges & logos however i have not had this issue on any previous saves only on this one with Leicester City.
  12. No, that does not make a difference, ill raise it in the bugs forum to see if they have any answers. Cheers for your efforts !
  13. Still no joy ! Its worth mentioning that at the pre match team talk and half time talk all is fine its only at full time !
  14. Ill try clearing the cache and see what happens. I have always had the badges and only seems to have started since i started my current game, never had the issue in the past !
  15. If you are playing in England then the games start to come thick and fast so squad rotation really comes into play to keep everyone fit and healthy. Also by this time in the season you have played almost everyone in your league meaning they actually know what to expect from you this time around so if you stick to the same tactics they pretty much know how to pick you apart.