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  1. That's excellent if it is the case. My camera roll ends up full of photos of players stats!
  2. Hi All, On FM20 I used to use the pick attributes for a certain position and role within the player search bit but cannot seem to find this in FM21, has it been removed? For example I could select Central Midfielder and then select the role of Ball Winning Midfielder and it would automatically bring up all key attributes mental and physical etc for that position and role. Thanks
  3. Hi all, sorry if this is a repeat post. Has anyone purchased from Shopto before and received early access? thanks,
  4. Hey, Latest drivers and now reinstalled just to be sure. I do not have the settings on super high and would expect my PC to handle it. Graphics is AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics.
  5. Hi All, Wondering if someone can help. Gone back to playing FM on Windows rather than Mac. Since the switch I get jittery game play during the match engine every now and again, mainly when coming out of text highlights into video. I would say I have a decent computer with 14GB Ram (16GB Installed 2GB for Graphics) with AMD Ryzen 5 3550H 2100 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) and typically just Steam, FM and Chrome running along with background bits such as AV. Processor shows less than 50% usage so plenty of room and I have decent amount of RAM available.
  6. Not come across this myself but then again i struggle to go beyond 3-4 years in a save as i just get bored. One thought would be that you are managing in Scotland and the player wants to leave which does drive down the price. I had a similar situation with jadon Sancho at Dortmund. United made him number 1 priority and i would not him leave for less than his release cause (500mill) they signed someone else, dropped interest and he was happy to stay.
  7. Hi mate, thanks for you reply. I see what you mean! I don’t tend to tire in games and if anything my form improves as the season progresses, last 11 games to go so will look out. regarding counter attack, my WB’s are vital to goals with there assists, do you think dropping Can or Gundogan to a DM/HB role would assist? thanks
  8. Hi guys, Hoping someone can give me a hand. 3rd season in as Borussia Dortmund, built a decent team with a good mix of experience and youth. Won the German FA Cup 2nd season and finished 2nd in years 1 and 2 to a stupid RB Leipzig team. Currently sitting pretty 12 points clear at the top of Bundesliga scoring for fun and keeping the goals out in 3rd season in Jan. Then we come to Europe. . . . I have never managed to make it out of the group stages and always end up in Europa and struggle to make it 1 or 2 rounds. Some shots attached of my Tactics, my starting XI where
  9. Hi DaaNMaaN, Currently playing in Germany as Dortmund, first time doing so. Any players under 19 can be made available for your U19 squad not a problem. Most teams do have a 2 side ( Like Madrid with Castilla) however it is a separate team. You can make players available but rarely do they gain match fitness as the 2nd teams play in a low non playable league. Squad rotation is key in the Bundesliga I have realised along with having some U19 talent in your squad to bolster the size. Any other questions, let me know.
  10. I get why he would be unhappy about PSG but he wanted to stated his dislike for the club prior to the PSG offer due to lack of game time despite the fact he has played every premier league match he has been fit for and every champions league match?
  11. Hopefully will happen, only strange thing is i have been trying to offer him a new contract for the last 12 months yet his "dislike" for the club stops him . . .
  12. Really confused by this one, De gea is refusing to sign a new contract for my united side due to his dislike for the club. Its worth noting he has not asked for contract or more playing time or anything. he is first team off course plays every game in major cups and prem. The confusing thing is the screenshot below that shows he loves me as a manager, the negatives have only appeared when PSG bid 30 mill i said no! Any ideas???
  13. Hi Guys, On FM19 and notice this halfway through my second seasons. As i read it i will be given a cash fine or Docked 5 points. Can anyone confirm and advise on best route to take to not fail!
  14. I did not think it was possible, something that is becoming more and more and should be come incorporated in the game. Oh well, I'm still scoring well!
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