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  1. Currently really enjoying the Beta !!! Most stable beta for FM. Just played Palace and wow was i surprised by the amount of shots by team had ! Is this normal ?
  2. Ahh I see , I wansnt sure if it was right that I was only able to delay it for 2 times. I would off thought you could delay as long as you wanted ( or with in that transfer window ) just need them them to sign a blooming replacement !!! I will get my man !!!!
  3. Anyone have any info on this for me ?
  4. Wonder if anyone can help, i am attempting to sign this young lad in the picture however the team is adamant that the option for him not to sign until a replacement is signed is in the sale. i have tried to sign him 3 times but each time they are unable to find a replacement ? Is this the way its meant to work . . . if so how long would it take for them to have an open negation without a forced stipulation ? Cheers
  5. Kingtoad , I think you just go to board on the left hand side and there you can make requests for extra coaches, scouts , physios etc
  6. I play on MacBook Air and it is faster between highlights and at processing times ! Killer on the battery thou and loves to pump up the fans ( computer fans ) during a match !
  7. Excellent , no worries. Do they need any uploads to help ?
  8. not sure if this is an issue but if you see the screenshot only some subbed players replace the players taken off ? is there a reason for this ? I know the players do come on but they don't move into the XI stats screen
  9. Hi All, Is it possible to get your clubs social media account to do a poll on a potential signing ? Example : Should Pogba sign for the club ? Thanks
  10. Sorry if already mentioned ! Potential issue sue I think , please correct me if I am wrong thou ! I tried to sign odegaard for for man Utd , he is on silly wages at RM - £85k pw and when offered him a deal he was very interested in being a hot prospect but wanted £145k pw which when I offered a lower amount I soon found out this was non negotiable ! is this wrong ? I have generally noticed players asking for very high wages but I could see how this is because of the money in the premier league and because of the big name signings Man Utd have made on big wages Thoughts ??