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  1. Hi Guys, Could really do with some help on my tactics! I had a kind of successful first season winning the champions league but finishing 5th in the league. The league seems to be where i struggle . . . . The formation i have been playing is below ---------------GK--------------- Team Shape - Fluid FB(S)---CB(D)--CB(D)---FB(S) Team Mentality - Control -------------DLP(D)------------- Fairly Wide - Retain Possession - Be More Expressive - Run at Defence - Look for Overlap -------------B2B(S)------------- IF(A)--------AP(A)--------IF(A) --------------CF(S)------------- Either any ideas to improve the above as i am struggling to get goals winning by 1-0 or drawing in low scoring games or not scoring at all !!! Or i was planning to move to the below ( Really looking for a recommendation on what forward to play alongside my CF(A) ---------------GK--------------- Team Shape - Flex FB(S)---CB(D)--CB(D)---FB(S) Team Mentality - Control --------------RG(S)------------- Balanced - Slightly Higher - Retain Possession - Be More Expressive - Run at Defence - Look for Overlap --------------CM(D)------------- IF(S)-----------------------IF(S) ----------CF(A)--????----------- Individual Instructions GK - None FB - Shoot Less, Run Wide, Stay Wide CB - None CB - None FB - Shoot Less, Run Wide, Stay Wide RG - Close Down Much More CM - None IFR - Stay Wide IFL - Sit Narrower, Shoot More Often CF - Shoot more Often ???? - None Currently Any Adjustments would be great ! If it does help i would like to control games as i have a fit and young squad who are capable of working hard and i have a good sized squad for rotation if needed.
  2. Okay, i will give the below a go for a few games and see how i get on ------------------------------De gea ( GK )----------------------------- Darmian (FB(A)) Rojo (BPD(ST)) Rugani (CD(D))Shaw (FB(A)) -----------------------------Blind (HB(D))------------------------------ Reus (W(A))-----Schenderlin (RP(S))-------------------------------- --------------------------------Rooney (SS(A))-----Depay (IF(SU))--- -----------------------Martial (CF(S))----------------------------------- Any other tips ?
  3. Help Needed I have started a game with he new update with man utd I am Playing the following ------------------------------De gea ( GK )----------------------------- Darmian (FB(A)) Rojo (BPD(ST)) Rugani (CD(D))Shaw (FB(SU)) -----------------------------Blind (HB(D))------------------------------ Reus (W(A))-----Schenderlin (DLP(D))-------------------------------- --------------------------------Rooney (SS(A))-----Depay (IF(SU))--- -----------------------Martial (CF(A))----------------------------------- Team Instructions - Control - Fluid- Normal Tempo Slightly Higher Use Offside Trap Retain Possession Run At Defence Individual Instructions- DR - Darmian - Cross From Deep DL - Shaw - Stay Wider DM - Blind - Close Down more AML - Depay - Shoot more, Get further Forward, Roam CF - Martial - Shoot More, Move into Channels Mixed results after about 7 games, the defence seems to be quite solid but goals a few and far between can anyone offer any advice ? Cheers
  4. Okay, i see what you are all saying so I'm thinking about not messing with the tactic instructions too much but playing ----------------GK------------- FB(A)--BPD(D)--CB(D)--FB(A) --------------DM(D)----------- --------------DLP(S)---------- IF(S)----------------------IF(S) ---------P(A)---CF(S)-------- Thoughts ?
  5. Hi, My current tactic is not doing too great i seem to be getting 1-0 or low draws ( minus 1 rinsing from man city ) My first tactic was going great then i took a downturn in form and was being dominated by everyone and anyone and the change brought me wins. what would you recommend doing to give them team a bit more balance as i had the worst defensive record in the league but the best scoring record last season !
  6. Hi All, I am in my 3rd season with Man Utd, had a decent 1st and 2nd season in the domestic cups but struggling in the league and champions league. I am currently Playing a 4-2-2-2. The Set up is as follows ---------------GK-------------- -FB(A)--CB(D)--CB(D)--FB(A) --------------------------------- ---------AP(A)--BBM(S)------- ---W(S)-----------------W(S)-- --------------------------------- --------CF(A)-------P(A)------- Team Instructions are to Run at Defence with a Structured shape and Attacking mentality. i have quite a strong line up IMO and only have a few subtle tweaks to individual players this being shoot more often on my left winger ( Depay ) and BBM ( Pogba ) now i know there is no guaranteed winning formula i just need a few tips and pointers on what i could do to improve these tactics. My General staring XI tends to be the following De Gea Darmian Stones Laporte Shaw Pogba Asensio Depay Lamela Generio Martial Any Pointers ? and thanks in advance ! I should point out i used to play a 4-1-3-2 with the wingers as supporting inside forwards and the AM as a Advanced playmaker and the MC as a BWM, This worked well for around 3/4 of the season until i started to get "sussed" and thats when i moved to this tactic making tweaks over the last 18 months. In every game my team really does struggle to control the possession but when i use the retain possession option i tend to loose my attacking intent.
  7. Need More Info

    Hi Julius, I Have uploaded 2 saves Happy Unhappy 1 which is before Higuain asked to leave & Happy Unhappy 2 which is after Higuain asked to leave. Hope this helps !!!!
  8. Need More Info

    Hi Ant do you require the saves ?
  9. Hi All, The age old question has anyone managed to sign them ??? I got a bid Accepted for Messi as United but had no chance wouldn't even let me offer him a contract & Ronaldo even at the age of 32 and only being worth 20mill at madrid even a bid of 100mill is turned down with no negotiations? Anyone had any luck ?
  10. Need More Info

    Hi Ant, I don't have a save from before his first attempt to move to Madrid, However i do have have a save 2 days before he asked to move to madrid again after i rejected a bid. Would this be helpful ? I can also upload a save from now showing the multiple emotions from the players ?
  11. Need More Info

    Hi Ant, Sorry for the long wait, Busy weekend !!! So i have checked this morning and yes i can confirm that 4 of my players are both for and against the same player
  12. Need More Info

    Hi Ant, no there are both supporting and against the same player. In this case it's Higuain. I must add one or two off the players are only showing one emotion while some are showing both as above. I have moved on in the game and will check tomorrow when back on to see if the players are still showing an issue.
  13. Hi, I currently have a couple of players in my team who are showing AGN - Happy with treatment of a teammate and SPT - Unhappy with treatment of a teammate at the same time ?
  14. MEMPHIS DEPAY - Absolute beast for me but IRL . . .. . Nothing at all
  15. Intrestingly i have gone from a slightly tweaked tactic back to my old tactic which is now working again.