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  1. Made a bid - Falls through

    Hi Warlock , nope i I have made the offers , just seemed like a strange message besides from the standard rejected / accepted
  2. Done a few games deploying Cork as my HB rather than a DM. Started really well but now i am appearing to struggle again ! Updated screenshots above but a bit stuck where to go from here ! Any help greatly appreciated ! Cheers
  3. Made a bid - Falls through

    Hi, I did have him as a transfer target ( and he still is ) but no to the other two questions
  4. Hello, I am making multiple bids for Nathaniel Clyne as Manchester United. I have been scouting and watching him and he is starting to become unsettled as he wants to join , Unfortunately Liverpool do not want to sell so need him to hand in a transfer request. The thing i have been finding strange is that most bids just come back rejected but every now and again my Assistant manager just informs me that the deal has fallen through even though a bid has never been accepted. I think this is because Liverpool just don't answer my bid as such. Is anyone able to clarify this ? Cheers
  5. Hi Bizarre, Great shout and one i am now deploying to see how it works. With this in mind i have moved my WB's back to attacking as in support duty it left the wide forward role very exposed.
  6. Thanks both for your replies ! I have done a bit of tweaking with you're suggestions above along with some match testing on a different save and here are my results below I do have a couple of PI's set GK - Distribute to teammate ( BPD ), Distribute quickly CD's - None BPD - Tackle Harder, Close down much more WBR + WBL - Close down more, more risky passes, sit wider BWM - Get further forward DM - Dribble more, Close down more, Get further forward AP - Close down more, tackle harder, Get further forward, Roam from position, More direct passing SS - Roam from position CF - Shoot more often ( set for corner tactic ) Only played a few games in the premiership so far but not so good as seen below Starting with Sunderland - First goal freak long shot , these happen however the second goal starts to set a bit of a trend, Number 26 crosses to 18 who scores from wide Next game Leicester -As you can see all 3 are from close range from 9 Vardy. 1 was a cross from 17 again from wide. The other 2 seem to be where he just tore blind apart. Next game vs Hull the only conceded goal was a set piece. Now we come onto the disaster which was the Arsenal game ! As you can see it shows 2 goals as one was an own goal from a set piece. again the other two where close range. Goal by 17 was again a cross from outside the area from 18. the goal by 15 was a pass through my defence. I have dropped my Wingbacks from attacking to supporting to try to deal with the wide threat and am about to play a few games like this to see what happens. I have also removed the more shooting instruction from my SS. My feeling is that my defenders are very narrow leaving the wing exposed which i am struggling to come up with a solution with only playing WB's and no wingers or IF's. Thanks again
  7. Hi All, Really just looking for advice to try and tweak the tactic I'm attempting to work with. I am attempting to create a tactic with surging WB's who go up and the down the pitch all day long drawing defenders out of position to make more room for my forward players i play in. I want 1 DM to aggressively win the ball and get it out to the more creative players. I am looking for my forward layers ( AM's and ST ) to almost form a front 3 and play triangles round the opposition defence. Starting from the back of the pitch in defence - As you can see i currently play with x2 CD's and x1 BPD ( Thinking the BPD is not required and just playing another CB ? ) My WB's i am happy with as they get forward with the ball enough for me. I currently have x1 DM as a BWM as mentioned above i want this player to win the ball back and give to the creative players. I thought a RPM would be the best role to play next to the BWM but i am unsure and wonder if anyone has any suggestions ? My forward players is my real struggle, I aim to have players with Pace who are very creative but have no idea on what 3 roles to but together ! In terms of the team instructions i currently have the team playing standard mentality and Fluid shape with a higher tempo, Running at the defence ( aimed at the WB's but maybe no applicable for the rest of the team ? ), Retain Possession and play out of defence. I understand this may need some work so any suggestions are welcome. Apologies if i seem a bit of a tactic amatuer !! Thanks in advance ! Josh
  8. Post Match team talk screen issue

    Hi david, Sorry to open an old thread just have a bit of info which might help with this issue ! At the start of the match in team talk screen i have full player names visible, at half time i have half of the name visible before it is followed by ... and at full time i have the first initial of the first name then... hope this helps
  9. Like i said i play FM17 on a Macbook air 2014 model and it runs well enough for me to enjoy it. I play with 4-5 leagues loaded and with a large database normally , as previously mentioned the fans kick in quite highly during a match for me. Yes you would get quicker loading times on a pro and be able to use better 3d graphics but for portability you just cannot beat the air !
  10. Hi Emf, I play fm17 on a macbook air Early 2014 model so a 1.4ghx I5 and 4GB of ram. I tend to be able to play without any massive issues , the only slight disadvantage is the fact it gets loud and hot during matches and high processing segments as this is when the laptop does the handwork ! The second link you have posted would run the game with no issues IMO, you would properly need to lower some of the 3D match effects. If you wanted to go windows you could get a laptop for that price with much higher spec and with a graphics card for better performance Example : http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/dell-inspiron-15-7000-15-6-gaming-laptop-black-10157222-pdt.html
  11. Have you used the Data Editor or any external data editors ?
  12. Hi Alerion, I have done a DOF game before where he controlled staff and transfers. Its actually quite interesting and gives a whole different take on the game ! you can ask for certain players or positions but you won't always get what you want so if you are trying to build for a particular formation its difficult but if you are happy to build the right formation around your team it can be great fun. I don't have a story but maybe worth having a look in the stories section https://community.sigames.com/forum/23-fm-stories/.
  13. Post Match team talk screen issue

    Can we get an update on this please , although i can still play FM it is a very annoying issue. May be worth noting that i have since moved to a new save and the issue still occurs.
  14. I have always played FM on laptops without dedicated graphics cards, just means you can't have the match settings ramped up so you loose some of the effects. Main thing i would look for would be a powerful processor and decent RAM.
  15. Post Match team talk screen issue

    Any luck with this James ?