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  1. KRC have just had a board takeover and the old Managing Director didn't leave but the new Chairmain employed another MD too. I now have two MD's for KRC Genk.
  2. I've had in a couple of my save games where one of my strikers will go from a decent ability rating to one star ability but they keep their potential. It's nothing to do with new signings as it changed when i hadn't signed anybody new.
  3. Hi All I want to ask a question that's been bugging me for many versions of FM... If i add only an handful of custom logos to FM17 (usually just PL logos) can i clear the cache then retick the above option to keep the page loading times quicker? It seems to work okay when i do but i'm just interested to know if there's any detrimental effect using custom logos and keeping it ticked? I'm assuming it's to keep the size of the cache file down but that's just a guess. Thanks in advance SJL
  4. @Seb Wassell has this been fixed in latest update?
  5. Hi I have same issue. I believe it's a known bug to SI
  6. thanks @Seb Wassell much appreciated. Just to clarify one small thing, the blue bar for successful requests and the red bar for unsuccessful in the 'Board Request Status" isn't working correctly as well at the moment as this request is showing as a successful blue request. Cheers again SJL
  7. Hi I'm managing Charlton and asked for a affiliate club to loan players. Board approved and said they would get back to me on 18th August 2016. It's now the 20th August and nothing has appeared in my inbox from the board either offering me affiliate choices or telling me they have been unsuccessful. Do the board still tell you they have been unsuccessful? Also noticed the bar in the board request history is blue and not red which usually means its been a success? Cheers SJL
  8. The loyalty discount is such a brilliant idea. It makes us feel like we're a valued customer and a part of the SI family. Hope i get chance to beta test this year again. Loved it last year
  9. FM17 Announced

    I don't know what i'd do if they didn't make a new FM. I think it would send me into a spiral of despair, with a dash of hatred
  10. I'd like to see more communication between parent and feeder clubs Examples 1) Renegotiating what conditions are used (eg maybe go from a friendly a year to allowing players to be sent on loans 2) Parent clubs giving feeder clubs funds to improve youth teams etc 3) HoD trialing feeder clubs youth players throughout the season 4) Renegotiating affiliates fees 5) Manager meetings to discuss who is a potential or who should be loaned 6) Negotiating which facilities can be used.(eg Parent club plays reserve matches at feeder club who will keep gate receipts)
  11. Work Permit Feeder Club Nations

    I use Gibraltar :-)
  12. As looking at Barnsley's current squad they have 6 loanees at present that are a mixture of over and under-23's with different loan lengths so I can't see how your example is valid?
  13. The way FM is set up relating to loan regulations is bang on the money therefore it shouldn't be reported as a bug as it's not.
  14. Can any SI guys answer this question on training for me. Say if i have a FB who is completely natural in the role i play do i just train him in his natural position or on the role he's already natural at? Eg Full Back (L) - Totally trained on each do i choose train him DL or Fullback?