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  1. The loyalty discount is such a brilliant idea. It makes us feel like we're a valued customer and a part of the SI family. Hope i get chance to beta test this year again. Loved it last year
  2. I don't know what i'd do if they didn't make a new FM. I think it would send me into a spiral of despair, with a dash of hatred
  3. I'd like to see more communication between parent and feeder clubs Examples 1) Renegotiating what conditions are used (eg maybe go from a friendly a year to allowing players to be sent on loans 2) Parent clubs giving feeder clubs funds to improve youth teams etc 3) HoD trialing feeder clubs youth players throughout the season 4) Renegotiating affiliates fees 5) Manager meetings to discuss who is a potential or who should be loaned 6) Negotiating which facilities can be used.(eg Parent club plays reserve matches at feeder club who will keep gate receipts)
  4. I use Gibraltar :-)
  5. Need More Info

    It definately seems to be a problem from second season onwards, therefore i think it's got to be a problem when players turn into staff?
  6. As looking at Barnsley's current squad they have 6 loanees at present that are a mixture of over and under-23's with different loan lengths so I can't see how your example is valid?
  7. The way FM is set up relating to loan regulations is bang on the money therefore it shouldn't be reported as a bug as it's not.
  8. Can any SI guys answer this question on training for me. Say if i have a FB who is completely natural in the role i play do i just train him in his natural position or on the role he's already natural at? Eg Full Back (L) - Totally trained on each do i choose train him DL or Fullback?
  9. Scott Sinclair, Jack Rodwell, Romelu Lukaku, Falcao and so on all bought IRL and rotted in reserves to some extent
  10. I'll probably just load all Europe then :-)
  11. So i am priveleged to own quite a bit of a beast of a PC these days but i still keep my loaded leagues / players down to a minmum due to the daunting 1/2 star speed. I think this is down to habit more than performance. Am i being too overcatious? My PC is a 5th Gen Core i7 and 16gb RAM so it's very much a current PC. Has anybody had a fairly speedy long term save with all standard leagues loaded and around 90k of player?
  12. Things i've noticed post-patch:- 1) Players are shooting far too many times from llong distance even when instructions are given to counteract it 2) Wingers dont seem to want to run. They plod even with 20 pace 3) Quite a few shots are missed from 2 yards out 4) Quite a few games i am having 25+ shots even with 'work ball into box' 'low tempo' etc checked
  13. Cheers Michael. Very much appreciated
  14. Hi Guys I'm just starting out tinkering with skinning FM15 and i'm doing okay but i've managed to turn the menu bar on the match screen (the one with team talks, mentality etc) completely white. Its not a massive problem but i was wondering where i could find the code to turn it back to the default charcoal colour? Thanks in advance Jack