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  1. Something that rankles me a little bit is the fact that some player instructions are linked so much to a specific postition / role that they should be learnt naturally than me having to tell them to learn it:- Examples:- CWB - Surely a player who is a natural at this role should know he has to get forward whenever he can and run down his specific flank IF - Surely they know they have to cut inside from the wing (if he's a natural in that position) AP - Surely a big part of their natural game would be to attempt one-two's and take on players (again if he's a natural) If this isn't an option then perhaps being able to assign default player instruction training on any player that plays in that role for your club? (maybe link it to the units or mentoring screen?) - For example CWB (L) - Must learn 'get forward whenever possible' trait You could have a screen which is set up like this:- DEFAULT INSTRUCTION PER ROLE TRAINING:- Sweeper Keeper - <here you would choose your default player instructions> GK - None CWB - Get forward whenever possible, Run down flank CB - Stay back at all times BPD - Attempt long range passes and so on...
  2. One of my fave features on FM is the affiliate clubs and sending my youth out to them to try and assist them in their own respective leagues BUT I feel it's always very one way with the affiliate club being made to take whoever i want them too. I would love it if you could invite the affiliate club's manager to a meeting whereby you can get to know what type of player they would like loaning to them to a) assist them b) get the most out of the time for your player Also I think you could even make it so that the parent club gets to know who is a "one to watch" alongside even having it so that you have the option to take on a certain youth player from their ranks with a view to a permanent signing. Questions you could include in the conversation are:- a) Have you got your eyes on anyone in particular? b) What type of player would be getting into your starting eleven most weeks? c) Do you need a goalkeeper this season? d) Is there anyone in your youth ranks that might be good for our club? Obviously we will reimburse you for your loss if he makes the grade? I think it would add a nice level of interactivity to the affiliates. Also this would be reciprocated the other way with a human manager having more flexibility on landing a couple of good loans from the parent club, alongside being able to potentially cash in on a youth by sending him to the parent club with an optional future fee attached.
  3. I would like to be able to force my reserve/youth manager to play a player in a role to assist in his retraining. In older FM's if you picked the player in the position he would play there BUT i'm finding that in the latest FM even if you pick a player in the position you want him to play the reserve/youth manager overrides your decision. You could maybe implement this by implementing a "lock player" feature (a bit like the lock in a contract clause) where he would play there if he was available to play (ie not injured or unfit)
  4. Hi, There's so many times where i find a non-playing staff member with really good coaching / assistant stats but due to him being a Head of Youth Development he will flat out reject my contract for him to join my club as a coach/assistant even if I offer him 10x what he wants. Therefore, I would like the option to either:- A) Persuade him to join my club as an alternate staff type (eg he's a head of youth development but i want him as a an assistant manager) B) Make it so they are more likely accept contracts offers if what I'm offering them is vastly more than they want (eg £250p/w to be a HoYD but I offer him £1500p/w to be my Assistant) Surely IRL you would snap someone's hand off if they offered you a vastly superior contract EVEN if it was a little out of your comfort zone? Also people have had vastly diverse careers in the real life game (eg Adkins was a physio turned manager, Kinnear was manager to DoF) You could even make it so the staff member has to go on training courses for his new role? (coaching badges, financial coaching, scouting coaching)
  5. Really like this idea. Definitely builds on the financial advisor role I was envisaging
  6. I'd really like to receive an annual salary summary which shows how much each player has earned after picking up all his bonuses (apps, goals, assists etc) for the season. I think this would really assist the human manager into thinking a little bit more into giving these bonuses if they were potentially breaking the bank over a full season. It could present a "real" weekly wage by dividing this annual salary into weeks. It would be really interesting to see this. Also perhaps a "financial advisor" type AI role could be included to give the manager tips as he progresses. For example you may get a news item through saying "After looking at the average goal bonus pay out to our players throughout the year we advise you think about reducing these bonuses by £xxx for any new contracts signed" or "relegation is on the cards for us this season. We strongly advise including a 50% pay decrease clause into all players contracts". Surely clubs would give the manager this advice this in real life?
  7. For the guys struggling to get all the leagues loaded from Steam i had to:- subscribe to around 20 leagues load up the game check they were downloaded quit the game moved the files from the editor data folder to another folder on desktop unsubscribed from all workshop items subscribed to next 20 leagues rinse and repeat then i subscribed to all the leagues once done so i get any updates Riddler may do it sounds like a lot of work but it took me about 30 minutes in total. Please don't ask for me to send you the files zipped up as this is Riddler's work and i am not distributing somebody else's hard work.
  8. +1 to this. Most of my player have five stars suitability for their main role then when i click on the dropdown, the stars revert back to the correct star amount AFTER I CLICK BEFORE I CLICK
  9. I still notice that the core font is still blurry to look at and I get headaches after minimal play. Are you still looking into this?
  10. Great skin! Still getting some "X"'s where "on track" etc should be on the club vision screen
  11. Things i've noticed post-patch:- 1) Players are shooting far too many times from llong distance even when instructions are given to counteract it 2) Wingers dont seem to want to run. They plod even with 20 pace 3) Quite a few shots are missed from 2 yards out 4) Quite a few games i am having 25+ shots even with 'work ball into box' 'low tempo' etc checked
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