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  1. i just noticed something that might be a reason why it lags on halfway line... Sometime when i go to a match i get a 1 second shot of the FM20 start screen with my 3D manager standing there and it lags around the same place on the screen as where he is stood on the start screen Could the game be still loading the start screen in the background?
  2. Great skin! Still getting some "X"'s where "on track" etc should be on the club vision screen
  3. My ME is extremely jittery after yesterday's update. All other, more graphically powerful games are running perfect
  4. I brought this problem up as an idea for future FM's. I think once you get to a decent level you should be able to use one of your affiliated club's grounds for your reserve games or be able to build an pitch specifically for your academy. Most top teams have it IRL.
  5. I doubt it's £40 million for the winner of Liga NOS. The Premier League winners only get around that!
  6. Thanks for the reply Michael. This is what i thought. Phew!
  7. Hi people I'm interested in hearing if the new GDPR regulations will affect the FM series in any way with the majority of players personal information (D/O/B, home town etc) being in the database? Can any SI staff answer this? SJL
  8. Hi All I want to ask a question that's been bugging me for many versions of FM... If i add only an handful of custom logos to FM17 (usually just PL logos) can i clear the cache then retick the above option to keep the page loading times quicker? It seems to work okay when i do but i'm just interested to know if there's any detrimental effect using custom logos and keeping it ticked? I'm assuming it's to keep the size of the cache file down but that's just a guess. Thanks in advance SJL
  9. The loyalty discount is such a brilliant idea. It makes us feel like we're a valued customer and a part of the SI family. Hope i get chance to beta test this year again. Loved it last year
  10. I don't know what i'd do if they didn't make a new FM. I think it would send me into a spiral of despair, with a dash of hatred
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