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  1. Has to be FM10 for me, Trying to keep blackpool in the premier league after selling my whole squad to sign an 18 year old Neymar. Ended up being my longest ever save game of 40+ years.
  2. Anyone else suffering from constant crash dumps? Had 5 already and only played 8 hours.
  3. https://www.chillblast.com/chillblast-fusion-xenon-gtx-1080-rgb-gaming-pc.html?category_id=541 Looking at buying a new gaming PC - budget is £1500. Is there anything out there better value than the above PC?
  4. Anyonwe had any luck with anything on FM16? Tried a few different tactics with various teams and nothing seems to work!
  5. Anyone seen any good deals for laptops between 650-800. Looking for the best I can get with that sort of money at the moment. Will be used for games like Battlefield etc etc.
  6. The Mods/Developers/Fan boys always vigorously deny the fact that some matches are fixed. Most sane people know that there is something not quite right, it is pretty obvious unless you trying not to believe it. It's not like they are going to come out and admit that some matches are fixed though is it, it would make the game kind of pointless and sales would drop, but we all know it is, and if you try denying it then you are just deluding yourself.
  7. When I bought that Acer Aspire it only cost 350 I think! And it's still going strong now! I would recommend saveonlaptops though, they always seem to do good deals. With 500 pound you should be able to find a good laptop that's on sale. Never thought that when I started this thread it would get almost 1,000 posts!
  8. Haha, it's funny how it works out! Let's just hope someone with a decent knowledge on TV's can come and enlighten us
  9. And also, slightly off topic from the O/P, but what do you guys think of the whole LED/LCD/PLASMA TV debate? Im looking for a new TV for the upcoming next gen consoles but I really have no idea what to get to help reduce the 'motion lag' i get at the moment and other things. Only looking to spend 300-400, cheers!
  10. Im no expert, but from what I have learnt from this thread I would say it should be fine to run FM on! i5 processor is good and 8 GB of Memory is good aswell!
  11. http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/Acer_Aspire_5755G_1175154.html That is the one I got a while back now, Still runs really quickly, and can run games such as Skyrim, Battlefield, FIFA etc on high graphic settings!
  12. If your looking at a PC, build your own, you can end up getting a much better pc for a lower price and there is plenty of guides online which can help you, its surprisingly easy to do! If its a laptop your going for I wouldn't worry too much, if your spending 600-800 pound pretty much all of them will be able to run FM with a lot of leagues and other games such as fifa!
  13. Id definately recommend the one I bought for 550 with the link earlier in the thread. Its one of the best laptops I have ever bought when you take into account the price off it aswell!
  14. Thanks alot, Apparently its going to take 6 hours to download FM2012 again, It's never taken anywhere near that before! Although, I am downloading a ton of other things at the same time so that may be the problem.
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