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  1. Anyone else suffering from constant crash dumps? Had 5 already and only played 8 hours.
  2. https://www.chillblast.com/chillblast-fusion-xenon-gtx-1080-rgb-gaming-pc.html?category_id=541 Looking at buying a new gaming PC - budget is £1500. Is there anything out there better value than the above PC?
  3. Same thing happened to me three times tonight. Weird because it's only just started!
  4. I like what they have done with scouting, but it's so frustrating requesting a scout report and having no idea when it is finished and where to find it, I don't want to have to look through 50 players every few days trying to find it. At least send me an email letting me know my scout report is ready to be looked at in the scouting centre or something!!
  5. 100 percent agree with this. I holiday a lot during the off season to save time, but often come back to an unhappy squad because a player wanted a new contract. Why can't they just wait until I am back???
  6. I miss the days you could just download a plug and play tactic and it would actually work, havent found a decent one yet this year.
  7. The only thing that I want is an option to return from holiday if a player wants to speak to me. Im sick of holidaying between matches and coming back to 5 unhappy players and no way to speak to them!!!
  8. 442 Is pretty much the only tactic I can have any success with on this FM. With crosses being how they are, two world class wingers in a 442 can get 20 assists each easily every season.
  9. Only thing I have noticed is there seems to be a lack of world class goalkeepers as the years pass.
  10. I am around 14 seasons in on my normal save, and me and 4 other friends are 7/8 seasons in on our online save. All games played on key highlights (extended for big matches) and that's with around 15-20 hours a week playing. So it is definitely possible to get many seasons in without holidaying games.
  11. I keep on asking my board to build a new stadium, they agree and I wait two/three years for it to be built and then I Keep getting the 'Local Council Blocks Planning Permission' message and the build is cancelled. It's happened three times in a row now. I haven't built a new stadium on this save before or anything. Is this a bug or is there a reason for this or do I just have to accept I can't get a stadium above my current 20,000 capacity?
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