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  1. For me, during the season I like to holiday in between games as I don't have loads of time to play. I'd just like a tick box option to return off holiday if there's something that requires attention, such as a player complaining. Sick of going on holiday for 5 days and coming back to several players angry at me with no way to speak to them.
  2. If you could see it, you would realize it has to be a bug. He is stood 15 yards offside with not a player near him
  3. Just conceded an absolutely horrific goal in the 93rd minute. 2-1 up with seconds left and I have a corner, for some reason my whole team is forward and leaves two opposition strikers by themselves for the counter attack. They win the ball on the edge of the box and punt the ball forward to the two players who are standing well into my half, 10-15 yards offside, yet no offside is given and they are two on 1 with my keeper? I have taken a video, just not sure how I would post this?
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