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  1. Hi All, I am currently trying to sign a German player, and as part of his contract he wants x amount after reaching 5 international appearances, but I don't have the "real" German international team loaded in my would he just never attain this wage? Or would the game give it to him after a certain amount of time?
  2. Just wondering how common it us for us managers to handle both club & country
  3. In my third season with Derby County. Won the championship in my first season, came 15th in my second season and bouncing round the top 4 in my 3rd season.
  4. Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up for me. I could've made a big mistake there haha
  5. If I am buying a player and add a clause of 20 minimum league goals for payout of £20mil, does he have to score 20 goals for this to be paid, or is it paid if the player does NOT score 20 goals?
  6. Can I not loan them out or something?
  7. I've got balanta who has been refused a work permit beyond his current contract with me. I am derby county in my third season. I've also got Carlos gruezo who I just signed and has been refused a WP. what do I have to do to get a work permit for them? And will I lose balanta for nothing if he can't get a WP?
  8. Where is the option to change the workload intensity for player training? I can only find the intensity for general training...
  9. Don't believe so...
  10. My forwards are getting called offside far too much for my liking. How can I stop this happening?
  11. On some of my players in my squad and also those who I scout, have some of their stars of their potential greyed or blacked out. What does this mean exactly?
  12. Hi all, What skin is on the pic in this post, please? I've seen pics of this kind of skin everywhere but can't find it myself. Cheers.
  13. Club: Derby County Transfer Budget: Around £1million Wage Budget: £20k Position: AMC advanced playmaker With: good passing and shooting Other: Loyalty Bonus: Agent Bonus: Season: in first season, but hoping to get promoted so would need to be of a good premier league quality. I am ok with a young player. Also any other suggestions for a championship team looking to get into the premier league would be good.
  14. I am managing Derby County and the owner is apparently an Underwriter type. So does this mean I can get a player, paying a lot of the transfer fees over 48months and basically dragging them out and he will cover the cost no matter what?
  15. Does it do anything important such as help with player knowledge or anything like that, or is it a waste of time?