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  1. Who here has kept wenger on as Dof? I've just finished my second season, having won the FA cup and champions league (beat bayern 1-0, it was sweet). But I digress..Basically, I noticed that both icardi and Donnarumma were unhappy and both wanted to join me at the mighty Arsenal, so i got Wenger to bid and offer their contracts, which he did. However, he lowballed both their contracts, Donnarumma went to PSG and Icardi went to Chelsea. I bought Pedraj Rajkovic (chose him ahead of Alban Lafont) then I had a youth keeper brought in by Wenger who is basically a wonderkid and he brought in a striker from porto who looks alright, but I am annoyed that I missed out on 2 great players because of his cheapness!!
  2. I could probably afford him as I have 100mil transfer budget. But I'm very much wanting to develop my youth players and save all the budget for one big player, especially seeing as the transfer fees are so high!! Guess it does reflect the real world in that sense haha
  3. Oooooh I've just been told james Rodriguez is available for transfer (funny that) and it would be around £60mil. I'm torn. I've got some excellent youth, and my main midfield front 3 are alexis ozil & iwobi. I'm torn on if I should sign him or not?!? also, what have been done when cech goes downhill? I've got a 16yr old keeper with a great potential of better than cech, but he isn't premier league quality yet. I'm giving him games but I don't have anything for inbetween. Do I stick with youth or get someone else in?
  4. I've just hooked my laptop up to a computer monitor that shows 1280x1024 and I can now see hot prospect, so it was due to the screen resolution! my question has been answered, thanks for your suggestions guys!
  5. what resolution are you using then? can you see hot prospects?
  6. ive got a large DB, 42k players....something in that region i think it was.
  7. This isn't my club i am looking at, i am going thorugh other clubs to look for their hot prospect so i can potentially sign them. There is no scrolling option, and I've gone through most of the major leagues, none of them let me scroll.
  8. 1366x768 60hz
  9. When going through different club profile pages why can I see captain, vice captain etc but not hot prospect? How do I change this? I'm using the default skin if that matters.
  10. wow. fair enough then. A few other suggestions I'd have are: Kingsley Coman Leroy Sane Bernardo Silva Andrija Zivkovic Domenico Berardi
  11. Haven't you got iwobi or nelson? Or a youth player? Some of the youth I've got through are world class. Saving up to get messi haha. If no youth then thomas lemar from Monaco
  12. YES! I find them ridiculously high! I paid £48.5mil for Lukaku AND he was transfer listed by request at the time! £40mil for Rugani and now man united are after dybala for a reported £109mil!
  13. Is anyone having trouble with scoring here? I can be getting about 25 shots per game, with only about 10 on target and scoring only at most 3 goals per game. it's frustrating. And I've got Lukaku and I want him to just sit in the box and deal with crosses put into him but he is coming back to the halfway line and dribbling even though h shouldn't be doing that - I've got him as a target man - attack. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Anyone got advice on how to sell some players without having the team have a paddy about it? Got a few players I want to move on to make some money and reinvest it.
  15. Hi. When I view other club's profile pages, where it shows manager, captain, vice captain etc. why can't I see the hot prospect at each club? Is this a skin I need to get or is it something in preferences? Or is this due to another reason??