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  1. Yeah got that update, cheers :-) had an issue after it though where I signed a player on a pre contract and they signed a new contract at their current club.
  2. I am the same - haven’t had an update since 9th November. Playing on kindle so android/amazon store.
  3. What do the % mean? Is that how much they’ve gone towards increasing their specified attribute to be trained? Or how much they’ve increased overall? also, on the training page, on the far right, why are some players bars yellow?
  4. I had to make the same offer to get kurt zouma every day, numerous times a day to get it accepted even though it stated it was accepted but I never got a news item to say this. Then I never got to offer a contract so had to start again. I’d make an offer above what I offered last time and it got rejected and they asked for 5 million less, which I offered. This angered them and they rejected my offer. I then get a news item says he was going to a different team for £15mil more than what I offered, but it never appeared in the interested clubs tab during the transfer negotiations. So I los
  5. Are they a one time purchase that can be renewed numerous times after that? Or do you have to buy them every time you want to use them - even if it’s a new save? i bought them both but if I start a new save it says I have to purchase them??
  6. I’ve just found that after having to click twice to get the purchase to work that I’ve been charged twice for both youth academy and my son. Do I go through amazon for the refund?
  7. I did this and found I had to buy it then click buy again to get it to work. It was the same with getting a son. So try that?
  8. No it was just random. Happened with all offers. But touch wood, I had an update on my kindle a few days ago (still says 10.0.02 though) and haven’t experienced it since.
  9. After they’re accepted I am, but only after going in a few times to get them accepted. I’ve had quite a few where I’ve made offers which say accepted but not had anything in the news and I haven’t realised and I’ve continued and I’ve checked the players transfer/contract page and there’s nothing noted with clubs interested or transfer offers... my offer just disappears into thin air
  10. And if all that works once you’ve done it, let me know if it can be used on different clubs in the same save - I may get it too!
  11. Bottom left of where your screenshot is, tap that gear icon. Then “store” and somewhere under “unlockables” you should see “youth academy”. You should be able to switch it on there?
  12. Bayer 04 v Borussia Dortmund.pkm Borussia Dortmund v Bayer 04.pkm
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