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  1. As a Sheffield United fan I'd love to be able to replicate the way we play. I've not managed it so far - be interested to see if anyone else has managed to get something similar.
  2. Hahaha quality. I don't think I can do a Blades save this year dude, I'm too attached to all the players after they finally hauled us out of league one!
  3. Would love to be able to replicate our movement on this game. Feel bad taking over United though as I can't stand the thought of our lord and saviour Wilder out of a job lol!
  4. I've loved this thread! When you start again, please let me know!
  5. Man I needed this thread, this is the least inspired I've felt about an FM never really got a save going, but this has made me feel quite keen to get going!
  6. I've started a couple and can't get in to any atm. I got way too into my last save on fm16. Any suggestions ? Open to anything in Europe!
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