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  1. Wifey would get dead annoyed if I played with the sound on lol. I hate the idea of commentary personally as much as I hate the idea of the much mentioned "chairman mode" or wanting to buy stuff with your earnings!
  2. Supporter Interaction

    I'd like something like this. I don't really think you ever feel any pressure personally anymore. I swear it was worse on older ones, felt far more under pressure. So this would really add to it I think.
  3. After 10 years with FM, my first career update

    Man I needed this thread, this is the least inspired I've felt about an FM never really got a save going, but this has made me feel quite keen to get going!
  4. Rage quitting

    Try and remember mad things happen in football and not get too frustrated. I know it's ridiculous when you get smashed by some tinpot nobodies - But it's how you bounce back and sort the mess after. All part of the fun!
  5. Serie A

    Thanks to you too HawkAussie
  6. Serie A

    Hi Kingrobbo, Thanks for your response I appreciate it dude. I'm fairly new to this editor malarky so appreciate the help.
  7. Serie A

    Hey guys I'm a bit new to the editor and learning my way about it. Is there a way to change substitute rules? I want to reduce the amount on bench in Serie A - I know this sounds daft, but I much prefer having just 7! (Takes all sorts to make a world). If this anywhere else on the forum I apologise!
  8. things you always do

    Derek Langley as scout. Doesn't feel right if he's not there...
  9. I always find it hard to get into a save and stick to it. The key is just that stick at it - The two saves I've enjoyed most on this edition are the ones I stuck at, no matter how badly things went! Sounds daft I know. Don't think about what you want to do too much before hand and just pick a random team. Stick at that team no matter who it is. Whether its a small team in the depths of the lower leagues or a global giant. Each have their challenges and each have their rewards equally.
  10. Worst Cheat or Rage Quit

    I used to do the old reloading if a result annoyed me, over the more recent years I never do - I just accept and move on as is real life!
  11. No goals from corner kicks

    I can't seem to get my team to take a corner that isn't caught by the opposition goalkeeper no matter what! I don't mind too much though atm as scoring for fun!
  12. Player X Always Signs For....

    Nikolay Bodurov always goes to Norwich!
  13. Saved game could not be loaded

    That makes perfect sense. I think I know what happened now. Thank you for the response FrazT - Much appreciated.
  14. Apologies if this is in the wrong section, I tried to load up my game last night (Just completed first season and got Norwich up) But there was no option to 'Load last game' and when I tried to load the file from the load game section I got the "Saved game could not loaded" - Is there any particular cause of this? Fortunately, I've got a back up as I'm always a bit cautious! But just in case I ever forget to make a spare second save, is there a way these games can be saved? Thanks in advance for any help!