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  1. Hahaha quality. I don't think I can do a Blades save this year dude, I'm too attached to all the players after they finally hauled us out of league one!
  2. Would love to be able to replicate our movement on this game. Feel bad taking over United though as I can't stand the thought of our lord and saviour Wilder out of a job lol!
  3. After 10 years with FM, my first career update

    I've loved this thread! When you start again, please let me know!
  4. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Cheers man, I missed this and have since started at Hertha, will deffo keep Sparta in mind when this goes pear shaped!
  5. FM18 - Who will you manage?

    Would somebody pick a team for me? first one suggested will be my 1st save. I've got too many ideas for a save, which basically killed fm17 for me lol. Anywhere across Europe will do.
  6. For knowledgeable FM-legends

    Bolton didn't win diddly squat last year my friend...
  7. Wifey would get dead annoyed if I played with the sound on lol. I hate the idea of commentary personally as much as I hate the idea of the much mentioned "chairman mode" or wanting to buy stuff with your earnings!
  8. Supporter Interaction

    I'd like something like this. I don't really think you ever feel any pressure personally anymore. I swear it was worse on older ones, felt far more under pressure. So this would really add to it I think.
  9. After 10 years with FM, my first career update

    Man I needed this thread, this is the least inspired I've felt about an FM never really got a save going, but this has made me feel quite keen to get going!
  10. Rage quitting

    Try and remember mad things happen in football and not get too frustrated. I know it's ridiculous when you get smashed by some tinpot nobodies - But it's how you bounce back and sort the mess after. All part of the fun!
  11. Serie A

    Thanks to you too HawkAussie
  12. Serie A

    Hi Kingrobbo, Thanks for your response I appreciate it dude. I'm fairly new to this editor malarky so appreciate the help.
  13. Serie A

    Hey guys I'm a bit new to the editor and learning my way about it. Is there a way to change substitute rules? I want to reduce the amount on bench in Serie A - I know this sounds daft, but I much prefer having just 7! (Takes all sorts to make a world). If this anywhere else on the forum I apologise!
  14. things you always do

    Derek Langley as scout. Doesn't feel right if he's not there...