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  1. Four games in seven days!

    The problem in my experience stems from the ridiculous break you're given for the FIFA Club World Cup. I understand that FIFA don't want your team to be active during the preliminary rounds (for which a CL winning team is given a bye), but its silly to have 2 weeks off for 2 meaningless games. Then creating a logjam of fixtures making it difficult to compete on all fronts.
  2. parting comments?

    Just wondering if parting comments to a player you're selling affects anything in game. If it does, I think it must be your "Loyalty to players" percentage? I have bad luck with these comments so mostly have stopped using them, unless I'm fairly certain of a positive outcome.
  3. Oh FFS, you have got to be kidding me with this. I've read this whole thread and have tried to take it seriously, but I just can't. Oh no! Your thread wasn't received well and so your feelings are hurt and you didn't purchase the game? That's entirely your prerogative, but I just can't wrap my head around FM players DEMANDING that every post they make, however inconsequential, should be pored over and be treated as if it's Johan Cruyff himself giving a referendum on the Match Engine. It's a $40 dollar video game!!!! What is there that exists on THIS PLANET that you can buy for that amount and expect endless support and interaction from the creators?
  4. At risk of seeming like an SI sycophant, I'd like to back them up a bit here. The first thing that comes to mind is FIFA. FIFA is and has been for years the best selling video game period. You want to talk about neglecting their community while pocketing millions, look no further than EA. Some of the errors STILL on FIFA 18 are downright laughable. Their forum is an absolute joke, basically if it's not an Ultimate Team problem they don't care because it doesn't make them money. Here you have a forum that has it's flaws to be sure, but they do much more than many developers. And I do sympathize with them. There aren't many games that engender the passion and obsession that FM does. So what you get is lots of crazed people submitting nonsense. For every one of your constructive posts that are worth looking into they must get 10 that are utter nonsense from people who might not even understand the sport. And to be honest I don't get how people can take it so personally - like SI is "shunning" them specifically. Without knowing the details the suggestions you posted don't sound interesting to me really. "Ways to make the game more challenging"?? Without wanting to pile on you, what is so groundbreaking with that idea that they should immediately respond to you? I've had some suggestions which I thought were no-brainers. That doesn't mean others agree with me or that I should take it personally if I'm not responded to.
  5. That is all down to the board and owner though. How are the quarterly earnings at the club? What is the outstanding debt like? How close are the club to running afoul of FFP? How about the salary control regulations? All this stuff will come into play. A lot of owners/ownership groups will have a 5 year plan as well. They may say ok, let's really splash the cash this window on some good young talent. Then we'll cut back for a couple of years to restore some stability to the club's finances. Or they may say "we have 200m to spend for transfers the next 2 seasons". If that is used up then it's only natural the club will curtail the transfer revenue available in order to balance the books.
  6. Might want to check that. I was pretty sure Serbia changed their citizenship requirements. I could be wrong though.
  7. Funny Screenshots Thread

    ...he actually looks pretty good
  8. Waiting On Youth Players To Develop

    Yep, I'm sure it does fail on occasion, but so far for me in 5 seasons it's worked every time I've used it, about 12 times. I've taken to just telling players I'll give them a run of games to give myself a promise to keep track of anyway!
  9. I've never heard of this kind of schedule for a team in knockout stages of the CL. 2 league matches in between the 2 legged CL tie? This would never happen. Especially when in the quarter finals of CL in between the 2 legs I had no game on the weekend! Why would it double me up in between semis but give the weekend off for the quarterfinals? It's very aggravating especially since these are the most crucial games of the season. This also happened the last time I made it to the CL semifinals
  10. graphics

    Valuable insight you have there. You know, I was carrying on playing FM, but something just felt off, you know what I mean? It wasn't until your illuminating post that I realized - IT'S THE GRAPHICS! (or lack thereof, am I right). Your post was a revelation for me. I've just refinanced my home, instructed my wife to take a second job so I can build a new desktop PC to try to maximize as best I can the graphics in this sorely lacking computer game.
  11. Abandoned matches

    I'll never understand why they outlawed snoods
  12. how transfers work ?

    I just found it interesting, I do understand when selling players it will be very difficult and I don't particularly mind it. That save I was messing with City my intention wasn't to find out about selling players it was just a goof.
  13. how transfers work ?

    I had to offload Walcott for I think 12 million and agree to pay half his wages for the remainder of his contract. The fact of the matter is those high wage/average players who aren't needed won't be easy to move. Having said that I recently was messing around with a City save trying to "ruin" them. I offered out all the first team players for 1K and 100% of wages paid. There were 4 or 5 players with no bids! I think John Stones, Kyle Walker, and a couple of others. That to me makes no sense. Most players I had offers instantly after that, but not for them. That kind of goes against the logic that it's their wages. I could see KIND OF that maybe clubs know they won't want to join so don't even bother, but I find that hard to believe. What's the explanation in those scenarios (nevermind how unrealistic they are)
  14. Man City fire Guardiola...

    I did two saves this year and in both Klopp and Pep were sacked by January of the first season. Mourinho always seems to do well with his 4-4-1-1. Always have a hard time against his Utd...City and Lpool not so much