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  1. I have a wonderkid with no work permit who no team wants to sign on loan since they don't feel he'll be interested. The base idea makes sense, but in this case it doesn't. He has no choice but to go on loan.
  2. This is ridiculous. Last year it was scheduling the Euro Super Cup during the first int'l break of the year when no one's available. Somehow the other team had their entire first team squad available. FM21 now I'm unable to field 2 of my most important players who happen to be U21s. Shameful stuff really, it's a simple scheduling issue!
  3. First time I'm seeing this after about 12 board takeovers in my time playing the game. It was a consortium takeover and they instantly bid for 2 players who aren't any better than what I have. Makes no sense whatsoever. I can see a new board coming in and having targets, but this is absurd. It's not something that happens. Especially when you're a long serving and successful manager, they'd consult with you at least. It's going to completely ruin the chemistry of my team and force me to sell favorite players.
  4. Would be interesting to include pandemic stuff, but very difficult I imagine. Imagine a team talk where you ask your players to take a wage cut. We all know how that would turn out
  5. I've noticed a few glitchy press questions that don't match what's happening. I just lost a CL quarter final and was furious, then the press asked me "how does it feel to not qualify for the CL", despite being 1st by a long way in the league. Was already angry after the loss and this one didn't help. I don't remember these from previous versions. Except the "so and so team has done the quintuple!" nonsense
  6. Right, U23 team. Fair enough if the U23 manager gets final say in his team, but I'm not sure that's how it is IRL. In any top league if a player is returning from injury they'd get priority in any game the first team manager wanted. I could see somewhere like Spain where reserve teams are a bit more autonomous, but even there the main team has full rights to any player there.
  7. I think it's been this way for a long time, but why do the youth team managers not listen to your requests of playing first teamers for match fitness? Sometimes they do, most of the time they don't. I don't know how it works IRL, but wouldn't a U23 manager have to listen to the first team manager's request to play someone? Or is it at their discretion?
  8. Finally tried it in full screen and yes, starts up perfectly fine. Should I post a bug report about the windowed loading? Seems like it might be my hardware
  9. Starting up FM20 takes me a few times before it work. The intro screens are all glitchy and sometimes freeze. I'm playing in windowed mode if that could be part of it?
  10. I know what he means. You can have a 21 yr old wonderkid still only "valued" at 30 mill or whatever it might be. In reality any team with him on the books will be looking for 80 million plus. It's impossible in FM to convey that to the player. It's either agree to sell him for a fraction of his actual worth, or risk upsetting him and ALSO selling him for much less.
  11. WHERE IS MIKE DEAN ON THIS LIST??? Once again FM fails in the reality department
  12. I had the awful habit for a while where in the pre-match screen I'd make some changes and because of bad click and drags would move the GK to an outfield position. I caught it before starting the match most of the time, when I didn't it was always full on panic. I maintain that the clicking/dragging on that screen isn't the best. Kind of hard to snap players into the correct positions.
  13. As my save progresses I love to give players (and opposing managers) nicknames. Sometimes they're funny, sometimes it's just to shorten names. Mourinho has gotten several nicknames for me over the years. None of which I can type here
  14. Philippe Mexes bicycle kick? Benjamin Pavard's WC belter? As many have said, these are professional players. If you put them on a pitch with a pub team they'd run rings around everyone and WOULD be doing insane stuff regularly. An 8 first touch at professional level is for your average person more like 18-20 first touch.
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