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  1. I've found that as difficult as it is, any unwanted clause in contract can be removed by upping their bonus. Yearly wage increases, min release clauses, salary after reaching X games, etc. All of those are annoying to me and I'd much rather pay an extra 2.5 - 5 million up front than be hamstrung down the road.
  2. They were left confused when the player throwing in didn't do the requisite running front flip
  3. I've noticed this too and find it frustrating. I've spent 10 seasons building a professional squad all with at least 14 determination. It hasn't prevented every youth player with very high DET from dropping down to around 14-15. To me it's ridiculous. Of course people rub off on one another, but to the extent that they're altering their fundamental characteristics? I don't believe it. At a younger age sure, but not at 18-22.
  4. Players in his academy will have the rare PPM of "Dares to Zlatan"
  5. Fair enough, and I do realize it's not normal even for a dominant team to take 30+ shots a game, while that's the norm in FM. To be honest though, I'd rather have half of those "hit woodworks" simply be off target. I do appreciate the ramifications of tweaking something like that though. At least my players are kings of the crossbar challenge!
  6. Compared to the Premier League in FM 19 I'm hitting the woodwork twice as much as in real life. The average in real life is about 3-4% of shots hitting the frame, my save I'm at about 8%. This isn't a big deal, I realize that a dominant team in FM ends up taking far more shots than IRL. But it is slightly ridiculous when you have a run of 3 or 4 games with at least 2-3 woodworks each. Frustrating and could maybe be dialed back
  7. Fair enough, but then they don't have any direct quote from Christensen. They're implying that he's included money in his comments. I suppose rags like The Sun do this all the time, I gujuess that's what SI are trying to represent? Even still, it's just not something you'd see. That a player is publicly encouraging a move is plenty enough of a blurb/story on its own. No need to add some nonsense about money which a player would never say publicly,
  8. I don't generally notice the press/social media items in game, but this one stood out to me. Moneybags Chelsea? What an absolutely idiotic press item. I know that players occasionally encourage another player to join their club, but to reference the money involved? I don't think any player would be classless enough to do that. In private sure, not in some public statement. Absolutely preposterous. I know it's just a small little flavor item, but sheesh!
  9. We should have the option of doing this if the VAR doesn't go our way
  10. That was Man United in FM 18. They simply couldn't be beaten to the league. I managed it twice in a 12 season save with Arsenal. Both times I won the league by 1 point. They also won I think 7 or 8 champions leagues.
  11. According to Miguel Delaney, writer for the Independent, Man United have accepted bids from 8 different clubs for Matteo Darmian. The player and agent turned each one down either due to the wage packet or undesirable club. Just goes to show it absolutely happens to big clubs in real life not just FM. Same thing with Alexis Sanchez.
  12. I'm not so sure of the "effort" that EA have put into their audio. Oh wow, they added Lee Dixon in FIFA 19. But with the money they have it would be no sweat for them to add many more lines of commentary for different situations. That's really all it is, recording the lines and then associating them with actions that take place in-game. Using EA as the benchmark for what a massive studio can do is nonsense, because they put zero money back into their game.
  13. I agree, there would be an opening to abuse that, but that doesn't mean that youth players shouldn't be involved in mentoring. And besides, with how convoluted mentoring is now (in my opinion) it would still prevent people from jamming together mentoring groups since that just wouldn't work. I think the whole tutoring/mentoring system is deeply flawed and only made worse by the new system. I've never understood how a young player would take undesirable traits from their mentor. These are late teenagers/adults, in real life a young player would have the ability to discern what qualities might be beneficial to him to pick up from a senior player. If I'm say Callum Hudson Odoi and just for argument Higuaín is mentoring me. IRL Odoi would say ok, Higuain's movement and finishing are great, and his professional attitude is admirable, let me try to pick up what I can in those areas. It makes even less sense in PPMs. I could in theory see how a young players attitude can worsened if their mentor is less professional. If say a player was trying to learn everything they could from Ozil, I could see where IRL they might pick up some of his more lackadaisical tendencies. That's about all that makes sense to me though.
  14. when the wonderkid regen you paid almost nothing for does this in his 2nd game. The animation was smooth in the game, not sure why the highlight video stutters during the goal, kinda ruins it
  15. It would be funnier if they didn't have April Fool's right in the first inbox item. Would be funnier to draw it out a bit more and let players feverishly click on the transfer tab until realizing it's a joke.
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