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  1. It's funny, I've been trying not dwell too much on what I learn about a player's hidden attributes from the Pros/Cons section of the report. Not that it isn't useful or valuable information, but too many times I've held off on signing a player because they were inconsistent or injury prone. When I have gambled on this type of player, their "issues" are rarely so bad that they're detrimental to the team. They may just require a bit more micro managing which is fine.
  2. Holy hell, I thought I played a lot. I'm at a paltry 2,550 hours over the course of four editions, FM15 - FM19
  3. Instant result is handy in the rare times you lose a save and need to replay a few games. Then you can quickly catch back up by simming for roughly the same results. Otherwise it feels a bit cheap to be honest
  4. As much as I'd love to see this, I think a serious graphical overhaul might be needed before detailed animations. I do long for an FM with modern graphics. I know, I know, the purists don't care, and it's not about the graphics, but sheesh, an updated 3D engine would really be excellent. I'd take mid 2000's FIFA graphics happily, Even late 90's early 2000's FIFA would be better than the 1980's graphics we have now.
  5. Must be something like that. Maybe I missed a notice that something was seriously affecting him. It's his 1st year at the club on a Key Player contract. His wages are slightly higher than squad average. Could it be that a player who finally gets a big contract just completely gives up determination wise?
  6. In 500 games I've seen maybe 30-40 chip attempts. I can only think of one fluky one from outside the box that went in.
  7. Never seen such a drastic decline so quickly in a player's determination. My average determination in my squad is 15, with club personality as professional. Lots of good characters in the team and everyone at least fairly professional. Is this some hidden attribute like ambition or something? I brought him in to be my midfield general for the next 10 years, now not so sure. He stills shows Fairly Professional
  8. In those situations I genuinely feel better about re-simming the game until I get a similar score line than I do about replaying the match and accepting whatever result. At first glance, replaying it feels like the *right* thing to do, but the more realistic option is to sim it (or replay it) until you get the same result.
  9. Same thing happened to me and it was my proudest FM achievement yet. I went into the Supercup the same as you, with my entire first team still on vacation, some may have been int'l duty. I was managing Arsenal against Real Madrid (who miraculously had their strongest possible squad) played with 15 grey players and the rest made up of rotation/youth players. We held Madrid to a 0-0 draw and beat them after I think 10 pens each. Was a glorious win after I'd already assumed we'd lose terribly.
  10. I've found that as difficult as it is, any unwanted clause in contract can be removed by upping their bonus. Yearly wage increases, min release clauses, salary after reaching X games, etc. All of those are annoying to me and I'd much rather pay an extra 2.5 - 5 million up front than be hamstrung down the road.
  11. They were left confused when the player throwing in didn't do the requisite running front flip
  12. I've noticed this too and find it frustrating. I've spent 10 seasons building a professional squad all with at least 14 determination. It hasn't prevented every youth player with very high DET from dropping down to around 14-15. To me it's ridiculous. Of course people rub off on one another, but to the extent that they're altering their fundamental characteristics? I don't believe it. At a younger age sure, but not at 18-22.
  13. Players in his academy will have the rare PPM of "Dares to Zlatan"
  14. Fair enough, and I do realize it's not normal even for a dominant team to take 30+ shots a game, while that's the norm in FM. To be honest though, I'd rather have half of those "hit woodworks" simply be off target. I do appreciate the ramifications of tweaking something like that though. At least my players are kings of the crossbar challenge!
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