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  1. I'm not so sure of the "effort" that EA have put into their audio. Oh wow, they added Lee Dixon in FIFA 19. But with the money they have it would be no sweat for them to add many more lines of commentary for different situations. That's really all it is, recording the lines and then associating them with actions that take place in-game. Using EA as the benchmark for what a massive studio can do is nonsense, because they put zero money back into their game.
  2. I agree, there would be an opening to abuse that, but that doesn't mean that youth players shouldn't be involved in mentoring. And besides, with how convoluted mentoring is now (in my opinion) it would still prevent people from jamming together mentoring groups since that just wouldn't work. I think the whole tutoring/mentoring system is deeply flawed and only made worse by the new system. I've never understood how a young player would take undesirable traits from their mentor. These are late teenagers/adults, in real life a young player would have the ability to discern what qualities might be beneficial to him to pick up from a senior player. If I'm say Callum Hudson Odoi and just for argument Higuaín is mentoring me. IRL Odoi would say ok, Higuain's movement and finishing are great, and his professional attitude is admirable, let me try to pick up what I can in those areas. It makes even less sense in PPMs. I could in theory see how a young players attitude can worsened if their mentor is less professional. If say a player was trying to learn everything they could from Ozil, I could see where IRL they might pick up some of his more lackadaisical tendencies. That's about all that makes sense to me though.
  3. when the wonderkid regen you paid almost nothing for does this in his 2nd game. The animation was smooth in the game, not sure why the highlight video stutters during the goal, kinda ruins it
  4. It would be funnier if they didn't have April Fool's right in the first inbox item. Would be funnier to draw it out a bit more and let players feverishly click on the transfer tab until realizing it's a joke.
  5. This couldn't be more true. I never look at CA/PA numbers, but it always ends up that my best and most consistent performers are simply average players attribute wise
  6. It's the classic "heart formation". Ever wonder why players do the silly heart gesture with their hands after a goal? No, it's not to show appreciation for the fans, it's actually in appreciation of this classic tactic!
  7. How about starting with regens that don't all look like Mesut Özil
  8. No I don't think so. His "Career Milestones" screen still shows him being at my club 2018 - _____ The only reason I noticed it was because I wanted him specifically to scout a player but he's not there. Could this just be a glitch?
  9. I signed a scout in 2018 and now he's gone from my staff list in 2020. On his profile it says he's a free agent, but there's no option for "approach to sign" or offer contract. In his staff history career milestones tab, his time at my club is still open ended with no date that he left. He is 72 yrs old, but no mention that he's retired. This is very weird. Is it possible staff might request a leave of absence that I didn't notice?
  10. You can just imagine the opposition players yelling and aggressively trying to "help" him to his feet.
  11. Had a similar thing a few weeks ago. I forget where, but somewhere in here there is a setting that fixed it. Somewhere in these links:
  12. Funny how they never played Hudson-Odoi until Bayern came calling. "Oh wait a second, Bayern want the lad? Well then he must have some talent. Blimey, he's been under our noses all this time!"
  13. Looks more like a wide player to me. 13 off the ball is not great for a shadow striker. Honestly though would really come down to performance. Plenty of players perform well in positions they're not suited for
  14. Such is life at Ajax. The unfortunate reality is that no ambitious and highly talented player can reach their goals at Ajax. Like others have said I have found with small clubs that it's best to take the first good offer. Otherwise you get trapped in bargaining on a price with the player and it's always extremely less than what you're hoping for.
  15. That didn't really cover his question though. I have seen the same thing, a player taking a much lower contract offer after he'd rebuffed my much better contract. That is simply not logical. I could see if the lower offer was from one of his favored clubs, but it wasn't. I could even understand if he had favored personnel on that club, but still wasn't the case. The only way to explain it is that there's a lower bar for negotiations between AI clubs and players. This is a flaw. In OP's case, why on earth would the player take City's offer if much lower and not as much recent success, and also no favored personnel to speak of? There is no other criteria (or at least not transparent criteria) that would explain it.
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