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  1. Nation: Somewhere in Europe, but not England, Spain, France or Italy Division: Top European Competition: n/a Media Prediction: Mid-bottom half Board Expectation(s):Mid- bottom half Transfer Budget: Reasonable Wage Budget:Reasonable Finances:Reasonable Other: Will go pretty much anywhere in Europe other than the countries mentioned above that Ive already had long term games in. Finances etc arent a concern, just an interesting challenge.
  2. I'm Nice on FM, Maupay gets a few games and has scored a few goals. They do have quite a few good young players and I've had a cracking DMC come through. Finished 4th 1st year and won the cup, top in feb of2nd season without many changes.
  3. Good post, I agree. Too much moaning about SI when this is still the best game around
  4. I'm looking for a new game this weekend and I'm looking for 2 teams: Firstly, I'd like a average mid table team in league1 or 2. Secondly a team from a league outside of the big ones, like to try something different. Am open to anywhere outside of England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy. The team should be a team aiming for top half/mid table withAva few good players. Thanks
  5. Great thread mate, me and my brother usually have rival Boca and River saves with me being Boca so ill be following this one closely.
  6. Real Sociedad have a really good base, Sevilla have players to sell. No one except the big 2 and Bilbao really have any money.
  7. AAB in Denmark or Tromso in Norway have decent sides. In Germany maybe Hannover, Stuttgart or Wolfsburg?
  8. Monaco sound perfect for you, start Ligue 2 but have good players and are owned by a Russian billionaire so get loads for transfers. There is a really good thread about Monaco.
  9. After Xmas I'm thinking of starting a new game somewhere outside the big leagues, while remaining inEurope. I'm interested in maybe Scandinavia, Belgium, Switzerland or Scotland as I haven't really played in these leagues (aside from Celtic in the Larsson days) so I'm just looking for a club that is a good starting point in these places. Thanks.
  10. I'd really recommend Derby, I'm in my 4th season with them, 3rd in premier league and Will Hughes has developed into one of the best midfielders around.
  11. Haven't got the game loaded, could anyone tell me whether you need Belgium loaded to get this lad. Looks quality.
  12. Huddersfield or Forest have a decent amount to spend and good starting squads
  13. Stay with Genk, my saves normally fall apart when I move club.
  14. Someone in Germany, like Gladbach or Hamburg?
  15. Im not sure about pros and cons but out of those id go with Liverpool for biggest challenge.
  16. I forgot about Blackpool, nice one I think il give them a go. Make use of Ince while I can. Thanks.
  17. I'm looking for a team in the championship that I can crack on with tonight. I've always had good games in this league with all sorts of different teams. I'm not too bothered about money, just a team with a few good players, nice kit and potential. Had a game with Charlton this season already but accidentally got promoted and then ruined the save by going mad on free transfers so I wouldn't want to be them again. Would consider lower league than this for good challenge. Cheers.
  18. I'd say Rosenberg as they have some great players like Strandberg and have been overhauled by Molde recently so a bit of a challenge re asserting them at the top.
  19. Ligue 2 does sound like the best fit, maybe Le Havre, Nantes or Lens? Other than that maybe bundesliga 2, Bochum and Duisberg have a few good youngsters.
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