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  1. I would advise PSG. Iv just started a PSG save and they tick all the boxes. Quality players like Pastore, Menez, Gamiero, Sakho etc, loads of great youngsters and plenty of money. France have a lot of good young players and I'm really enjoying trying to take them to another level. The only problem is, as you said, it is very similar to the challenge at Malaga.
  2. Yeh I just prefer to build a team think it would be a bit harder to do that with a few members of the squad going back at the end of the season. Although it could be interesting rebuilding each year. Watched them play Barca and Atletico this year and they seem to have really good fans aswell.
  3. I hadn't really considered them, might have a look at the thread. Only problem there would be the amount of loans.
  4. Yeh id definitely consider either Espanyol or Valencia, really enjoyed the Malaga thread btw but im not up for that challenge at the mo. Thanks mate
  5. Struggling to decide which Spanish team to begin with, not really interested in a Malaga save and dont want to be the big 2. Considering Atletico, Sevilla or Valencia atm but would consider others like Betis etc. Thanks
  6. Thanks mate, gonna go with Sheffield Wednesday. Prefer restoring teams who were good when I was a kid with a bit of history over some of the teams in Prem now like Wigan.
  7. Really struggling to make a final decision, looking at starting a ew game tonight within England restoring a famous club to former glories. Cannot decide between Nottingham Forest, Leeds or Sheffield Wednesday. Any advice would be appreciated Cheers
  8. Yeh iv gone with Bayern, really enjoying it. Just want a game to get a few wins under my belt and challenge in Europe and get used to the game. Iv looked at Sevilla and Atletico and I fully intend on having a crack with someone more challenging but for now just wanna get into it. Also surprised there isn't a thread for Real, Bayern, Atletico or Sevilla atm. Thanks for all yóur help
  9. Looking to start with a European giant. Want to be able to contest for everything and get used to the new game. Looking at Real Madrid, Munich or Man U? Any1 got any thoughts? Thanks
  10. Firstly id like to say that this is the best update i have used, looking forward to the final release tomorrow. Thanks a lot to Wally and Pav for all your work. I wouldnt know where to start with this, been playing the game for 10 years but got no idea how to use the editor. Are u still doing any ca/pa changes before tomorrow? Would you be able to look at a few lower league players, main example is Danny Green who did well last season in League 1 but 11.3 rated him pretty low. Not saying hes the next Becks or anything but id say hes prob good enough for Championship. I appreciate that youve got a hard enough job on for tomorrow so please dont think im telling you what to do, id have no idea where to start. Thanks again mate.
  11. Hi Wally, is there still going to be an update tmro? Im sure youve probably already answered this but just had a scan through and cant see. Not got time to play tonight so was thinking i may aswell wait for tmros download if there is one? thanks
  12. just wanted to say thanks for all your work, tried a few updates and this is best iv seen
  13. You dont need to open it with anything, if you just move the file to the Documents- Sports Interactive- FM11- Editor Data it will be in your game. If you havent got the Editor Data folder just create your own. Also theres a guide on page 1 of this thread. Hope this helps mate
  14. Thanks for all your work MG, really enjoying the updates. Iv read about your internet problems, do you think ul be releasing an update this week? Also i played Hernandez as a poacher next to Rooney as a Complete forward and they both hit 20 plus goals. Thanks
  15. Great update, only noticed one prob with FC Bayern being champions of Germany still
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