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  1. For me blueprint for playing 4-2-3-1 goes like this: 2 centre backs (obviously) 2 attacking fullbacks/wingbacks or support duty wingbacks if playing more cautious or possession based game 2 holding midfielders, one of them is a dlp (regardless whether they are in DM or MC slot, I want them to be disciplined) classic playmaker (tq, e) in AMC slot both wide forwards come inside strong and determined striker upfront (cfs, dlfs...) There are some other variations possible (with playmaker wide for example), but in your system there is no one utilising space a
  2. I am trying to implement double pivot system in 4-2-3-1/4-4-1 shape. I read thoroughly part 6 (systems in the attacking phase) and while I understood how to set up back 6, I still have few confusions on setting up attacking four. If I play with a DLP do I need some sort of false 9/false 10 partnership or I can play with playmaker in AMC position and more traditional striker upfront? How to set up my wide midfielders/wide forwards accordingly?
  3. Yeah, practical examples on how to implement different styles (pressing, containment, transitions), as well as how to face them would fulfill this brilliant thread.
  4. Does it really matter where do I put my special roles? For example, in a balanced fluidity, according to wwfan's "A Twelve Step Guide", I need roughly three "specialists", and given that balanced fluidity has three units (defend, support and attack), do I need to place them each one of them?
  5. OK, I guess I'll have to try to respond myself. In my opinion these roles and duties are most suitable for four tasks in central midfield: Protect defense: A, DM(D), DM(S), HB, CM(D), BWM(D), DLP(D) Link play: DM(S), CM(S), BBM, BWM(S), AM(S), DLP(S), AP(S) Create chances: DLP(D), DLP(S), AP(S), AP(A), T, E, RGA Support attacks: SS, AM(A), CM(A), AP(A) Obviously, some of players are capable of doing multiple jobs.
  6. Can I find somewhere a list of player roles and duties that are most suitable for each task in central midfield (protect defense, link play, creating chances and support attacks)?
  7. So, if I understood well, instructions regarding tempo and width are not affected when I choose passing instruction. In previous version shorter passing meant that my tempo is lower and width narrower and direct that my tempo is quicker and width wider. I have to do this manually?
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