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  1. For me blueprint for playing 4-2-3-1 goes like this: 2 centre backs (obviously) 2 attacking fullbacks/wingbacks or support duty wingbacks if playing more cautious or possession based game 2 holding midfielders, one of them is a dlp (regardless whether they are in DM or MC slot, I want them to be disciplined) classic playmaker (tq, e) in AMC slot both wide forwards come inside strong and determined striker upfront (cfs, dlfs...) There are some other variations possible (with playmaker wide for example), but in your system there is no one utilising space ahead of central midfielders, thus your attack seems disjointed.
  2. What I would like to be discussed about are applying tactical principles and patterns of play, rather than discussing about formations. I am referring to ideas I found in excellent guide 'Lines and Diamonds' by THOG, rarely discussed here. What I would like to know is what kind of attributes are required to implement specific patterns (combination, third man, rotational runs,..) and how to apply them.
  3. I've been experimenting with defendig set pieces recently and I found out that having two players on the posts is more or less useless if you are defending zonally. So I put four players to defend six yard box zonally, four players to stay back, one player is outside the penalty box and one stays forward (this is to spring counter attacks).
  4. It's obvious why is he struggling - you have AP dropping deep to collect ball and two wingers wide which leaves your striker fairly isolated. The trick with double pivot systems (such as your second tactic) is with both fullbacks on attack (or WB/S) to provide width and at least one of wide midfielders cutting inside
  5. One thing that intrigues me is possibility to have 'Retain Possession' and 'Pass into Space' TI active at same time. It is said that 'Retain Possession' reduces risky passes, while 'Pass into Space' TI instructs players to place more passes behind opposition defense.
  6. Try following alterations: -Use one attack duty from defense (fb) -Play with support duty wide midfielder on that side -One of central midfielders should be given defend duty -One of strikers should be given support duty Do I see 11 team instructions?
  7. I am trying to implement double pivot system in 4-2-3-1/4-4-1 shape. I read thoroughly part 6 (systems in the attacking phase) and while I understood how to set up back 6, I still have few confusions on setting up attacking four. If I play with a DLP do I need some sort of false 9/false 10 partnership or I can play with playmaker in AMC position and more traditional striker upfront? How to set up my wide midfielders/wide forwards accordingly?
  8. There shouldn't be problem, they are different types of players, one is static and dictates tempo from deep, the other has a free role, moves into channels. The trick is to create good movement between lines, as well as enough cover. It all depends on your players. And that's very ambitious to go to Stamford Bridge with this tactic...
  9. With fluid fluidity your central midfielders will be quite aggressive as you split your team in two units (one defensive and one attacking), so it would be useful to split their roles (dlp/s and cm/a for example, but there are lot of other possibilities). If you play hb in dm position you would also like to assign the other fullback attacking roles as well. How do you concede goals? Counter-attacks? Aren't you too aggressive?
  10. It seems that your TI are contradictory to the assigned roles. You use advanced playmaker and F9 roles which are more useful for possession or slow build up styles. Plus floated crosses which are more suited to a big man upfront...
  11. Yeah, practical examples on how to implement different styles (pressing, containment, transitions), as well as how to face them would fulfill this brilliant thread.
  12. As Cleon suggested in one of his recent threads if you are playing lower mentality a better option would be to use proper creator in No. 10 position and a proper goalscorer in ST position. I often myself use similar approach as yours, and while I can't see big errors here, I would suggest you to swap duties of your wide midfield players, and if you want your WM to cut in assign him WP role if possible.
  13. I am no sure you want your WM to cut inside, as he is your only player on the flank, so when he cuts in he will leave whole that side fully exposed.
  14. In addition, I don't want to sound crude, but I am also waiting for reply to my question asked few days ago, so if anyone knows...
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