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  1. I'd like to be able to apply Design a Son multiple times, even just twice. I'll even pay twice (or once, if the first is via the achievement). The reason is that in real life I have two sons who play football. Every time I play and get the achievement + unlockable, I feel like I have to pick just one of them. It's a minor thing, but there you go. I will say that this year's (20) version of the unlockable is much more intuitive than past years' (not sure if I used it in 19), so kudos on that!
  2. When, generally, do SI stop updating the match engine during the annual lifecycle?
  3. With something like 4132 WULF and all the "tackle harder" "get stuck in" instructions, how do you avoid routinely getting people sent off?
  4. I know that feeling.... A few ideas: 1. It might just be a slump. I wouldn't panic yet. 2. Consider trying your Poacher as an AF and see if he contributes more. 3. How new are the two centre backs and the CM-D? Sometimes I find the long shot thing comes from a this group not acting as a team in terms of closing down, which is mainly due to lack of playing time together. 4. Your keeper's stats for Reflexes, Anticipation and Agility are terrible. With those stats, I can definitely see occasions where a long shot is taken, he might be unsighted for a bit of it, but
  5. Not necessarily. I've had some success playing with Hyde in the Vanarama North, utilizing a standard 442, and my TIs (Balanced mentality) are limited to "Play Wider" and "Counter". I see where you're going with trying to deal with getting overrun. In those cases, where the opposition is dominating possession and getting quality shots off from outside the box I'll modify TIs by: 1. Lower LOE 2. Increased Pressing 3. Lower DL (sometimes, if there's evidence they're finding space behind the defense) 4. Regroup (sometimes, especially if I've done the above but they
  6. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/364344-FM14-Difference-between-Regista-and-Deep-Lying-Playmaker?p=9096579&viewfull=1#post9096579
  7. Oh sure, release this while those of us in the U.S. are still at work. Jerks.
  8. Looks great, and I like the additions, especially having more control over training without having to go into the excruciating detail found in Full Fat. "Dodgy Lasange" is fine, but not my cup of tea. I'd prefer 100% realism, tbh. My two main requests remain: 1. Ability to use "Instant Result" at any point in a match, such as when I'm winning 5-0. 2. During game setup, having the ability (via a wizard is fine) to add custom players to the db. To define a use case: I'd like to add my sons to the game. I'd like the wizard to ask me their names & birthdates and desired ages upon gam
  9. This is my tried-and-true formation. My latest iteration is: AF-A DLF-S DLP-D CM-A AP-S DM-D FB-A CD-D CD-D FB-S I keep it on fluid and use Counter, Standard and Attacking depending on the opposition. I started out with CM-D and CM-S on either side of the CM-A, but felt they had too little "direction" if that makes sense, so gave them (and only them) some specialized roles. I use a DM-D because I want someone who's going to hold his position in that space just in front of the center backs, which is so crucial to stopping dangerous situations. I use FBs instead of WBs
  10. I'd be interested in knowing how one can tell, when playing defensively, if your team's lack of goals is due to just playing defensively, or is due to the attackers not playing well, or even the attacking part of the system not working. Playing defensive is no good if you keep going 0-0.
  11. Looking at that fixture list I'd suspect one of the reasons for the poor run of form is exhaustion, especially if you're not able to rotate the squad enough.
  12. Here's an answer I gave previously with which most seemed to agree: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/32160-Stupid-Questions-Thread-(Tactic-and-Training-Questions-Only)?p=9234693&viewfull=1#post9234693
  13. One thing that stands out is the counter mentality + work ball into box shout + play ball out of defence shout. The latter 2 are somewhat in conflict with the counter mentality, which is somewhat in conflict with the style you're trying to accomplish. So, you say: While counter as a mentality is slow-paced overall, the point of it is that it'll tick into fast when the counter is on, which can lead to some of the rushed shots and/or lack of opportunities you may be experiencing. In addition, if your team gets forward via the counter (i.e. fast), they'll slow right down again to "work the
  14. This is pretty much the book on mentality. Nothing further needs to be written. Absolutely stunning job!
  15. From an attacking standpoint, I think the challenge you're having is that all five of your midfielders & forwards are going to end up in the same place. Specifically, if you count down from the top of the pitch in your tactics screenshot (count down by the different colored lines of grass), they're all going to end up in the center (horizontally) somewhere between the 5th & 10th line of the grass. This congestion and lack of creative movement is what's causing all those shots to be, essentially, snatched & off-target shots. Let's get specific. Each of those roles/duties has a d
  16. Thanks for the clarification, Lucas! SI's reasoning seems very sound in this case.
  17. Fair enough, and good to know. I'll post the save file when I have a chance.
  18. A word of caution on "tactical familiarity" in FMC. My first time playing FMC on FM14, a few months into the season I got an achievement for my team becoming completely familiar with 3 tactics. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or reality, to be honest. It could be that while FMC doesn't show tactical familiarity, it still exists behind the scenes. I will say, however, that I still feel as if my team does need some time with a new tactic to get fluid with it. Maybe not as much as "full fat" FM, but still some time (which makes sense).
  19. The line, for me, is that while I want my central midfielders (specifically those on the left and right) to provide some pressure on a wing man with the ball (assuming the WB isn't there, for some reason), I don't want them overcommitting. What you're trying to avoid is having your FB/WB try to cover two guys who might be on the wing (like a winger & a FB, or a winger and a CM who's slid over). They'll just end up playing keep away from the FB/WB until he gets tired, and then exploit that. The solution is to have one of the CMs come over to help the FB/WB break this up. The other two c
  20. Techstep - I've found that when I want to press, it helps to also push up to constrict the space the opposition has at the same time. When I want to counter it's actually better, with this system to drop deeper and not press, as that'll expand the space my guys can run into. It's counter-intuitive to some. Getting your middle three central midfielders (and actually the CML and CMR) to press on the wings can cause problems, as you've run into, in that it can tire them out. I've found, in general, that mine press just enough to slow people down, but you do need to learn to live with the fact
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