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  1. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/364344-FM14-Difference-between-Regista-and-Deep-Lying-Playmaker?p=9096579&viewfull=1#post9096579
  2. Oh sure, release this while those of us in the U.S. are still at work. Jerks.
  3. Looks great, and I like the additions, especially having more control over training without having to go into the excruciating detail found in Full Fat. "Dodgy Lasange" is fine, but not my cup of tea. I'd prefer 100% realism, tbh. My two main requests remain: 1. Ability to use "Instant Result" at any point in a match, such as when I'm winning 5-0. 2. During game setup, having the ability (via a wizard is fine) to add custom players to the db. To define a use case: I'd like to add my sons to the game. I'd like the wizard to ask me their names & birthdates and desired ages upon game start, to ask what potential I want to give them (i.e. world-class), and if I want to customize any attributes, positions, etc... or if I want those randomized. And of course personal affinities (I am their father, after all). I'd pay $20 for this as an unlockable, easy. But good stuff, looking forward to it SI!
  4. This is my tried-and-true formation. My latest iteration is: AF-A DLF-S DLP-D CM-A AP-S DM-D FB-A CD-D CD-D FB-S I keep it on fluid and use Counter, Standard and Attacking depending on the opposition. I started out with CM-D and CM-S on either side of the CM-A, but felt they had too little "direction" if that makes sense, so gave them (and only them) some specialized roles. I use a DM-D because I want someone who's going to hold his position in that space just in front of the center backs, which is so crucial to stopping dangerous situations. I use FBs instead of WBs mainly because good WBs are hard to find at the lower levels (where I'm playing). The FB-A is on the left as the DLP-D does a good job covering for him when he goes forward. On the right side, the triangle of support roles does a good job patiently building up play. Getting the CM-A to score, to me, is less about instructions and more about the player himself. I've had good success with using a bigger, tougher guy in this role, as the speedy, smaller guys I've put into the role, who you would think would succeed by dribbling quickly into the danger zone, just get knocked off the ball. When my tough CM-A pushes up into the final third, the mayhem he causes definitely creates a lot of open looks. Plus, with decent heading he puts a good few crosses away.
  5. I'd be interested in knowing how one can tell, when playing defensively, if your team's lack of goals is due to just playing defensively, or is due to the attackers not playing well, or even the attacking part of the system not working. Playing defensive is no good if you keep going 0-0.
  6. Looking at that fixture list I'd suspect one of the reasons for the poor run of form is exhaustion, especially if you're not able to rotate the squad enough.
  7. Here's an answer I gave previously with which most seemed to agree: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/32160-Stupid-Questions-Thread-(Tactic-and-Training-Questions-Only)?p=9234693&viewfull=1#post9234693
  8. One thing that stands out is the counter mentality + work ball into box shout + play ball out of defence shout. The latter 2 are somewhat in conflict with the counter mentality, which is somewhat in conflict with the style you're trying to accomplish. So, you say: While counter as a mentality is slow-paced overall, the point of it is that it'll tick into fast when the counter is on, which can lead to some of the rushed shots and/or lack of opportunities you may be experiencing. In addition, if your team gets forward via the counter (i.e. fast), they'll slow right down again to "work the ball into the box". In addition, you're telling them to counter when possible, but also to play the ball slowly out of defence. So, I would recommend you shift your mentality to "Standard" and go ahead and keep those two shouts if you want. If you want to keep a little more defensive solidity (and slowness), add in "Retain Possession". I might also get rid of "get stuck in" as the results from this can sometimes speed up the game which is what you're trying to avoid. Otherwise, I'd agree with thizaum that you have an opportunity to add more creativity in central midfield. I might go with a DLP-S and AP-A combo, but you might want to experiment a bit. Don't worry so much if the attributes aren't ideal, though do try to get better players. The thing you're going for here is asking those two guys to create, whereas regular CMs might, or might not.
  9. This is pretty much the book on mentality. Nothing further needs to be written. Absolutely stunning job!
  10. From an attacking standpoint, I think the challenge you're having is that all five of your midfielders & forwards are going to end up in the same place. Specifically, if you count down from the top of the pitch in your tactics screenshot (count down by the different colored lines of grass), they're all going to end up in the center (horizontally) somewhere between the 5th & 10th line of the grass. This congestion and lack of creative movement is what's causing all those shots to be, essentially, snatched & off-target shots. Let's get specific. Each of those roles/duties has a description in the game, but let's talk about what they're actually doing (something you can hopefully see when you watch the game, especially if you watch most, if not all of it). F9: He's going to drop into space so as to let others drive into the space (up top) he's left, which is fine, but... IF(A): The Inside Forward with an Attack duty is looking to pick up the ball deep/wide and drive with it towards the goal. Both will be driving right through the space the F9 is sitting in as he drops deep, which is bad. AP(A): Also picks up the ball and drives through goal. Unlike the IF(A), who is primarily looking to shoot, the AP(A) is more looking to pass, but will also shoot. But he's also going to drive through that space with the F9. And when he gets just outside the box, will someone be there for his clever pass? No, because the IFs don't drive forward without the ball (though they may wander forward, which is less helpful). So, he'll just snatch at a shot, which will probably be off-target. BBM(S): Bombs forward when in attack. Which can be great, but he too is clogging space. So, ideas. I have to say I am not great with this particular formation, and there are a number of other great threads on this formation out there I'd suggest you read instead. But having said that I might do the following: Change the left IF(A) to IF(S). Change the right IF(A) to Winger(A). Change the AP(A) to CM(A). Change the BBM(S) to DLP(S). Change the left FB(S) to FB(A). Now, when you go forward your CM(A), W(A) and FB(A) will all bomb forward, relatively spaced out. The Support roles have runners to whom to pass the ball, and the Attack roles have support teammates to get the ball if they need to bail. The IF(S) and F9(S) will now have people ahead of them to take advantage of their creativity in the center, and the center itself is going to be less congested. Lastly, a lot of people question the utility of having wide men go forward in modern football, feeling that crossing as a tactic is somewhat played out. While that's a topic for a much more involved post, bear in mind that both the Winger(A) and FB(A) will also get them into attacking & shooting positions as well. It's not as if they will spend all their time out on the wing. Anyway, hope that helps!
  11. Thanks for the clarification, Lucas! SI's reasoning seems very sound in this case.
  12. Fair enough, and good to know. I'll post the save file when I have a chance.
  13. A word of caution on "tactical familiarity" in FMC. My first time playing FMC on FM14, a few months into the season I got an achievement for my team becoming completely familiar with 3 tactics. I'm not sure if this is a bug, or reality, to be honest. It could be that while FMC doesn't show tactical familiarity, it still exists behind the scenes. I will say, however, that I still feel as if my team does need some time with a new tactic to get fluid with it. Maybe not as much as "full fat" FM, but still some time (which makes sense).
  14. The line, for me, is that while I want my central midfielders (specifically those on the left and right) to provide some pressure on a wing man with the ball (assuming the WB isn't there, for some reason), I don't want them overcommitting. What you're trying to avoid is having your FB/WB try to cover two guys who might be on the wing (like a winger & a FB, or a winger and a CM who's slid over). They'll just end up playing keep away from the FB/WB until he gets tired, and then exploit that. The solution is to have one of the CMs come over to help the FB/WB break this up. The other two central midfielders will slide over to occupy the middle of the park. This is OK, but do bear in mind that it leaves you open to a cross-field pass, but, again, that's just one of the weaknesses of the formation you have to accept in order to gain its strengths (and the other FB/WB, and maybe the DM can sometimes help cut out that crossfield pass). What you don't want to have happen, however, when your CM comes over, is for him to be too aggressive and end up getting beaten by the winger (or whomever). Now that player is goal-side of your CM and other players (worst case: your DM) will step up to compensate. Finding the right instructions, team & individual, to accomplish this, can be a bit of trial-and-error, because it's also based on players' own tendencies, but my general comments above generally work.
  15. Techstep - I've found that when I want to press, it helps to also push up to constrict the space the opposition has at the same time. When I want to counter it's actually better, with this system to drop deeper and not press, as that'll expand the space my guys can run into. It's counter-intuitive to some. Getting your middle three central midfielders (and actually the CML and CMR) to press on the wings can cause problems, as you've run into, in that it can tire them out. I've found, in general, that mine press just enough to slow people down, but you do need to learn to live with the fact that the opposition is going to cross into your box (see my previous posts).
  16. Same here as well (assman telling me I'm getting overrun in midfield). In my experience there's two things here. 1. If you don't properly think about how the rest of your defense are going to cover for your FBs/WBs in this system then yes, your defense will hurt. But I still think you can get away with one on attack and one on support, as long as your DM is halfway decent to good - he can come out to one of the wings a bit to help slow someone down until the FB/WB can recover. But yes, in this system one should always be looking for good FBs/WBs, especially ones who can recover to their defensive position quickly (acceleration, pace, stamina, etc...). 2. More of my defensive problems have happened with less than solid central defenders, to be honest. Again, in my experience I'll end up facing a lot of crosses into the box due to the (relative) lack of defense on the wings. I always try to make sure my central defenders are above 6 feet and I'll prioritize heading & jumping over marking & tackling. Yeah, I should note that I've rarely played this at a higher level, mostly because I rarely play at a higher league level. So, like anything, I'm sure it could be made to work. I'll bet a F9 + SS combo would also work well. One thing to remember, though, is that there will tend to be more free space higher up the pitch in the wide areas, so making sure you pick striker roles that'll move around a bit is a good thing. It's one of the reasons I like the AF as one of the two, as he'll actually roam out wide a bit and put in crosses when necessary. The DLF will also roam a bit and look for space, which is good.
  17. This is my favourite formation for when I start out with small teams in low-reputation leagues (Welsh Premier, Norwegian Second, Skrill N/S, etc...). I came upon it a few versions ago as a solution to the fact that at these levels finding quality wide men was very difficult, while I also found I could attract a (relative) abundance of central midfielders and strikers. It's very good defensively, but takes some work (and finding good players) to begin to work offensively. This suits me since I'm usually starting with a relegation candidate team, and I like to focus first on making it hard to score on us before I focus on attack. With no wide men other than the fullbacks (who I have as wingbacks) you'll get a lot of crosses into your box, so this must be countered by having central defenders who are at least big and strong with good heading. The other key challenge you run into is stagnancy on offense, which can only be partially solved by better personnel. When I do find myself up against teams I should beat and/or dominate, I find that they can park the bus quite effectively given the narrowness of this formation. So, at that point it's time to bring out the "Play Wider" shout. Anyway, for personnel, this is what I do. I also run Rigid, and alternate between Counter, Standard and Control as things merit. I tend not to use Defensive, even against the best teams, because it'll just be an endless stream of uncontested crosses against me. GK: Defend WBR: Support (in the FB strata) CD: Defend (bigger guy here) CD: Defend (faster guy here) WBL: Attack DM: Defend CMR: Attack AP: Support BBM: Support STR: Deep Lying Forward Support STL: Attacking Forward Attack Eventually I find it not dynamic on offense to succeed at higher levels, even with much better players, but it's a great formation when you get it working.
  18. I'm not super familiar with the Liverpool squad, but you seem to have a lot of players who can play in the AM strata (AMR, AML, AMC), plus at least one good DM, so theoretically the 4-1-2-2-1, the 4-2-3-1 and then 4-1-1-3-1 are open to you.
  19. So, I literally just started reading this thread now. As I finished your first post my initial reaction was going to be that if it was working good from a defensive standpoint, keep it mainly the same with a few tweaks with the more forward players, and then, in addition, understand that you're a weak team in a tough league and you'll have to wait until you can afford better players to score more goals. Having read the rest of the thread, my advice is now: 1. I'd actually go back to your original formation and tweak that. You say the original formation was working well for you defensively, so let's re-capture some of that. 2. If having the outer two central defenders on a "cover" duty and the middle central defender on a "stopper" duty was working, then stay with that. I can actually see how it works, though others have told you to do the opposite (which is common wisdom and also works). I'd imagine the strength of your setup is that the central central defender is stepping up into the DM strata and creating a good shield for the now back two central defenders, stopping teams from using the "danger zone" in central midfield just outside of the box. That's good stuff. 3. In my experience a poacher works best when the formation also has a) a creative strike partner (which you have) and good advanced wing men (which you don't). Switching to AF-A is a good choice, and a good complement to the DLF-S you have. The other thing you might want to consider if you have (or can get) the right personnel is to have a F9-S in the striker position and a Shadow Striker-A or AP-A or even AMC-A in the AMC position. This continues to give you, effectively, a front 2, but also utilizes the AMC space, which is good, and causes a back line problems, due to movement. But make sure you have the personnel. The AF-A & DLF-S combo is, generally, easier to get personnel for. 4. I actually like the DLF-S & CM-A on the same side of the formation. In my experience the CM-A will go bombing by the DLF-S and in so doing will create space & confusion in the defense, and be well-placed to get a good pass from the DLF-S. If you do this, then, I'd put that side's wingback on support, so as to fill the space (somewhat) left by the CM-A. Then, on the other side I'd keep the WB-A and CM-S. The CM-S will provide some defensive cover for the bombing-forward wingback, and although an AF-A will drive wide sometimes, there's still plenty of area for an attacking wingback to operate wide. I wouldn't change this guy to a Complete Wingback, though. You still need even just a modicum of defensive nature on that side, given the rest of you setup. IMO, CWB is really only suited for crazy setups such as Acker's. Good luck!
  20. "Overlap" is a pretty specific team instruction which makes fullbacks overlap the wingers. If you lack wingers or fullbacks it's a completely meaningless instruction to offer. Based on my understanding of the game, you are incorrect. If you want the full backs to overlap the midfield you want them on an "attack" duty. Simple as that. Like your left fullback, currently. Well, let's back up. Why did you choose a 4-3-3? What kind of football do you want your team to play? Those are the questions you must ponder / answer first before we talk specifics about your tactic. I could tell you a million ways to adjust your setup, but those are meaningless without knowing what it is you're looking to do. My assumptions of your advice is thus, with my current three set ups, my full backs need not to be set to 'overlap' as they will do that automatically. With the midfield I am literally guessing that at least one of the three should be an attacking role/duty. I would muchly appreciate knowing which roles/duties apply to which of my midfield three. I am guessing that two of the three should be on an attacking role/duty. Apart from the midfield are my tactics half decent or are they rubbish and I should take up knitting? Hee! Hee! Your assistance with my midfield would be much appreciated, muchly thankings.
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