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  1. When, generally, do SI stop updating the match engine during the annual lifecycle?
  2. With something like 4132 WULF and all the "tackle harder" "get stuck in" instructions, how do you avoid routinely getting people sent off?
  3. I know that feeling.... A few ideas: 1. It might just be a slump. I wouldn't panic yet. 2. Consider trying your Poacher as an AF and see if he contributes more. 3. How new are the two centre backs and the CM-D? Sometimes I find the long shot thing comes from a this group not acting as a team in terms of closing down, which is mainly due to lack of playing time together. 4. Your keeper's stats for Reflexes, Anticipation and Agility are terrible. With those stats, I can definitely see occasions where a long shot is taken, he might be unsighted for a bit of it, but once he sees the ball he just doesn't have the reaction time or ability to get to it.
  4. Not necessarily. I've had some success playing with Hyde in the Vanarama North, utilizing a standard 442, and my TIs (Balanced mentality) are limited to "Play Wider" and "Counter". I see where you're going with trying to deal with getting overrun. In those cases, where the opposition is dominating possession and getting quality shots off from outside the box I'll modify TIs by: 1. Lower LOE 2. Increased Pressing 3. Lower DL (sometimes, if there's evidence they're finding space behind the defense) 4. Regroup (sometimes, especially if I've done the above but they're still finding space after a turnover because my players are too out of position) The idea here being that if they're going to dominate possession we'll let them have it, but once they get too close we'll press hard so as to disrupt them. Interestingly, if I've done the above and we're not doing anything with the ball when we get it, I'll switch the mentality to Positive (as opposed to Cautious). This will encourage more players forward when we do get the ball, increasing the chance we can actually do something with it. I found when I was switching to Cautious that it just became an endless series of: allow them to probe -> take ball away -> toss it up front to one of the strikers -> lose the ball -> allow them to probe, etc.... Also, replace the BWM with a CM-D. Part of the problem you're describing is because the BWM is routinely vacating the area from where they're taking their high-quality shots. The CM-D will gum up that area and force them to try other things. For what it's worth, here's my roles & duties, focused heavily on creating "pairs" of players all over the pitch: DLF-S AF-A IW-A CM-D CM-S W-S FB-S CD-D CD-D FB-A GK-D We mostly attack via the flanks (though the DLF and two CMs can create a nice Triangle of Doom that can end up freeing someone up for a good shot if the opposition defense gets frustrated and out of position). On the left the IW will drive into the space the DLF has vacated for either his own shot or one for the AF. If he loses the ball, I've got the DLF, CM-D and FB-S to clean up. On the right the W & FB work to get their opposing counterparts out of position and then get in some sort of cross for either of the strikers (or even the IW, unmarked at the back post!) to put away. In defense it all sort of collapses into two solid banks of four with the DLF providing some harrying in midfield. It might not work in the EPL, but it's been decent in LL so far. Hope that helps!
  5. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/364344-FM14-Difference-between-Regista-and-Deep-Lying-Playmaker?p=9096579&viewfull=1#post9096579
  6. Oh sure, release this while those of us in the U.S. are still at work. Jerks.
  7. Looks great, and I like the additions, especially having more control over training without having to go into the excruciating detail found in Full Fat. "Dodgy Lasange" is fine, but not my cup of tea. I'd prefer 100% realism, tbh. My two main requests remain: 1. Ability to use "Instant Result" at any point in a match, such as when I'm winning 5-0. 2. During game setup, having the ability (via a wizard is fine) to add custom players to the db. To define a use case: I'd like to add my sons to the game. I'd like the wizard to ask me their names & birthdates and desired ages upon game start, to ask what potential I want to give them (i.e. world-class), and if I want to customize any attributes, positions, etc... or if I want those randomized. And of course personal affinities (I am their father, after all). I'd pay $20 for this as an unlockable, easy. But good stuff, looking forward to it SI!
  8. This is my tried-and-true formation. My latest iteration is: AF-A DLF-S DLP-D CM-A AP-S DM-D FB-A CD-D CD-D FB-S I keep it on fluid and use Counter, Standard and Attacking depending on the opposition. I started out with CM-D and CM-S on either side of the CM-A, but felt they had too little "direction" if that makes sense, so gave them (and only them) some specialized roles. I use a DM-D because I want someone who's going to hold his position in that space just in front of the center backs, which is so crucial to stopping dangerous situations. I use FBs instead of WBs mainly because good WBs are hard to find at the lower levels (where I'm playing). The FB-A is on the left as the DLP-D does a good job covering for him when he goes forward. On the right side, the triangle of support roles does a good job patiently building up play. Getting the CM-A to score, to me, is less about instructions and more about the player himself. I've had good success with using a bigger, tougher guy in this role, as the speedy, smaller guys I've put into the role, who you would think would succeed by dribbling quickly into the danger zone, just get knocked off the ball. When my tough CM-A pushes up into the final third, the mayhem he causes definitely creates a lot of open looks. Plus, with decent heading he puts a good few crosses away.
  9. I'd be interested in knowing how one can tell, when playing defensively, if your team's lack of goals is due to just playing defensively, or is due to the attackers not playing well, or even the attacking part of the system not working. Playing defensive is no good if you keep going 0-0.
  10. Looking at that fixture list I'd suspect one of the reasons for the poor run of form is exhaustion, especially if you're not able to rotate the squad enough.
  11. Here's an answer I gave previously with which most seemed to agree: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/32160-Stupid-Questions-Thread-(Tactic-and-Training-Questions-Only)?p=9234693&viewfull=1#post9234693
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