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  1. Give us a look at Matas @jmarchandand Menendez, have you always had him I dont remember? I couldn't decide what to do for 3-4 days after completion, but after you saying you went back, I've went back for some more fun in Bulgaria, got a plan now long term to get the Bulgarian national job and try and use Pleven to build up some talents. That said, whilst I want to focus on youth, I have just spent a ridiculous amount of money this summer, just going to live out a fantasy as I was quite shrewd for most of the save, but I'm just going to act the big daddy now, I sold a t
  2. Not too bad at all @Biscotti! Could this be form which has his team on course for promotion!?
  3. Thank you mate! What did u get up to after completion? U still playing? Ive been at a loss with what to do now im done! feel like i dont want to quit the save now im at the top of the tree, should try and build a dynasty! Also fancy now im like a big manager in the game taking on some giants in other leagues! Also toying with idea of the youth save altho i dunno if i have the patience for that!
  4. Hard luck @Biscottithat was a tight finish to the league. A lot of big teams in there with u so thats a good season. That keeper for 15...he’s gna be good! i like the centre half too, maybe not a la liga centre half when u get back there, but as u say solid squad player!
  5. Spartak Pleven Season Review 2038-2039 (Challenge Completed!) Competitions As you can see, I won every competition I entered, and completed the challenge! Had a great group stage in Champions League, but scraped through the knockout rounds, winning 2 ties on away goals! Conceded in the final after 20 seconds, but fought back to win it late on! The team who achieved this feat... Romic Diks Novakovic Sova Pahontu Cortes Hajradonovic Vlcek Almasky Manea Augusto Whilst he didnt play in the final due to injury, no season
  6. Yip, here we go. Lose my best player in build up to CL final. This happened last year too, lost my first choice GK., RB and CM before the final last year. Now I lose this guy. F this game sometimes. to be fair, its my fault, I let him play a bounce match 3 weeks before the biggest game of the save!
  7. I am in my 2nd champions league final in a row, vs man city, will try and play it tonight. This is my fourth european final, lost the previous 3, hoping for a completion tonight but if last season is anything to go by i am about to lose 3-4 key starters in the weeks leading up to game!
  8. @Siepe1990well done on your promotion, some nice players there and a ridiculous season from your 2 forwards! Good luck for serie b!! @Thebakerwell done on your promotion also! Diawara still averaged over a 7 but yeh i think we are used to him scoring more than 14! Hes been a great player for you though! Good luck for next season!
  9. look as the state of this guy from San Marino! Not interested in coming to me, but i wanted him just for fhe novelty of him being sanmarinese. and he's rather good at football! edit: (thanks @Biscotti )
  10. Ray Farningham! Your HoYD scored the first ever goal i saw at a live match, playing for Partick Thistle in 1992! Legend!
  11. Spartak Pleven Season Review 2037-2038 Competitions A wee bit late uploading this, as you may remember I was in champions league final about a week ago just havent got round to posting this. Lost in the final to Liverpool, after a great run to the final. Disappointed, had a lot of injuries in 2-3 weeks before final, honestly feel I could have won the match if I'd had everyone fit. But we go again next year! And the final was my 800th match in charge! My performance in the domestic league was ridiculous, played 31, won 29, lost 2, with a goal difference of over 100, t
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