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  1. I can't help but think a completion for me is near impossible, when the board insist on accepting bids of £7m for players like this...he is worth so much more than that, if i were playing as a European giant I'd pay £40m for him, but cos im in a minnow nation the board feel obliged to just accept any multi million bid. He had no release clause, plenty years on his deal, wasnt even on that much money. And our bank balance was incredibly healthy...he is out and out my best player...or was! I paid £6m for him, so I get to make a whole £1m profit! what's the point!!?
  2. @Britrockgreat season, sure you will break up the big teams before long! That centre back looks the part and will only get better with age, and Acampa too looks quality. The tv deal/prize money is similar to Bulgaria from sounds of it - i get i think its about £100k a year tv, with no prize money. Im totally reliant on selling my top players and European prize money to keep things ticking along. Only 3 european slots for Greece i would have thought theyd get more. I’d recommend Lollujo’s series on youtube the greek oddysey thats a good road to glory set in Greece i always wanted to d
  3. SO Croatia must be top 6 in your save @jmarchand? THat is quite surprising, in my save Croatian prem is 16th in co-efficient! Bulgaria is 24th so I have no chance!! I just qualified for the CL group stages after missing out last year, wish I hadn't bothered...
  4. Yes @jmarchandi knew it was only a matter of time! Superb!! and hopefully @SolnaRoyalcan make it a double whammy with more silverware 😀
  5. Yeh must be that there is something buried in code of game, the minute i have a decent player i get a bid from a milan club, its so predictable 😂
  6. Here we go with this crap again...does anyone follow Italian football? AC & Inter have combined to sign about 8 players from me, and they are jam packed full of Bulgarians, they both sign players from Levski/Ludogorests too, it's strange!
  7. that's great @SolnaRoyalyou have a better goal difference than all but 1 of the teams scored. Total domination. Looking forward to your first season up. That centre half - thats my ideal CB in FM. high marking tackling heading positioning, if I see that on the attributes, I'm offering you a contract!
  8. That’s strange, I remember the name from previous fm’s, 800 seater stadium, what happened there!? Should be an interesting save 👍
  9. Spartak Pleven Season Review 2029/30 Competition Summary - Club Info - Facilities - Finances - Bulgaria Profile - Manager Profile - Manager Attributes We are now the most reputable team in Bulgaria, after winning our 4th title in a row. Took us a while to overthrow Ludogorets, but we are now established as the biggest club in the country. Poorer season in Europe - didn't make Champions League Group Stage for first time in 3 years, finished 3rd in Europa, and knocked out of Euro Cup II in 2nd knockout round by Augsburg from Germany, who completely outplayed us in both legs. They made
  10. @Biscottii like your feature in update of putting Spain’s profile page up I may copy that on my own if you dont mind! Good season there, you’ll be in La Liga in a season or 2. The basque angle would be interesting twist on it all! @SolnaRoyalgood season, Entete looks dynamite, promotion within a year or 2 for you im sure!
  11. Yeh definitely, I don't know much about Bulgaria but I can imagine someone living in an established first world country would not want to go there. Can I ask everyone what they do with scouting? In this save I have always left mine up to the chief scout, but I'm not happy that I'm getting the best coverage? In older saves I used to do it myself and just assign to the usual suspects, I may go back to this, anyone any tips?
  12. Case in point - young South Korean player doesn't want to join because of standard of living in country! Never seen this before! Mainly as I've never played in a country like Bulgaria right enough...
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