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  1. Been away for a few years, but im a fm vet overall, played it over thousands of hours for 20+ years. Bought fm19, and have been absolutely scudded at every juncture! i take my usual painstaking hours to build my squad and backroom in preseason. Build a tactic which suits my best players. But still concede from like 2 corners a game, across several teams and saves now, despite training my part time teams in it every couple of weeks. Struggle to get many ***** at goal. Dont see a huge drop off in my quality of squad between my teams and the others around me, but keeo losing, and been relegated across a few saves now. i get the game, knew what i was doing on older versions, but im losing patience with this and not enjoying it! Please help! Been mainly lower leaguea in england and scotland
  2. Good thanks! Just playing a save with Maidenhead just now in Vanarama leagues, but may get back on this challenge! Im going to a wedding in bulgaria in the summer, may use the bulgarian league, as never had a save there 👍
  3. Hey guys! I was in this challenge in 2012, and completed it with ES Viry-Chatillon from France. great to see it still goin strong - good to see some familiar names too reading through it - rlipscombe iacovone and prdh all folks i remember from all those years back! Hope you’re all well!!
  4. Hey guys, good to see the thread up and running for another year. After completing it in 2012, i had a nightmare in 2013 and wouldnt last more than a season, n totally fell out of love with fm13, went back to my save from 2012 with es viry chatillon and im still playing it im 2040! Winning every trophy under the sun, i thought it being this easy would be boring, but i just love winning 5-0 every week its great. Got some good prospects in. Oh yes and for the front page, u need to get ilan roger in the star players for 2012, he was a star. And basically everyone of prdhs lusitamia acores team! I might get back involved this year, the new xbox coming out may limit my time right enough!
  5. dexter that is stunning, such a short space of time, to win the CL. What an achievement. I couldn't bare the give the save up after that, I'd want to go and build a domination of Europe, try and bring some kids through etc! Unbelievable mate.
  6. yeh thats what I meant!! unlucky champfan good luck bouncing back, I think you'll do it mate.
  7. well done dons anyone sniffing around spooner?
  8. what does all this "java update" on my computer mean, it comes up all the time? do i need it? if not, how do i get rid it is bloddy annoying!
  9. What do the numbers next to youth setup category mean
  10. I've taken over at Redditch, don't think anyone has chosen them so far? (Well from what I could tell of the list on the front page which seems up to date!) Here is clubs info. Tired, so will get into it tomorrow. Really looking forward to this!
  11. that is stupid! Esp when I see your ave attendance isn't yet 500, it's a bit early to spend that sort of cash on a new ground! What do the numbers next to youth setup category mean? haven't seen that before.
  12. does the english league also have this stupid maximum contract length of 2 years? i've already had a dip in fm13 in portugal and finland, and they were like this. can someone please explain why this is the case? or is it only with semi-pro clubs?
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