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  1. Apologies if there is a known bug with this, but is there a penalty bug with game? ive noticed it over a few seasons, but last season and this season ive been taking note of it, last year, i had 11 penalties, scored 3, missed 8. This year so far ive had 5, missed 4, scored 1!! added to this, i legitimately dont remember last time my keeper saved one. Andwhen i began noticing it last uear i put penalties into my training once a month, and its worse this hear! So in a season and a half, ive had 16 pens, and scored 4 of them! A lot of different takers, but all high attribu
  2. Well done @gb2003, some great personalities there for your highlighted players too. Decent finances too, good luck for the big league!
  3. Great opening post-the thing about a tournament feeling like one I totally agree with. The ideas suggested are great, some kind of feature profiling all the teams involved, star players etc, road to qualification. I am bad even in a league at paying no attention to what else is going on in my league on a week to week basis, this is despite Si doing a great job with the social media feed and weekly round up, I’ve started reading this a bit more to try and increase immersion. I did a lot of international management in fm 20, haven’t yet in fm21, but I don’t remember there being detai
  4. @Britrockgreat progress! Silverware, stadium, and getting to a european final again. The breakthrough in the league is coming soon i can sense it 👍 i missed previous posts about paok, do they have a benefactor? How does a greek club have that money?
  5. yeh it's a frustration when you get stuck in a rut like that but you'll get the year where it all clicks!! keep at it daddio!
  6. Spartak Pleven Season Review 2033-34 Same old story, domestic treble (League, Bulgarian Cup and Bulgarian Super Cup), for 2nd year in a row I got out my champions league group, frustratingly giving up a 4-2 first leg win over AC MIlan in the first knockout round, to lose 4-1 away, and continue my dreadful record against the European big teams (although I did beat Dortmund twice in the groups!). Really hitting a brick wall in Champions League, I just cant hold onto my best players long enough to build a team to compete. My plan is to persist, and try and build the Bulgarian lea
  7. I get the frustration @Britrockbut 2 European finals you are on the right lines it'd be a shame to pack it in! Wee bit of a drop off this year but you obviously know what you're doing with the run you've had in the save so far!
  8. Well the appointment nearly a year ago of my Argentinian HoYD with a driven personality is bearing fruit on his first intake, few players here (and an actual non Bulgarian!) with real first team potential. Preview Full intake (i made a mess of the spoilers - the players are listed in this spoiler if u click down!)
  9. I've posted a few of these messages before folks, but I have a youth prospect, who is getting huge hype from my coaches, but I think he looks bang average...tell I'm wrong! So this is the prospect in question - great physicals, but quite average otherwise...They have him down as a pressing forward for me, maybe in my 1 striker system I'd never have a place for him. I'm giving him a reasonable amount of game time to see where we end up... To give you an idea, if he hit full potential, he'd be on par with this guy...I just don't see that happening!?
  10. Tremendous @jmarchandoutstanding achievement! What system do u play against the european elite? My squad is full of players whom i honestly would sign if i was in la liga or the premiership, but i cannot get near the bigger clubs. Man utd scudded me twice in groups this year, although i did qualify in 2nd, i will face ac milan in that, maybe play that tie tonight. That midfielder - Silny! He is incredible looking! are u gna keep playing on for a bit?
  11. Keep meaning to ask you guys, have you ever heard a "journo" ask a football manager "good win, will the players be getting a day off because of this?" What's with the concern over the players schedules? I have never heard this question asked once in 30 years of watching football! But every few weeks I get asked by the press, it's weird!!
  12. I agree. The recruitment overhaul has done the trick, my prediction is you are greek champions within 2 seasons 👍👍
  13. Well done @Thebakerdiawara what a season, especially if he started slow, have u got him signed up for longer?
  14. Yeh you are right, and whilst im doing well as a club, Bulgaria havent really budged in the rankings, still in the 70’s or so, i had maybe hoped with my scouting knowledge worldwide etc may have dug up a wee star from elsewhere but hasnt happened yet. But i often get rejected by players due to standard of living and infrastructure concerns, so i doubt the next messi is gna be a in a rush to move to Pleven!
  15. @Thebakeryeh you are right, we all just crave that “golden generation”, i never had 1 in fm 20 and havent had one in fm21 either! but yeh a 3 star player for me if hit full potential would be a quality starter, i just want the 4-5 star potentials!! 😂👍
  16. Welcome caasi! Ive been on holiday to cape verde, loved it! Be interesting to see your progress!
  17. Season Review Spartak Pleven 2033-34 Just a shorter update as not much to update! Manager Profile Strolled the league as usual, and finally got out my champions league group. However was completely pasted 6-0 on aggregate by Man Utd in 1st knockout round, so I needn't have bothered. Just so far off the top teams I feel. Finances are ridiculous - sold lots of players for fortunes, and signed loads for a lot of money - highlights being Marcelo Cortes, Juan Martinez, Sobrazo (injured all season didn't play 1 game though) , Arturzinho, Martin Vljeck, and last but not l
  18. nightmare @Britrockwe have all been there - when you're keen to sign a player, you agree to all sorts of contractual nonsense, then it comes to selling them for a ton of money and you end up giving half of it away!
  19. Bloody hell @SolnaRoyalwhat a run! 2 European trophies, and CL semi final, think you could be the first completion on this trajectory! We sound like a similar stage in saves, domestic stuff is quite easy - but I may have ruined my save as I got a bit impatient the other night and spent £70m, but i really dont think im better off for it, plus I got fed up with moaning of some players and just sold them and threw money at some players, that whilst they are quality, I probably didn't need them, just got bored and I could afford them. Also annoyingly, the board have added in sign high
  20. That ‘s a sickener @SolnaRoyalbut as @jmarchandsays thats still a successful season!
  21. @Britrockwhat an achievement hitting European final at first attempt! may be a blessing in disguise that you have a year off then of Europe, have another proper crack at the league? that paok striker is a cheat code u need a european giant to come and take him!
  22. Congrats on the promotion @Biscottiand i wouldnt worry about not winning league, getting up is the main thing! hopefully la liga tv money sees you good and u can get lazaro tied up as he looks quality! looking forward to seeing how u get on
  23. Look at the absolute state of this, £6.75m from Estudiantes, surely he's going to be a world superstar?
  24. Yeh my facilities and youth coaching/recruitment are all fully maxed out, need to spend the cash on something!
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