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  1. Curtis Jones changed from 3 star to potential 4 star in the beta to 4 star potential 5 star for me but have seen that this might not be the case for all and maybe I got lucky.
  2. I get rid of everyone anyway and bring my own in as per usual. Had some people retire or become managers so I've only had to replace a few. But yep, we have so many scouts that it's quite annoying at the beginning and quite a few have bad stats for scouting.
  3. The schedule towards the end of the second season is really annoying...much like ours in real life... In April, games on: 3, 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 26, 28 (CL semi) In May, games on: 1, 4 (CL semi), 6, 9, 12, 16, 22 (FA final) Luckily, I'm 8 points clear of City with two games in hand and 7 games remaining for me, but 5 for them. But I'm playing Arsenal and Spurs within 3 days... Got to hope for the best.
  4. Haha, I got rumours of a "potential takeover" talks towards start of season 2, but it got quashed...who knows though. Not heard anything about it for a while
  5. I got Regulion on a free, but he's on £75k. He is worth £35m for me currently, after 5 games into season 2. So not bad if you wanted to get him to sell him on after, considering he is only 23. I signed Max Aarons in first season (for £56m though) for RB cover. But Hoever is rated very highly for me at the moment and he will get his chances too.
  6. I got him for £7.5m at end of first season. Loaned him out as I am overflowing with wingers at the moment. I'm keeping Wilson when he came back after first season - he got a fair few goals for Bournemouth and helped them finish top 4! But have loaned out all of the others as I've bought so many players and Brewster didn't really perform well in the first season for me when he was given the chance - he scored a couple but hasn't developed as much as I'd hoped he would have. Have also loaned out Elliot for him to get more minutes.
  7. That's a great return from Bobby though...he plays well for me but assists/goals are few. Hopefully that'll change this time round. In the middle of pre-season friendlies.
  8. Starting new save for new db and patch etc... Have I just been really unlucky or what...all the youngsters only have 3.5 * potential - in the beta save, they were rated highly...with 4* and potentially 5* for Brewster and Elliot, others were max 4* or is that just the initial impression of the youngsters and it'll change?
  9. Ah right I see - those three have been my main three - Gini has hardly played for me since he hasn't performed much in the cup games and coz the other two are playing so well. Yeah he was getting around 6.8/10 for me too. But anyway, this was all in the beta. Need to see how it performs in full release. Not gonna buy Aouar for £60m and gonna focus on trying to get spare LB and RB - thinking Max Aarons of Norwich for RB, young and English and in my beta save, he became a wonderkid (not sure if he starts as one) but probably be expensive.
  10. I've been playing Hendo and Keita both as box to box midfielders and Fabinho sitting behind them. So not as similar to real life like you're playing. Currently 22/12/19: Fab: 23 apps - 2 goals + 7 assists Hendo: 22 apps - 10 goals + 3 assists Keita: 18(3) - 6 goals + 2 assists Oh damn, didn't realise FM was out today, thought it was end of the month for some reason...Had gotten to start of Jan 2020 and the team was doing really good so hopefully that continues in the new save. Will continue to monitor players. Not had a chance to look at the stat changes as of yet.
  11. Right I see, thanks for the response. Quick unrelated question to this topic - Alisson starts injured but he got injured during the first game of the season so technically he shouldn't have been injured at the start of the game? Earliest start being in June 2019, Shouldn't only injuries to the people who were injured at the end of last season, like Ruben Loftus-Cheek for example, be carried into the game? Not sure if you're the right person to ask this to but just thought I'd mention.
  12. Hi, I've had issues with getting him to perform. Currently mid-December first season: Salah: 16 apps, 4 goals, 5 assists Mane: 20 apps, 11 goals, 1 assist Bobby: 20 apps, 4 goals, 2 assists While Salah's might seem decent (9 goal contributions in 16 games), most of it has just been the recent games. He didn't get a goal until 19th October and had 3 assists at that time before he scored (including one in the game that he scored). Henderson however, has been amazing for me - 9 goals + 3 assists and probably 8 of those goals have been outside the box 25+ yarder screamers. One thing that annoys me though (which you probably don't have control over) is how TAA is not a wonderkid at the start of the game or gets that label before he turns 21. But that's a minor thing considering we know how good he is and can be. Shouldn't Gini have more stamina? It's on 14 but should be higher I think considering how much running around he does for Liverpool. I think 16 would make more sense (16 would put him on par with Milner in my current save but Milner starts on 17 and Hendo has 18)
  13. I used a lot of the younger players. Also the players that I bought, majority of them were available for selection. Makes the start of the season a bit annoying as most of the starters come back a couple days before start of the season. Didn't have any friendly arranged for that close to the start of the season, so that's maybe something that will help them get back to fitness.
  14. Hmm I am tempted to start again, currently I have finished s1 and started s2 by like 2 games in the league. But I want to have a save with Mane and Salah playing well for me so will probably start again and tinker with the tactics, but will keep a copy of this current save.
  15. Amadou Diawara from Napoli (his club at the start of the game) looks great but may cost a lot. They're not willing to sell him on my save but he looks great
  16. That's what was happening to me in previous FM's, but this one seems to be better in that sense for me.
  17. So, finished 3rd in my first season - was top for a while but then I had so many draws and was always 1-2 points ahead or behind Utd/Arsenal but then Utd pulled ahead and won by two points. Unfortunate but that's how it goes sometimes. Ended up winning the Europa and League Cup so that's something. 21 wins, 15 draws (!) and 2 losses - had the best defence in the league and Mignolet won golden glove as we conceded the least throughout the season. If I'd have won in about 2-3 of those draws, I would have won the league! I was only three points behind. Dolberg was my best player by far, most goals (22) and assists (16), with Mane, Fekir and Couts on 9 goals a piece, although most of Fekir's were from penalties. Managed to get more out of Mane by using him as a winger and switching between support and attack. Harry Wilson was the star of the second half of my season - 8 goals and 7 assists for him and he kept Coutinho and Salah out of the team with his solid and consistent performances. Unsure how I am going to tinker with the squad as there's some inconsistent players and also with Keita coming in, I was thinking about switching to a 433 and also thinking of having a BWM to wreck everyone with.
  18. Ah lucky! I came third in my group of Bayern, Athletico and Salzburg.
  19. I've done that at times in previous saves
  20. Nice squad you have there! Thanks, will do some tinkering.
  21. Will give it a try - cheers. Bit of both really, missing chances but mostly missing in action in general.
  22. Team instructions depends on who I'm playing - either standard or control, sometimes counter. Mainly changing between flexible/fluid shape and only some players with personal instructions. I've been tinkering with the team instructions too - can't remember what but will keep playing around with it. Appreciate the help! I tried one of IFs on support, or whenever Couts plays there he is on support. I've shuffled the MCs about - one on BWM now and the other DLP (D), and it's okay so far, in the one to two games I've played with it - not a large sample size but hey, any improvements are welcome lol. Interestingly, the other players are all averaging 7+ but the wingers are below that, above 6.5 though. Salah only has 1 goal and Mane has like 2 or something and I'm approaching December '17. But even up top, not that many goals. Doesn't help that I don't have a lot of goals in total - Dolberg and Fekir are both on 6 a piece, with 4 of Fekir's from penalties - seems like I need to tinker around more really. I'm still in the top 4, 2 points off the top I think.
  23. I play both as IF (A) too. So it's: striker role of striker depends on who it is - so F9 for Firmino or Fekir/ CF (A or S) for Dolberg, AF for Solanke and P for Sturridge) IF (A) AP (s) IF (A) DLP (D/S) DLP (D/S) defending or support role depending on game and who is playing in the roles FB (S) LCB BPC FB (S) GK Just seems as though they don't run with the ball or make any proper runs for some reason. I'll tinker about with the player instructions again and hopefully get it working as I like. Funnily enough though, I'm sitting top of the league, 1 point ahead, with 9 games gone.
  24. Just can't seem to get Salah, Mane or Ox to play well for me at all unfortunately. Might just have to try only playing Salah or Mane one at a time on whichever wing. Play a 4231. May end up selling them at the end of the season if it continues this way.
  25. That's a lot of good money received from sold players! How'd you guys stop Sturridge from getting injured all the time? He got fit from the injury he starts with in the game and during an u23 game, he gets injured and is out for a couple of weeks again.
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