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  1. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    No good youth intake for me in 1st season So I just poached like two players from Spurs, who hopefully will turn out good
  2. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    That's a really good sale I think, quite a lot for him - though my view may be skewed by the fact that I normally immediately sell him before 2nd season starts for around £20m!
  3. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    Also thinking of starting again. Want to play more games to the younger players but like you said, need to get to the cup finals to give them some game time. But only going to sign a few players and see how it goes. Think I'll sell Ings so that Woodburn is able to get some game time. Still going to be signing some other younger players.
  4. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    He made a couple of mistakes for me in some big games, but my rocks were Sakho and Lovren. First game of 2nd season, 4-4 with Stoke...I was 2-0 up and then 4-2 up...sigh. Still have £193m to spend. Bought players for £150m but sold for £219m, including Firmino for £76m and Can for £70m, both to City. My biggest signing was £40m for Andre Horta. Ryan Kent has potential to be a key player for my team...surprising but I've kept him. Have realised that Ojo hasn't developed as well as I'd of liked as I didn't really play him unfortunately, and due to some injuries.
  5. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    Right, so finished first season - kind of disappointing as I finished 5th with Origi top scorer in league with 25 goals. Way too many draws and shock losses. Inconsistencies. Couts and Firmino said they'd stay without champs league as we only lost out due to goal difference. It was only towards the last two to three months that it started going downwards. Not sure where the goals would come from if Origi wasn't playing well half the time, so will need to change that up - although more goals from midfield towards the end of the season. With loads more games due to Europa, I'll need a bigger squad - have already got Munian (£5m) and Pulisic (£8m) on cheap deals and got Parades (£22m)and Sanson (£7m) coming in and also got Lincoln and Guidetti. Will be looking to sell Sturridge and Matip and Klavan and get another defender and use one of the youngsters, like Sarr. But with more games, will have to see how it goes really and depending on whether teams will come in for some of my players who will want to leave for champs league etc. Here's hoping for a better season!
  6. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    I've found some offers in previous saves to be pretty good or what I deem acceptable. E.g. Can for either £70 or £90m in one save. Suppose it'd be more if they're bidding and you're not offering out?
  7. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    Klopp has taken over at Chelsea in my game, after Conte got sacked in March '17 since they're mid table.
  8. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    So, Emre wants to join City (Dec '16) coz they can offer him better wages - so I can get him to say in the conversation that £76,000 is what he can do and then during the negotiation, he demands so much more!! Seems as though he goes higher if I get rid of the minimum fee.
  9. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    Wow he looks incredible for 16! Why do I never get players like this lol
  10. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    Hello mate, long time , glad to see you back. I had started my new save and after a so-so start, 2 draws, a 0-0 and a 2-2 comeback against City, I beat Spurs 4-1, Origi having a crazy 11 mins where he scored 4 in the first half. Hopefully that kicks off my save! On the back of that, he's my no1 striker.
  11. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    When did it kick in?
  12. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    Considering starting again using two strikers upfront and playing youth more. Season 2, I sold most of the team and things just don't feel right and I don't seem to be enjoying it as much. Will enable transfers in first window this time though I think.
  13. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    Finished first season - 4th and Spurs won it. Looking forward to building for the second season - got Carrasco joining for £23m on £100k per week. Going to be selling Lallana, Firminho and some others. Those who haven't performed for me.
  14. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    I normally change most of the staff. I kept the under 18s manager though, and under 23s one (can't remember) but kept some scouts and the GK coach and assistant, although don't think I'd use him for second season.
  15. FM17: Liverpool FC - Heavy Metal Football

    Yeah, exactly. Tempted to sell Lallana and Firminho and keep Coutinho at the end of the season... Spurs are like that on my save, just beating everyone - although I managed to draw 2-2 with them recently, although we should have won!