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  1. I have AMD and its the same, Has been for years unfortunately and i had Nvidia before the AMD
  2. Gents, something to try which certainly helped me, i have installed iobit advanced systemcare (free version) i then go to speed up section and turn work mode to on releasing RAM and shutting off 43 programs. I also used smart game booster booting into gaming mode. Made mine much better, still the odd lag but more than playable. Worth a try perhaps?
  3. Same for me mate, i find it very strange this was not replicated in house. Same every year, loads of guys with the issue yet SI have no idea.
  4. Same every year unfortunately, someone outside of SI will eventually find a fix, usually a couple of months after release. I have had it every year even with different graphics cards, last years fix wont work this year is kinda how it goes. 1st year since the 1st champ manager came out I didn’t buy the game, demo is all laggy so not going to bother.
  5. Gents, Every year the same, many post about 3D lags/ stuttering on many different machines. Usually someone finally comes up with a fix. I waited this year and played the demo, Lagging for me too. As i say it happens every year and cannot believe over this time that the machines used by SI have never reproduced this.
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