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  1. I have had it since launch, i have a 5700xt card, no help from opening ticket as they have no idea. Unplayable for me. 3 years now, last two eventually got sorted and had a different card before.
  2. I have just been told they are working on it after exhausting all avenues it seems.
  3. Would be interested in this also, would like to lower the behind the goal view. You could get it much lower in an earlier edition, 2018 perhaps.
  4. Hi, im looking to move the scorer graphic that comes up after a goal from the bottom of the screen to the top as it interferes with replays from the behind goal camera. Can you guys help please? thanks
  5. Hi, As mentioned above i have messed about and still had some which was still annoying me. i have now turned my display to run at a refresh rate of 144hz in advanced system settings and its good now, only time it jumps is when a substitute flash comes up. At 60hz its horrendous.
  6. Had the same past 3 years with my GTX960 card, last year there was a fix after a few months, a setting change within Nvidia sorted it. This year I decided to buy a 5700xt. Bought FM and found it still stuttering. Really annoying, after messing with my settings i have it almost there, some light stuttering now and then. I turned on AMD Freesync and also Radeon Chill, minimum 100hz, maximum 300hz. Its much better but still dissatisfied that this is still an issue.
  7. It certainly does on the behind goal view, would like to move it.
  8. Same lag for me even after latest patch, I7 with Radeon 5700xt. 1st game smooth and second always stuttering. unplayable. waiting on Sega now as they asked me to wait until after patch was released.
  9. I have had it 3 years, was fixed after sometime 1st two years when i had a nvidia card. I now have a radeon 5700xt and it still lags. Needs sorted.
  10. Hopefully fix the 3d match stuttering, unplayable for me right now.
  11. Hi, changing to 60 makes mine worse, i put in AMD chill and set minimum to 120hz and max to 300. 1st 3 matches ran perfectly and then it came back. Exited game, reloaded, 1st two fine then stuttering again. Chsnged nothing so really strange.
  12. Hi, Has anyone sorted the lag on their machines? I replaced my gtx960 with a Radeon 5700xt and its lags on this also. Even on medium settings which looks terrible anyway. I have been in discussions with Sega but getting nowhere so was wondering if anyone had sorted it. thanks
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