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  1. Hi, i have been trying to edit the subs to 12, i have changed it in all the English leagues but only the Premier seems to be working. The rules in game for leagues below have stayed as 5 from 9, 5 from 7 in the lesgues below. I verified everything but still no joy. Any ideas? thanks
  2. Just wanted to post that i again have the stuttering issue with the match engine, i have attached my dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  3. Same every year, im pissed i never checked the forum before buying, i have the lag on my machine. Sorted it last year after a while with v-sync setting but same thing not working this year.
  4. Managed to sort it, you need to change it under, league selected, then stages and league settings.
  5. Hi, I managed to get to advanced rules, checked the substitution rules for division level and changed it to 3 from 12, however it still is 3 from 7 when I start game. is there anything else I am missing? thanks
  6. Hi, Does anyone know how to change the English subs from 7 to 12? cheers
  7. Hi All, Thanks for all your reply's, I finally gave in and bought the game. It is so much smoother than last year and I am very happy. Was worried about the lag on Nvidia cards but all good. Cheers
  8. Hi, I'm glad it is for you, Not sure of your setup but FM2018 ran like a pig on my machine, All I am saying is there are reports of the same already.
  9. I have not bought the game on release day for the 1st time in many years, This was due to the lag in the match engine on high end Nvidia cards on FM2018, This took almost a year to improve and for some it never did. I waited this year to see if any bugs were reported and I am gutted to see numerous stuttering/ Lag issues being reported again. Shocking that this is the case. Why was this not dealt with?????
  10. Although i have not played much due to the nvidia lagging issue i am disappointed with the cameras, i used close before which has since gone, i now use director but its not as good. For replays i used behind goal low, now behind goal, when u zoom in u dont see the ball go into the net as the camera is so far behind and the camera is far too high even in the lowest setting. Not sure why these were removed but definitely dissapointed with the new setup. I want things added, not removed!!
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