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  1. Thanks for replying. This is not a big deal of course, but thanks for helping anyway.
  2. Is there a column that I can add in the squad screen that shows player traits?
  3. Spot on. Fast possession is what I want, and what I believe my players do best as a unit. We do create a lot of clear cut chances, but my target man (DLF) misses most of them. Now he is unhappy because we are underachieving. Oh the irony. I have no arrows for the two in the middle. The CMd is obvious, but I expect my APs to roam, as he should have plenty of space. Maybe I need to adjust this with a PI. Thanks for your input, I will try to analyze and see if PFs works out better. I actually tried to use my advanced forward in the AFa role for a couple of games, but as you mention he was totally isolated. I liked the WBs idea on the left side, and I will definitely check out if that works better. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for your input. The funny thing is that we hardly concede any goals. But we are scoring too few, resulting in a lot of draws - even though we dominate and create lots of chances. That is why I was most concerned about the front two roles. I also thought a AMa/ DLFs would support the IWa, but when paying more attention to the game, I can see that you are absolutely right. He has too little space and he is often isolated. It does help putting him on support, but then I do not achieve what I want, as he should be one who actually score the goals. I think it is time for me to go back to the drawing board.
  5. Thanks a lot! I have tried DLF/F9(s) combined with AM/SS(a), but I felt changes were needed when my opponents started to drop deeper. Either way it is nice to hear that I'm not completely lost. The PI's you mention might do the trick. I haven't payed enough attention to PI's lately, so I will try it out and see how it goes. Thanks again!
  6. Here is my tactic. The arrows indicate the movement I want. - Positive - Shorter passing - Higher tempo - Be more expressive - Distribute to full backs - Distribute quickly - All other TI's are default - No PI's My question is simply which roles should be used for the FC and AC? - Could DLFs/ SSa be an alternative if I had the right players? - If the FC was an AFa, would the arrows have pointed to the left and right, meaning that the FC will drift out wide? - Any other major issues to be seen? Team strengths Passing, descision, pace, technical. Wingers/ Wingbacks are pretty good crossers. Biggest issues (apart from my terrible english) 1) when opponents are parking the bus, the central attacking players seem to occupy the same space 2) my target man keeps heading straight at the goalkeeper or over the goal when receiving nice crosses (he might be the whole problem?) 3) no money FC options 1. a Target man. Quick, strong and good heading/ jumping. Trait: plays with back to goal (suited role: TMs) 2. an advanced forward (quick and technical) AC options 1. a good finisher (suited roles: AMs, APs, SSa) 2. a not-so-good finisher, but a technical talent. Trait: likes to knock ball past opponent (suited roles: AMs, APs) I am not Arsenal by the way. I play on turkish third level. I have read a lot of posts on this forum, but I just cannot find the right combination. I don't care if I fail, it just bothers me that I don't understand the offensive roles combined with this simple tactic.
  7. FC Rukh Brest in Belarus, with the typical Soviet-era buildings in the background.
  8. An excellent guide that makes it easy to understand the combination of roles, and how important they are. Thank you.
  9. In my defence, this is just a result of all the complaining in here. Several comments in this thread are simply not fair.
  10. It would take decades to build up the competence SI have, to develop a manager game like FM. Instead of being disrespectful against SI, I would rather have focused on what we would have done without SI's FM or any football manager games at all. In my case, it would have meant a life without meaning A couple of FM-bugs is not synonymous with a global collapse. Play FM19 if you are not happy with FM20. If you are angry because you spent money on something you did not like, you should learn from it next time you consider buying a computer game so close to release-date. Be patient, and be constructive - it really helps. I enjoy FMT20, and I am very grateful for all the versions SI have released.
  11. Impatience is usually the reason when I am on a losing streak in chess and in FM. Perfectionism and impatience are a terrible combination. In my case it often leads to aggression. I should start meditating instead of playing chess and FM, but I will rather start my therapy by bookmarking this page. Thanks.
  12. Have a look in the "Tactics, Training & Strategies Discussion" forum. There is a sticky on top which you might find interesting. I play FM Touch by the way. Training is less complicated there.
  13. https://community.sigames.com/topic/495648-football-manager-2020-touch-pre-release-beta-official-feedback-thread/
  14. FM19: As a lurker here, I would like to suggest sporadicsmiles' "Tactical frameworks and squad building". It is well written and easy to understand. Text and images are systematic and logical.
  15. I am very happy with FM19. After reading a bit on this forum, blocked crosses have been drastically reduced in my matches - even though the wing players are one of my attacking threats. I finally understood that the key is to balance mentality and roles. I create space by making small changes based on how the opponent plays. I'm not saying this is the answer to success for everyone, but at least FM19 has proven to me that it is possible to avoid constant blocked crosses.
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