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  1. I am very happy with FM19. After reading a bit on this forum, blocked crosses have been drastically reduced in my matches - even though the wing players are one of my attacking threats. I finally understood that the key is to balance mentality and roles. I create space by making small changes based on how the opponent plays. I'm not saying this is the answer to success for everyone, but at least FM19 has proven to me that it is possible to avoid constant blocked crosses.
  2. I am pretty sure this has been discussed before, but I cannot find any threads. For those who are concerned with detailed pre-match analysis: When analysing your next opponent, what do you look for, and how do you find it? I ask because I have just been promoted, and I realise that I should analyse the opponents to a greater extent than before. Until now I have focused on the opponents pressing urgency and their defensive line, but I have only used the heat-map analysis in previous matches to get an insight (I am not even sure if this gives me anything). It would also be interesting to know if the opponent tend to pass long or short, but this is perhaps included in the scout report? (e.g. Mentality is cautious = you would expect short passes and slow tempo). Or does the AI adapt more often than I think, and thus change tactics frequently?
  3. FM Touch Be able to see team training history during the season. It could for example be shown by percent or by a pie-chart. Reason: If you don't play the game for a few weeks, then it is hopeless to remember what team training schedules you've previously set up during the season. My workaround is to write it down manually.
  4. I'm in the same situation as you, and I'm enjoying FM Touch 19 almost the same way as I did with CM when I was 11 (except that I can't stand losing nowadays, but that is not FMT's fault). I like to dig into tactical details and analysis, and fortunately one can do this in FMT as well. The training schedules are limited, but it is sufficient to make me I feel I make a difference in the game. And to your comment about FMT players = Fifa fans; I look at myself as a die-hard FM-fan, I am not a gamer and have never played Fifa. I still enjoy FMT very much.
  5. Thank you very much, I will definitely try this! I just hope you don't need to create the same Squad View every time you export? I am not in front of my computer, but I seem to recall that we can save these views in FM, and switch between them while playing?
  6. For a start, I highly recommend reading this post: https://community.sigames.com/topic/466116-the-mentality-masterplan-and-some-fm-basics-revisited/ I am no expert in this game, but there may be several reasons why you suddenly start losing after a good start: - your opponents have adjusted their tactics to adapt to your playing style - drop in player's morale - players feel pressure There is also plenty of useful information in the "Tactics & Training" forum. If you need help with your tactics, the experts there will probably need more details about your own setup.
  7. I just discovered that I was on a very old version. I had to un-check the "public-beta" to get the 19.2.3 version. If activate the public-beta again, I go back to 19.2.1. Does this mean that the public beta is not available on FMT?
  8. I wonder about the same thing. FMT19 is set to "public-beta" on my Steam client (PC/ Win 10), but the game says I am running 19.2.1-1175785 (m.e v1922). Is this a technical issue I can get help with somewhere in the forums, or is it supposed to be like this on the touch version?
  9. You cannot transfer, the Steam version is for PC and Mac only. You will have to buy the game from the App Store if you want to play it on your iPad. Unfortunately I have no idea which FM-versions are available on App Store.
  10. Thanks again for taking your time to comment. Some of the questions I know should have been in the stupid questions thread. Anyway, now I have have the knowledge I need to conquer the FM19-world! Having said that, when managing a useless team in the lower league, it is not easy to implement a playing style based on players strengths and weaknesses. All quality I have is a striker who cannot do anything but running fast, but I will find a way to use him based on the information you provided above.
  11. Yes, I am mixing the TI's as I just switched from FM17 to FM19. I meant counter-press and distribute to flanks. I may have misunderstood the counter-press TI. I guess you would use regroup instead of counter-press to invite the opposition to your own half, and quickly hit them on the counter? Thanks.
  12. Thank you @Experienced Defender, it is much appreciated. And yes, I forgot my DM/ anchor man in the lineup (I blame the beer). I was planning to play with cautions mentality, and with TI's counter press, direct passing, clear to flanks and hit early/low crosses, as my simple plan was to quickly play the ball to my wingers, and let them hit low crosses to my quick poacher, who could end up one-on-one against the opposition GK (if their defense is high up the field). But your set-up makes more sense, as the IWsu, CMat and PFat will "link together", and the Wsu and FBsu will create some space for them. Maybe I should just stick with shorter passing and only change the mentality against much better oppositions. I read Cleon's "the art of counter attacking", and he did not use any TIs'/ PI's on FM15/ 16. I guess FM19 is different though. Anyway, thanks again for the advice (and training).
  13. Excuse my English. I always start a save being unemployed without any experience. I read a lot about FM-tactics, but I never download or set up a tactic based on others success. Now I've got a lower league job, and the tactic below are actually working with my team: DLF(s) W(s) CM(a) CM(s) IW(a) FB(d) CB(d) CB(d) FB(s) GK Mentality: Balanced In posession: Shorter passing Play out of defense Low crosses In transition: Counter-press Hold shape Out of possession: Standard or lower defensive line Standard or lower LOE What I want to achieve: possession based football, create width in the oppositions half and exploit the space created by FB(s) and W(s). Here is the question(s): I do not have much time for experimenting, and as mentioned, I always start as unemployed, which means I do not have any pre-season in the beginning. Now, the above tactic somehow works for my rubbish team. I am now into a month facing better oppositions, and I'm thinking of playing more direct football, using counter attacks. I am using the 4-1-4-1 flat formation above, as I do not have any players who can play AMR or AML (according to the pies). I also have no "target man" strikers in my squad, they are all quick and have good OFT attributes. What I want to achieve: Win the ball as soon as possible, play quickly to wingers or poacher who hopefully will be one-by-one with the opposition GK. Will the below formation leave the poacher all by himself, playing a flat 4-1-4-1, or does it makes sense to have an attacking poacher in a counter-attacking 4-1-4-1 system? I know I should just try the tactic myself, but I am wondering if it looks totally idiotic, or if someone has experience with the same tactics. P(a) W(s) DLP(s) CM(s) W(s) FB(d) CB(d) CB(d) FB(s) GK Thanks!
  14. I think I read somewhere that there is too little knowledge about clubs/ players at that level. More research are needed, and therefore the leagues are greyed out. I might be wrong though, but it makes sense.
  15. I believe many of those who have expressed themselves negatively in this thread wonder why the developers/ testers have not discovered the ME weaknesses before the release date. That must be fair. The feedback saying that SI might not have tested well enough before full release, is in itself constructive criticism, and something they should look into. Instead of threatening to lock the thread, SI should appreciate the non-technical feedback, asking themselves what they could do better, and what they can do to improve the process before they release the next full version. To me it seems that SI and a lot of users are having different expectations on how the first version of the released game should behave, and what kind of issues that are accepted or not. This is something SI should take seriously. Peace and love.
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