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  1. Exactly, which is why I suggested entering the youth teams instead of the reserves, it would be more realistic as Liverpool, Everton etc. would use the youth teams for theses competitions.
  2. Hi guys, great work you are doing here. I used this mod extensively for FM2010 and will be using it again for 2011. I have a small suggestion. When the big clubs are entered into the smaller, lesser known competitions ( Liverpool & Everton in the Liverpool senior cup for instance ) would it be possible to have the under 18s sides of those clubs entered instead as these would be the sides used in real life anyway. In FM2010 the full reserve teams of those clubs were used and of course won the competitions every year, which wouldn't have been so bad except for as Southport my board expected me to beat them every year for some reason and got miffed when I couldn't. Just a thought
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