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  1. So you resort to insulting the guys intelligence because you disagree with his viewpoint? i suggest that you take a good long look in the mirror. Also DD I do agree that you have been critical of a few things this year which is good to see as it means you are not completely one of the 'Si can do no wrong' crowd. You do however have a history of defending the game the moment someone says anything bad about it. just how long do you spend on these boards compared to playing the game anyway?
  2. I played half a season with the beta, was lying 3rd in the league and playing well but just didn't have any fun with it. This is by far the worst and most unintuitive FM yet. 18 matches in and I got to the point of just being bored to death by it so I uninstalled, refunded and am now having fun with my FM2016 save in my 38th season and will spend the money on an actual game that is fun to play. I didn't buy FM 2017 and I'm not buying this one. It's sad really, like watching an old friend die a slow and lingering death. Unless something radical changes in next years offering then FM is no longer an annual consideration for me.
  3. Worst FM or CM there has ever been IMO, which is sad because the dynamics are a good idea but the whole thing looks like it was thrown together in an afternoon as a proof of concept before any actual work starts on it.
  4. It isn't a falsehood. Time and time again the Ai can buy players for much less than the player & pay him less in wages. it has been like this for years now and the old excuses that Si throw around like 'the player may not like your team, the player may not want to move ( no problem moving to an Ai team for less money though ) just don't hold water. I mean, I get it. The must be something in there to balance human out of the box logic that can exploit a linear thinking Ai but this measure is way too transparent.
  5. FM has been like this for years. It's an Ai cheat to prevent the player from exploiting the system although Si will never admit that. I see it as treating a mild headache with a shot of morphine administered by a sledgehammer.
  6. This is why FM has lost it's fun factor. I want to play a football manager game without spending three quarters of my time massaging every players ego, because their isn't an actual man among them, just over entitled babies with over inflated opinions of themselves. In real life there are a few players like this but they are the exception rather than the rule, which is why we tend to be able to name them. The majority of players get on with the job but Si take it to the extremes and give all of them the Diego Costa gene without also giving them his talent. I can understand that if one of the clubs most influential players gets pissed off and takes most of the dressing room with him but when it's a low level backup the realism falls apart. I also accept that on very rare occasions in real life you will get a team that wants the manager out. A team that then betrays their fans and everyone else around them by not playing to their full ability and take to the field to make up the numbers and draw the pay cheque, only to start the miracle of winning as if it's a walk in the park as soon as another manager comes in. Remind you of anyone? But again this is rare and it would appear that 'Rare' is a word that Si don't know exists.
  7. Yes. Wigan Athletic got hammered by Spurs who put 9 past them. The entire team was fined a weeks wages and the money went to reimburse the fans that had bought tickets.
  8. There are many young players like this around the world but let me put it this way. Assume that you are managing a team in the Vanarama North and by a quirk of fate a 16 year old kid comes to your club. He is one of those players that has the potential to truly be something special if he gets the right coaching. He plays in the same position as Fred the local butcher who gives you a great deal on pork sausages every week and is maybe a few pounds overweight. The kid can run rings around him. Sure he has some rough edges and he doesn't have the experience to pick out the right ball on occasion but when he gets that piece of leather at his feet it's like watching a mini magician. Do you play Fred the butcher in the next vital league match or do you put the kid in despite being 5 years younger? For me Fred would be warming the bench, at least for the first hour or so as I wouldn't want to tire the kid too much.
  9. Rooney, Ronaldo, Rashford etc. Do you want anymore?
  10. It's called experience over many years of playing CM & FM. Couple that with the fact that Si wait until the pre-order bonus is coming to an end before drip feeding us the new details. Then add on the fact that they raised the price so that the pre-order bonus looked like a good deal in the first place and it doesn't take much imagination to react in a negative manner to what amounts to more of the same with legitimate user feedback ignored again. I didn't buy the game last year ( first time since Eidos published CM ) and to be honest it doesn't look like I will be buying it this year either, because at the moment it looks like 90% preparation & 10% actually playing the game. Some people like to pour over spreadsheets and that's fine. If you are one of those people then more power to you. I want to play a video game and have fun, not spend all of my time trying to appease virtual babies and running the risk of a wrong word completely effing up the team.
  11. Luis Suarez was a very influential player but not many of his team mates supported his eating habits on the pitch. I just hope that Si get this aspect right this time around.
  12. Perira ( man utd 2nd string keeper ) 3 appearences Johnstone ( man utd 3rd string keeper ) 0 appearences & will probably play in one or two cup games this season if he is lucky http://www.manutd.com/en/Players-And-Staff/First-Team.aspx Both are considered members of the first team squad. Honestly Cougar if you stopped waving the Si flag everytime someone says anything negative about the game and instead looked at the issue without the rose tinted glasses the problems would become self evident. You do not see jhonstone whining about the lack of 1st team chances and you certainly don't see the rest of the dressing room unhappy because he isn't between the sticks. In past iterations FM has been too hardcore when it comes to players acting like children. Sure, some players are like that in real life but they are in the minority. Look at Sterling when he wanted the move to Man City, his behaviour was that of a three year old throwing his teddy in the corner and far from taking the dressing room with him, they instead rallied behind the club as did most of the pundits. He got his move and I suspect the rest of the squad by that time were happy to see him go. It isn't the fact that certain players will act this way that is the problem, it's the inevitable snowball effect that comes after. It would be good for the game imo if the Ai reflected the reactions of others to these shenanigans more realistically, maybe even with a few level headed senior players telling the baby to grow up.
  13. Number 4 mate. Nothing wrong with my understanding of the term. If he aint needed for the entire season then he doesn't get to play. BACKUP noun 1. a person or thing that supports or reinforces another. 2. a musician or singer or group of musicians or singers accompanying asoloist: a singer with a three-man backup that plays cello, bass, and guitar. 3. an overflow or accumulation due to stoppage, malfunctioning, etc.: a sewage backup; a backup of cars at the tollbooth. 4. a person, plan, device, etc., kept in reserve to serve as a substitute, ifneeded. 5. Computers. a copy or duplicate version, especially of a file, program, or entirecomputer system, retained for use in the event that the original isin some way rendered unusable. a procedure to follow in such an event. 6. Bowling. a ball that curves in a direction corresponding to the bowlinghand of the bowler. adjective 7. (of a person, plan, device, etc.) held in reserve as a substitute ifneeded: a backup driver; a backup generator. 8. performing a secondary or supporting function: A drummer and guitarist are the singer's backup musicians.
  14. A problem with FM over the years has been with things like your 3rd string keeper who signed as a backup, starting to cry and whine about not getting first team football and upsetting the rest of the team because you don't give in to him. If this has not been sorted out then the dynamics will be a disaster. We should be able to tell players where they rank in the squad apart from simply 'backup'. I want my 3rd string keeper to know that he is 3rd in the pecking order when he signs for the club so that there can be no mistakes as to his importance. Same applies for the other positions.
  15. /Agree Nursery manager 2018. I wonder if the manager can achieve the kind of status enjoyed by the likes of Ferguson where it didn't really matter what the players in the dressing room wanted as his word was law, didn't like it and out you went with the full backing of the board.
  16. Try the demo and see but probably not. It's like asking if your old vinyl record player can handle cd's,
  17. No matter what I do my players flatly refuse to follow my instructions. Oddly enough I played a couple of matches last night where the Ai team appeared to be following my instructions to the letter while my own team were off with the fairies somewhere. SI are you sure that you have not got this backwards and I'm creating set pieces for the Ai to follow?
  18. 1) yes 2)no 3)much better overall improved but still many issues to resolve. I usually like to watch the full match but I just find the ME boring ( and have done since FM 2013 ) so it's just highlights now for me.
  19. Way too many fouls caused by players walking with the ball while opposition players snap at their heels. Not a problem with the opposition but with the player keeping hold of the ball instead of passing it ( decision making problem? ). Many times they just walk back towards their own area. Worst one I have seen so far started with the player getting the ball about 25 yards out from opposition area, he then proceeded to walk back with the ball until he was roughly 35 yards from his own area and then passed it back to his own keeper. There were other easy outs available all along his self inflicted hike.
  20. Wish I could agree with you. While some changes are very welcome like 64 bit & the fact that the deep super cross straight into the net has been fixed ( yay ), I am finding that it's a case of 'the more things change, the more they stay the same'. Players are still dumb as f*** for the most part, just standing around waiting to be tackled, or slowing down to a crawl when clean through on goal so that the defenders can catch up, or walking back towards there own half with the ball at feet until they get tackled or more commonly in this version fouled, or incapable most of the time to find a team mate with a throw in, or completely ignoring tactical instructions ( set up for long throws, have a player with long throw stat at 17, not put in a single long throw in five games despite being told to do so. Apparently the number of decisions they can make has been almost doubled but I think someone forgot to add in the brain cells as well. Also, the social media stuff makes no sense half the time. Gave a new defender a try out, he played on 5.8, gave away a goal through a stupid backpass and got subbed. Social were saying how well he had played.....seriously? I am honestly finding it hard to have fun with the game.
  21. open task manager, click on details tab. Click on any column header and choose select columns. Place a tick in platforms. You will now see a new column for platform which shows 32 or 64 bit for all running programs. Run FM and have a look.
  22. lol motherboard supported it and it was available
  23. Ok I checked the file and it is 64 bit but it never uses more than 1.9 Gb of memory. i have started a save with all possible leagues on full detail with a large db and it still doesn't use the available ram ( I have 64Gb installed )
  24. Doesn't appear to work then. The version that steam has installed on my machine never uses more than 1.9 Gb of memory which leads me to believe that this is the 32 bit version despite having a 64 bit OS
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