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  1. Thank you! Looking forward to playing as my Qarabag in the next game! Very much a soft spot for them having seen them home and away against Chelsea!
  2. HR Azerbaijan Found a slightly strange issue/bug where none of the players in Azerbaijan are paid any wages. I thought it was a edited file thing, but it’s not, and loaded the default and all the players had no wages. Not sure whether others have experienced this.
  3. Hello! Love this mod, but have a question surrounding the tv revenues (UEFA file #41). Was managing an Armenian side, who got dumped out of the UEFA Cup 1st Q Round. We then got given £5.5million worth of TV revenue. I was wondering whether this was a bug, the correct value, or a glitch with another file?
  4. Great work, and a great read! Those regen faces are class - where did you download them from!
  5. Oh perfect, thank you very much for your help! I'll let you know how I get on via PM.
  6. Ok I'll keep trying - I added it as '17' and '18' for AFC CL and AFC Cup respectively but it didn't work. I'll keep going. Another point - do I have to create two 'Asia files' - one that is 'flexible' and another that 'overrides' or is just 1 enough? Thanks for your help on this matter.
  7. Ok - so I add an ‘Asia’ continent file, so ‘fixed format rules’, and link the fixtures rules index in the Asia file to the ACL and Asia Cup, as ‘fixtures rules index’ = 0 I tried this and it still came up with the old hardcoded rules.
  8. @krlenjushka quick question - I’m trying to remove the foreign player restrictions for the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup. I’ve followed the method as highlighted above, and have added the nation as ‘Indonesia.’ I then added nation rules, add lower divisions etc. I have the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup competitions there, but there is no ‘Asia’ continental file. Any ideas?
  9. Having a slightly strange issue where none of the Azerbaijan-based players seem to be getting paid - this is the same issue as I've had with another Azerbaijan file I've downloaded so wondering if it's a game bug. Anyone else having issues?
  10. This is probably a really simple issue to overcome, apologies in advance for this! Basically, I've created a international competition using international rules across 4 years, kind of like an extended world cup with all 226 nations involved. The problem is, I want club football to run alongside it, as my competition fixtures are scheduled for international periods. However, club football essentially grinds to a halt as all players with their respective national teams are on international duty for 4 years, the duration of the tournament. Is there any way to work around this?
  11. I find the skin really difficult to use - the blue writing on the green background I find really awkward. Hoping that there will be a skin launched with a similar colour scheme as last year!
  12. Odds on Miles saying the Beta won't come out today on Twitter, then the BETA gets released at 00:01 this evening
  13. Yep, that's all fine I believe, all dates are ok, the qualification rules are fine, requirements are set. I think there's something fundamentally wrong with the way I've set it up but i'm too inexperienced to work out what it is
  14. Hey guys, I have been trying to edit the Johnstone's Paint Trophy on the editor with the new advanced rules recently. The competition is set up as such - 1) 48 teams split into 8 groups of 6, 5 matches for each team. 2) Top 2 go into the next round, of 16, then there are quarters etc. However, I can not get this second stage to start and I've been trying to unsuccessfully fix this problem most of the day to absolutely avail. The group stage occurs, but then it just finishes on that, and the draw for the Last 16 doesn't happen, nor does the qualification of any teams. If someone could have
  15. Mate if you go here - https://www.greenmangaming.com/user/account/#games - there's a second code under FM14, put that into Steam and it'll work
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