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  1. Evening, I've been having an issue with the pre-game editor. I am trying to import an .XML file into the editor, to verify it in order to use it in game. However, in each attempt, it always results in a crash dump/application error. I have tried re-installing, but no avail. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
  2. I used some of the tips in here - basically assigning the Asian CL to a nation, 'Adding more divisions' in nation rules and then going from there.
  3. Afternoon, In FM20, I successfully managed to edit the existing Asian Champions League squad registration rules but the workaround that I used for FM20 does not work for FM21. I have searched for a system this year but I do not seem to have found one, apart from going from the ground up, which is too time-consuming for me! Has anyone found a way of doing this? Thanks, Nick
  4. I would second this. I have been trying to create my own continental competitions for years now, and the transferring between competitions is something that I've never been able to do. I would really appreciate a guide on that!
  5. Hello! Love this mod, but have a question surrounding the tv revenues (UEFA file #41). Was managing an Armenian side, who got dumped out of the UEFA Cup 1st Q Round. We then got given £5.5million worth of TV revenue. I was wondering whether this was a bug, the correct value, or a glitch with another file?
  6. Great work, and a great read! Those regen faces are class - where did you download them from!
  7. Oh perfect, thank you very much for your help! I'll let you know how I get on via PM.
  8. Ok I'll keep trying - I added it as '17' and '18' for AFC CL and AFC Cup respectively but it didn't work. I'll keep going. Another point - do I have to create two 'Asia files' - one that is 'flexible' and another that 'overrides' or is just 1 enough? Thanks for your help on this matter.
  9. Ok - so I add an ‘Asia’ continent file, so ‘fixed format rules’, and link the fixtures rules index in the Asia file to the ACL and Asia Cup, as ‘fixtures rules index’ = 0 I tried this and it still came up with the old hardcoded rules.
  10. @krlenjushka quick question - I’m trying to remove the foreign player restrictions for the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup. I’ve followed the method as highlighted above, and have added the nation as ‘Indonesia.’ I then added nation rules, add lower divisions etc. I have the AFC Champions League and AFC Cup competitions there, but there is no ‘Asia’ continental file. Any ideas?
  11. Having a slightly strange issue where none of the Azerbaijan-based players seem to be getting paid - this is the same issue as I've had with another Azerbaijan file I've downloaded so wondering if it's a game bug. Anyone else having issues?
  12. I believe there is a button on the editor that stops team's 2nd teams getting promoted
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