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  1. Just double checked my spreadsheet and it is only nations that have fluctuating lower league divisions. E.g. Bahrain has 12 teams in D1, 8 in D2. There aren't any byes in this cup. Meanwhile Saudi Arabia, which has 4 divisions (with division 4 split into 8 regions), always has the lowest teams just shifted into the round where top division teams enter. The team numbers for each division in general don't fluctuate, but the team numbers for the regions do, so I thought that maybe it would have to do with that.
  2. Hey, thank you very much. Reverse teams is ticked, and so is sort teams to "division reputation (descending)". It is worth noting that I have vacationed in-game, and three seasons in (for every single nation in my database), everything goes back to normal and every team is sorted correctly. I would just prefer if I could solve this without having to vacation three years in.
  3. I've created a database for many Middle Eastern Nations and one issue I am having is that the lowest division teams get byes into the round that top division teams are supposed to start in. They are seeded by division reputation, but I'm wondering if there is a way in which I can fix this so that lower division teams are the ones starting and no one is getting a bye into the next rounds. I have calculated the numbers correctly and there are no inactive divisions that can make the numbers fluctuate in the future, so I don't know how else to solve this problem.
  4. Alright, cool. If you could help me with the last step that would be great. I saw how you deleted the basic part on list.xml, but where do I find the list.xml?
  5. I don't disagree with you but when I come in-game it doesn't choose the editor file because it hasn't been tested. How to get it activated in game?
  6. I've just bought FM20 and I don't know about what happens with the 2022 World Cup, apparently some people have had months of off-season while it played during November and December in 2022. Is it possible to edit the tournament to stay in Qatar AND play in June-July, or is that hardcoded in some way?
  7. I am creating edited leagues on FM20 in the Arabian Gulf which generally has high prize money, but the clubs generally spend very badly and I want to kind of dictate this through the game. Obviously, there is financial fair play, but has anyone ever tried anything else in FM in regards to limiting overspending for leagues?
  8. I can only use quick start for England on the FM19 Demo. How am I supposed to manage in other leagues?
  9. I thought I was the only one who moved Sturridge out wide as an IF (A)/Raumdeuter. He really flourished there for me, cutting inside and moving wherever. Kind of like a free role out wide. Great minds think alike
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