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  1. Alright, cool. If you could help me with the last step that would be great. I saw how you deleted the basic part on list.xml, but where do I find the list.xml?
  2. I don't disagree with you but when I come in-game it doesn't choose the editor file because it hasn't been tested. How to get it activated in game?
  3. Question, how do we test rules when we are done?
  4. I've just bought FM20 and I don't know about what happens with the 2022 World Cup, apparently some people have had months of off-season while it played during November and December in 2022. Is it possible to edit the tournament to stay in Qatar AND play in June-July, or is that hardcoded in some way?
  5. Good idea, I may dabble with that. Thank you.
  6. I am creating edited leagues on FM20 in the Arabian Gulf which generally has high prize money, but the clubs generally spend very badly and I want to kind of dictate this through the game. Obviously, there is financial fair play, but has anyone ever tried anything else in FM in regards to limiting overspending for leagues?
  7. I can only use quick start for England on the FM19 Demo. How am I supposed to manage in other leagues?
  8. Hey, I'm looking forward to this too!
  9. FM17 crashes after attempting to start a career on both my Mac and Windows, but why is this occurring? Could it be to do with the editor files? They are found here if anybody wants to check them out: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7e8-f2AGrCnNjY4WkI1VWFzT1k?usp=sharing
  10. The UAE Pro League has just announced that 12 teams will play in the league during the 2017/18 season, but it will be increased back to 14 from 2018/19 onwards. How can I replicate this in game, where the first season starts off with 12 teams and the rest continue as 14?
  11. I would like to know the procedures for FM to be released in another language. Does it have to do with sales in the particular region or do they need experts in the language and the sport to help change it into that language?
  12. End of Season 2 - Jarash FC - 2017/18 Results - League Table - Youth Intake - Transfers Season Verdict: This time I wanted to go one step further and fight for promotion, which is exactly what we did. In this division, the first two spots send you to the promotion play-off and it's not easy there (kind of like the Spanish Second Division) so I wanted to accept at least a run deep into the promotion play-offs. However we finished in 4th, way higher than the board expected us to, but only 2 points off which means if I had won in any of my last 2 games I could have earned a spot in the play-offs. This means that next season needs a promotion run whatever the cost or else our progress will be too stale. In terms of youth intake, we didn't get the squad list photo for some odd reason. However we did get another 'keeper and are able to fill our squad with around 25 players and some in the U21s and U19s. The only problem we have is that our experienced players are relatively poor while our excellent youth players are struggling mentally, with no players coming in with a lot of determination. Let's hope for the best next season. Our Best Youth Intake Player: Sami Al-Hamsal Season Division Position Win % Avg Att Balance Profit/Loss Youth Intake YI Total/Avg Apps Prize Money ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016/17 Saudi Southwest Provincial 6th 28% 297 (21,980) (46,890) 16 0/0 3,074 2017/18 Saudi Southwest Provincial 4th 33% 409 (68,324) (46,344) 16 68/4 4,356
  13. And which font did you use? Yes I did because I need some players to fill in the bench and U21s, and then hopefully after 2 seasons we will have players at all levels (senior-U21-U19).
  14. End of Season 1 - Jarash FC - 2016/17 Results - League Table - Youth Intake - Transfers Season Verdict: We avoided relegation with 2 games to go and that was enough for the season, we clearly didn't have players up to the quality in Saudi Arabia which has a very big population and lots of players to pick from. Unfortunately, in this challenge, it's only our team who can't pick and choose! [font=&amp][size=1]Season | Division | League Pos | Win % | Average Attendance | Balance (£) | Profit/Loss | Youth Intake | YI Total/Avg Apps | YI Total/Avg Mins[/size] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------[/font]-----------------------------------------[font=&amp] [/font][font=&amp][size=1]2016/17| 4th Div | 6th Group B | 28 % | 297 | (21,980) | (46,890) | 16 | 0 | 0[/size][/font]
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