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  1. Does anyone know how to move this forward a year? For example, if I wanted to start an MLS save at the start of 2017?
  2. Im trying to get 16 teams from the Intermediate Cup and 4 teams from the Junior Cup to qualify for the Senior Challenge Cup but I keep getting an error, wrong number of teams for Stage 0. Not sure how to qualify them would someone be able to check this out? irelandadvanced_E147064C-82B5-4090-8C15-C2F8389779E7.fmf
  3. Here is the Canadian football system down to Level 5 Provincial Leagues and as close to real life as possible. Included competitions are: - League1 Ontario - Premiere Ligue de Soccer du Quebec - Pacific Coast Soccer League - Vancouver Island Soccer League - Vancouver Metro Soccer League - Fraser Valley Soccer League - Alberta Major Soccer League - Manitoba Major Soccer League - Ontario Soccer League - Ottawa Carleton Soccer League - Western Ontario Soccer League - Ligue de Soccer Elite du Quebec - New Brunswick Premier Soccer League - Nova Scotia Soccer League - Prince Edward Island Soccer League - Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer League - L1O Cup - PLSQ Cup - DIII Inter-Provinical Cup - Ontario Cup - BC Provincial Cup - Saskatchewan Cup - New Brunswick Challenge Cup - PEI Cup - Canadian National Challenge Trophy League1 Ontario and the Ligue de Soccer Elite du Quebec have conferences and I have replicated this in the game. The Canadian National Challenge Trophy is also as replicated to be as real as possible. TESTED TILL 2024 https://www.mediafire.com/?w8tl13v32n9xbxm
  4. I've done this but the error is wrong number of teams for stage 1. Can you check here, the league is Newfoundland & Labrador Challenge. canada_1F98A185-A710-461F-96F1-52E58688ED40.fmf
  5. Thanks for the help. One question, when I select Get league stage teams, there is no field to enter the team index and qualified stage name?
  6. Does anyone know how I can implement this system in the advanced editor: In Game 1, the third- and fourth-placed teams play against each other. The loser is eliminated. In Game 2, the first- and second-placed teams play against each other. The winner qualifies directly for the final. In Game 3, the winner of Game 1 plays against the loser of Game 2. The loser is eliminated. Game 4 (the final) is then played between the winners of Games 2 and 3.
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