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  1. Actually think you can convert Komba into deep lying playmaker. Got good passing, first touch and vision.
  2. This is what I meant few seasons ago about being lucky to stay with less than 40 pts Good season tho, every season that you stay up is good for now! Also, just seen that Arsenal have Danny Henry in their squad. Is he by any chance French left forward?
  3. Am doing a youth only challenge, just like jimbokav, but in Croatia. It's tough cos am semi-pro and players aren't worth anything. So gonna be a battle to climb to the first league and stay there. Am using IR to go through as many seasons as I can.
  4. Cos it's a GUI. Graphical user interface. And if your GPU is crap, like integrated, it's gonna use big%.
  5. I think that in any other season you'd be lucky to survive. But kudos for staying up!
  6. It's Feb/Mar update, not Mar/Apr Good results. Shame couldn't win one of the many draws
  7. Except close down more is a must if you want to use fake FB in dcr spot. When you do not use close down more and/or OI pressing intensity of course he will act as center back! Try out the exact same tactic I posted. Everything same, don't change stuff and see how it plays
  8. Thats why you put close down more and also yu can put pressing intensity on OI on the wingers on that side. I had one or two chnces created playing against middle of the table team on my right side but otherwise it was fine. I do wonder what guys like @Experienced Defender think of the tactic
  9. Might be a time to change things a bit I might be a leader of Irchester tifosi
  10. Have you changed your tactics from championship to premier league? Cos you were one of the better teams in championship and now the worst in prem and teams play differently and the gap in skill is also big.
  11. The masterpiece I put together in 10 minutes Obviously can toy with roles like RPM or SV instead of REG, Libero in the middle (tho that clashes with RPM/REG, works with SV).
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