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  1. I also mainly use scouts as they can come up with players that do not play a lot/are out of favor but are definitely an improvement to my side! Regarding the search players I meant stats like key passes/90, distance covered etc. I find that hard to navigate as you cannot move in increments like 1.53 for key passes it just goes from 1-2-3 etc. Would definitely like a skin, you can PM me when you get around to it.
  2. Have been following this thread since the start and hop on every other day to see if you updated us on the progress. Have started a career without attributes like yourself and it makes me focus on other things for player like career apps and goals. Few questions, how do you search for players? Purely scouts or do you use player search using only game stats? Also, could you possibly share that skin because it has almost everything I'd want in one but have no knowledge of skinning.
  3. Anyone have issues in 2D after latest update? Getting 45 fps. i7 3930k, 16gb ram and gtx 1060 and ssd.
  4. SOLVED! Had to delete everything, reset preferences in-game and it works now
  5. You mean firefox, sharex, obs, discord, steam?
  6. I even uninstalled everything, deleted everything from every SI/FM folder and still same choppiness.
  7. Here's an example http://www.mediafire.com/file/ev9d8h5j9efcaw5/DxDiag.txt Going from window to fullscreen and fullscreen to windowed does not help. Also re-installing game does not help Is there anything more you'd need? DxDiag.txt
  8. My example was not a researcher messing up but rather game itself with a regen.
  9. You just do not get it. Let me explain it in researcher terms. TOP 15 club in the world buys a kid for 1.5 million euros at 15 years old. You put his PA at 150. He plays few cup games and 10-15 games in first season as 15-16 year old. You put his PA at 160 for new iteration of FM. He plays 20-25 games in the league and performs remarkably well. Even stars in Europe in same season as 16-17 year old. You put his PA at 170 for new iteration of FM as designated club researcher. As 18 year old he is the driving force in that team's road to the champions of the Europe and triple title! You put him at 180 for his PA and even more maybe. So my question is...if you WOULD do that why are you so opposed to having another variable like professionalism that just says 'HEY, this player kicks the ball differently or thinks differently than others his age' which would allow for natural progression of player in same iteration of FM like he would in real life? If my Joao Lima had bad professionalism he would not improve. I have great potential, great physical attributes player but he is just not improving...because he likes to party more than he likes to train. THAT is Adu. Not my Lima.
  10. Yeah, but Freddy Adu did not have professionalism needed to advance his career past htat of being a mediocre player for Greek 1st league mid-tier club. Nor ambition. He even akcnowledged himself that he started professional football because he wanted to provide for his family and THAT IS IT. He never trained as hard as Championship players. So he stagnated. ALSO who is to say that he was properly trained, that he trained properly and that he led professional life? He also admitted that he made many wrong choices regarding his football life. So he DID NOT HAVE PROFESSIONALISM, DRIVE to be the best. While my Joao Lima HAD THAT! So why should he bet halted when he lived and breathed football? Alan Smith and Owen did not improve because of injuries! My Lima DID NOT SUFFER ANY INJURY! except 1-2 days ones which are common when playing vs Barca at 17 yrs old.
  11. I was always for more 'dynamic' potential. Was never a fan of the fixed potential. So let me tell you a story. It is FM17. As always I play as my go-to team NK Osijek from First Croatian League. Nothing special. Average league with average players. Fast forward 9 years and the league is above average (2 CL spots, 3 EL spots...or something like that - 5 of 10 teams playing in Europe), great facilities, top of the line coaches (3.5+ stars for every category, both youth and senior team)...you know the classic thing. And I get a scouting report from Portugal. Interesting 15 year old named Joao Lima appears. Solid technical attributes, good mental and physical attributes. Proffesional, ambitious etc. You know, perfect young prospect. Since I still did not have Eden Hazards, Modric' in my team relative CA/PA was still kinda low. So he had 4* gold with 5* black PA. I'm like YES! THAT IS MY FUTURE PLAYMAKER! Since I am dominating domestic competitions I put him every game at least 20 minutes and plenty of starts. Fast forward 3 years. He is 18 years old. Even better mental attributes, still solid physical attributes. His passing, dribling and every playmaker attribute is around 15-16 which is what I wanted for my team. Kinda like worse Modrić. He was assisting, scoring goals in CL finals...everything. THE DREAM! But, I notice that through taht season that he is not progressing anymore. Download FM-GENIE and I see that his CA is 2-3 points away from his CA. Why should my Joao Lima be limited by the game itself (not even researchers!) to a PA when he is obviously bound to be a superstar in the next FIFTEEN years when he has high determination, ambition, professionalism, good facilites, playing all the time vs best teams and players and coached by top of the line coaches. WHY should he NOT develop to let's say 185CA with all of his other attributes when he is HALTED abruptly by one attribute that should obviously not be fixed! So let's say that OP's option of NATURAL TALENT is in the game instead of Joao's PA. Let's say it is in line with his professionalism at 15. This would mean that WITH STRICT non-linear algorithm he could end up being higher because he is still proffesional and still ambitious at 18 and SHOULD be improving. Maybe his passing, dribling, vision does not improve past 16. Maybe he learns to defend and intercept passes and be better at positioning or improves his set-pieces. I am saying that I was DENIED next Xavi, Modric, Iniesta, Pirlo because the game decided that my Joao Lima will NOT grow anymore when he is 18. What the frick is that? Why would you limit a 18 year old from improving whilst playing vs best defenders and midfielders every other game? If he had low professionalism but high natural talent he would be no better than Tom Cleverley...for example. Give me good enough reason why SI should not implement something LIKE THIS to avoid as many badly set PAs as possible? Why should high-profesional, highly driven, highly ambitious 18 year old with top30 in the world surroundings (facilites, coaches, competition) be stopped from improving?
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