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  1. Great opening thread chap. Fiorentina have always been my italian side. Loved your comment regarding Aquilani. How ironic!!
  2. Am I missing something? I mean I know squad building has always been difficult but on my long term saves its not like I find all the best newgens even with the best scouts. Many a time ive been beaten to a newgens signature as well and hes gone on to be amazing.
  3. Quick question to anyone who have played the beta for a while. Have you noticed from your own games or from ai games whether Goalkeepers occassionally get sent off? Not a major issue so nobody troll me for asking a general question please (going to get trolled now ain't I! lol) Just cannot remember at any time my goalkeeper getting his marching orders for a handball outside area, or bringing someone down as last man. Neither can I remember an AI team keeper getting sent off either. Just seemed odd.
  4. Just like to make it clear my previous comment regarding the mls was reference fm13 not 14. Give FM14 time chap. Im not purchasing until xmas/Jan 14 time like always. Prefer all the major bugs being patched up, as well as me collecting all the facepacks, kit packs etc....then make your mind up.
  5. lol you guys should try managing in the MLS. I find quite often due to wage restrictions there, other AI MLS sides release half there squad to get under the budget but by doing so are stripped of quality and have about 12 left backs lol.
  6. not a bad idea chap! Now I finally turned to the darkside and have an iphone im sure it wont be a problem anymore....blooming annoying though. Takes enough time loading up as it is lol.
  7. What ever your own personal feelings towards MK Dons/Wimbledon etc....Dont take it out on the Original poster though. I would hate my RL club to do such a thing but im not going to take out my frustrations on a Football Manager Forum lol. Chill guys.
  8. to the teams lower down the table that prize money really does make a big difference. Especially to those really stretching the budget with no exterior sugar daddy bank rolling. NCFC bored me to tears last season with the constant news stories regarding how vital each placing was, but in reality it was. Was so close at the bottom of the league last season. NCFC could have got relegated with 2 games to go and ended up finishing 11th and a heck of alot more better off money wise.
  9. What! you've never been wrong in Real life either
  10. Hate steam with a passion. Drives me round the twist every now and then when I get the unable to connect to steam. I always play in offline mode as often I play on my laptop in areas with no internet coverage, wifi etc....when this happens its impossible for me to play FM until I return somewhere with internet connection. Blooming annoying!
  11. It is frustrating. Only time ive had trouble get rid of a DP was Rosales at Seattle about 2-3 seasons into FM12. Injury prone and CA in decline I just couldn't shift him until in the end his deal ran out. Nobody would offer a thing for him. Think the OP mentioned the chap did a test trying to offer Donovan and Keane new deals to see what happened and it would only let Donovan be offered DP wages. So effectively in his save if he wanted to extend Keanes stay it be impossible as the board were not allowing enough wages even ON a DP contract basis. Can only assume either the board limited the amount on Keane etc....or finances are not as good as IRL at Galaxy on the save in question.
  12. Superb career thread chap. Really enjoying it. Quick question on the rules though. Now im no A-League expert but I could have sworn I read a guide on this site regarding the rules and it looked pretty difficult listing things about only 1 over seas player blah blah blah....but I can only think im getting my wires crossed as you've signed plenty of overseas players. What exactly is the transfer rules. Still 1 x DP Australian & 1 x Overseas DP player? Quite keen to give the A-League a bash on FM14 when I finally get round to purchasing it.
  13. In answer to your question MK Dons is potentially a good place. Stadia is top notch, fan base is growing. In terms of the good team guide, with FM14 only in beta stages the fm14 Mk dons guide hasn't been created yet. Sure all in good time someone will make one. Could always search for the person who made the FM13 guide and see if he has any plans to make a fm14 one etc....
  14. One thing ive always wondered when dishing out agent fee's, is whether like real life, you give the agent a nice big fee it may help encourage the player to pick your club over others. Im always dishing out rather large agents fee's in the hope ill land a player over another club trying to sign him. If this does not work like real life then i've been wasting alot of money lol!
  15. Crickey Olly Palmer! Reminds me of my own Havant & Waterlooville save on FM13. Cant recall when I had to bite the bullet and offload him on FM13 either mid Conference national season or in pre-season before starting in League 2. Decent player though. Looks improved from FM13 slightly.
  16. Just done a bit of digging and it was Henry Charnock who helped me out with my MLS issues. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/318814-U.S.A.-(Official)-League-Specific-Issues/page3 he can be found.
  17. Does sound odd. Trying to remember who but there is a SI chap on this forum somewhere who is dedicated to bugs within the MLS. Its on another thread somewhere but hes certainly worth a look and will only ask you to upload your save for him to check over.
  18. Found pens very annoying on FM13 anyway, missing more often than not even with exceptional penalty taking stats. More to the point though I agree with the last few comments, especially fabio MVP's suggestion. Could something similar to this not be done....when a player goes down injured and your forced to the tactics screen...if you try to continue out of that screen a message pops up saying "your assistant reminds you a player is down injured" etc....could something similar not be done saying "player x is on 2 goals and has stated he would like to take the penalty" then you ultimately make the choice yes/no with no ensuring the reg pen taker in your list of takers takes it? In real life this does happen (despite someone above saying it doesnt)...only issue being it does not happen alot, but usually on the odd occassion someone is on 2 goals and his team gets a pen, hes allowed to take it, as long as the score isn't super tight etc....
  19. Not that i'd want it in the game but if were talking realism, in real life players sometimes ignore the manager and the specified penalty taker and snatch the ball. AKA Norwich VS Villa recently....Robert Snodgrass whose likely never taken a pen in training snatched the ball away, missed and then got slaughtered for it with the manager saying he wasnt the pen taker and that sort of issue wont happen again. Would be handy for it to only happen if there is a two goal advantage or something.
  20. I do recall the SI chaps mentioning there is issues still with the MLS. Hoping there address by the time I get FM14. Its been improving every year so hats off to them as its pretty complex and different from any other league on FM. Can only think somethings happening where the board dont deem Keane worth it or there not in as good a financial position as real life. Only problems ive had with DP's in previous FM's has been actually attracting good enough players to be one or my team not having the funds to purchase another slot etc.
  21. Superb, the feedback seems fairly positive. May well take your advice and take the plunge
  22. Always worked fine for me on previous FM's. Are you beyound the squad registration date? Only time it wont work for me has been if your at a smaller MLS club or the player your going for isn't deemed big enough to be worth the outlay. Try offering a current DP a new contract, will that allow you to offer the big money there on?
  23. I do & Dont agree with OP. I think its nice the game picks up on this, IRL it happens. Player is on 2 goals, isn't the usual taker but is allowed to, to take home the match ball. However, where I agree with the OP, is sometimes like his example of 2-2 it isn't the best time to gift a non regular penalty taker the penalty. Works both ways. Wonder if anything can be done.
  24. Nice touch of realism either way look forward to experiencing it (although not to one of my sides hopefully lol!) Maybe a FFP for dummies guide would be good somewhere
  25. Wish I could say the same at NCFC at present IRL. I want the guy to do well so much, as to be fair hes a very likeable bloke but the football we play at times is utterly depressing. Until recent weeks when loads of pressures been put on him its like we set up every game to draw 0-0. His biggest problem has been following Paul Lambert who just brought success instantly in every league we were in (Lg1 to Champ to Prem)....and he did it playing super attacking football very much under the 'we will score one more than you' mentality (which from a season ticket holder home and away's pov is brilliant value for money lol). Players like Fox, Hoolahan were allowed to express themselves and encouraged to do so under Lambert. Hopefully all comes right at NCFC or we will be back with Barnsley next season.
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