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  1. Was going to ask a similar question regarding Higuain! Legend at Crew! Good to see someone playing within the MLS on fm14. Has the MLS been improved? Been getting better and better each fm that comes out. Im still playing my fm13 MLS save. Has the quality of young draft players been improved as I always find the talent on offer in the drafts is pretty poor on fm13.
  2. Not surprised ref Josh. As a NCFC Season ticket holder, Joshua by far looks the better of the twins. While others opinion differ im not totally convinced even Josh Murphy will make it at Premier League level in the long run. Nice to see the NCFC youth have been given a boost though after the youth cup win over Chelsea. Players like Jacob Murphy, McGeehan, Loza have all gone on loan and done really well as well.
  3. Takes a while for Champions League to begin. In Europe The Champions league ties in with the domestic league seasons in general. However In the A-League the start time is different so often you find pre-season massively cut down etc...
  4. So true chap! I left a few players like that behind. Brought in a keepr who had American & Swiss nationality but had awesome PA. He stated as well how he was keen to play for Australia once he lived there long enough. Low & behold a few months before meeting the criteria hes sold. Do feel the A-League could help them selves a little but appears well simed in FM based on current rules. I may return one day in my save. Unfinished business and all that but would take a serious offer and project.
  5. Good point buddy. I often managed to do this, especially with defenders. Adding a massive goal bonus. Strikers I just found hard to keep. Not a striker but my example would be David Carney. Signed on a free at the max wage for a non marquee player simply because others were after him with better reps than me etc. End of 2nd season and he still wants what has wanted since mid 1st season....a marquee sized wage. With no potential replacement in sight I was forced into giving him a 1 year deal as a marquee. Didnt matter in the long run as I left for Kansas so thats there problem but it was frustrating. Side note: Since leaving my Melbourne Heart side that in reality was a A-League wrecking ball winning by 3,4 or 5 each game, the AI has since decided to allow virtually anyone I brought in to leave in typical fashion and there struggling.
  6. Truly superb looking thread chap. Informative and well displayed.
  7. Dont get me started on Hughton! I could go on all day. No problem setting up extremely defensive, not easy on the eye but if it gets results thats all I care about....our problem is we cant defend under him. Constantly hammerings. Heading back down to the championship. Ive almost accepted it. On topic, theres some really cracking signings you've made there. A few of my old favourites!!! Great stuff!
  8. Yeah, totally agree. That was the only way I could see it working. Problem was (unless my scouting was poor) the quality of newgens was shocking. Im pretty sure over a number of years I may have been able to win the asian champions league but I was left depressed after injuries robbed me of the chance at first attempt. If we hadnt of had the bizarre injury plague 4 days before first leg we would have won it im sure of it. Sadly too many of my players were at there peak and wanting to move on, and id been promising them the A league year after year to keep them happy (which I achieved) but felt it be hard/harsh keeping them in the a-league another season when they were far to good. I moved on, quit the day after we were knocked out of the Asian Champions League. Applied for the vacant Sporting Kansas City job and got offered it almost immediately. I do wish the game would allow you to state why your leaving a position (need a new challenge, unhappy with a board decision etc....) as in my first press conference the press are asking me questions like "do you feel hard done by, being let go by Melbourne Heart"....im like I wasnt let go, I quit lol! I do like to think Ill return to the A-League one day, Ill keep scouting there. Certainly going to need being newgen Australian talent to make me want to the return. I can handle just the A-League, but the massive post season break is a killer and the Champions League schedule and rules really makes it more frustrating than challenging.
  9. Haha! To be fair buddy Holt tried to get the ref to change his mind. It was Bradley Johnson (a player I dislike with a passion) who got Barton sent off. Trust me you dont have to be Irish to want hoolahan playing. In the right managers hand hes a secret weapon. Sadly Chris Hughton is dead set on destroying NCFC and doesn't know a talented creative midfielder if he jumped up and down an said "hey im Wes hoolahan, im a creative, talented midfielder".
  10. I wrote my previous comment before reading on as I didnt want it to get spoiled....then to my shock I see you were given the push from Ipswich. Harsh buggers down there! Glad your keeping the thread going and like your idea of returning but surely you'll get fed up with NCFC unless we convert you ! Its never too late.....tee hee! .....unless this is a secret mission, something unseen since Ipswich appointed Paul Jewell & Roy Keane! A mission to Destroy....dum dum dar Norwich City......in which case just appoint Chris Hughton and he will do that for you in record time! Good work chap, enjoying the thread!
  11. Brilliant!!! How have I missed this thread chap! As a Norwich City home & away season ticket holder I will be following with great interest and will try and stop myself saying you will be biast! lol. Good stuff
  12. Good post chap. I wont pretend i'm a huge QPR fan after my club im a season ticket holder at (Norwich City) suffered alot of arrogant abuse from fans and your owner. While I wont argue at the Horrific job Mark Hughes did in terms of signing players surely the owner has to share a bit of the blame as he consistently went public with his views on paying over the odds was the key to success (let alone survival). Hows is Tony Fernandes represented within FM14 as ive not had chance to play it yet as still in a long term Fm13 save. well done getting rid of Zamora. Huge waste of space!
  13. Yeah true buddy, im tempted to call it quits on Australia and sample another country. I really believed with my Oz dominating team I could win the Asian Champions League but sadly and rather typically I had 7(YES 7!!!!!) key 1st team starters all gone down injured in training only 4 days before my QF 1st leg. With the squad rules it meant a lot of 17 year olds ive been developing being thrown in at the deep end and to be fair I was dead proud of them. Went down 1-0 in the first leg and put up a brave fight in the away leg drawing 3-3 meaning I cruely went out 4-3. Without those teams im positive I could have at least got to the final. It's getting to the stage now where a few of my players like you said are attracting interest from outside Oz. The date for declaring your squad has just passed but im in a pickle because I totally agree with what you say about having to be a selling club but currently especially home grown players theres no immediate replacements. If I offer the players now I run the risk of being left extremely short. Shame as I kind of feel like I have unfinished business not winning the Champions League but with the length of season and then length of pre-season and then the conflicts caused in schedule and planning for the future its making it hard for me to stay. Especially as alot of my home based players all want Marquee status now so ill effectively lose all but 2 if I manage to convince two to stay. Thing is although im two years (750+ days or whatever) into my career with Heart because of the season length i've only been in charge of 67(ish) games with a win % of 70%. Thats good but would it be enough to convince sides abroad to take me on. Not confident, especially all the only team to head hunt me has been a League 1 English side. I'll mull it over and think about my next move lol.
  14. Good little project save! May well give this a blast when I stop playing FM13 and give 14 a whirl! Good stuff chap!
  15. you aint wrong buddy! Just finished my 2nd season with Melbourne Heart and now working my way through the off - season. Obviously I have Asian Champions League to QF/SF to look forward to. Very annoying in some respects how the leagues set up. For example you can have 5 overseas players in your squad. But for the Champions league you can only have 3 (+1 asian player if you have 1, i dont! grrr!). I can accept that in itself but its how its lands. For example I choose two players not to register out of my 5 over seas players. Obviously I had no idea how far we'd go. Quite a few players were out of contract, over 34 years old, yada yada yada if you get me and ultimately I have to focus on improving for the league season. These new players of course cant play in the champions league. Blooming annoying as now I have a tiny squad to choose from for my vital champions league semi final. Just wish it all landed differently. Dont have this problem in Europe obviously. Im thinking of leaving the team and Australia once my Champions League campaign is over. I like the league but feel its restricted because of timing, rules and its very short season. Appears near impossible to run it finacially well. I always like running my clubs well, but despite being miles under wage budget, the board still allowing me to offer loads in terms of a marquee signing if I wanted one and qualifying for Champions league were bleeding Millions. Low attendances (im one of the lucky ones with 11,000 average!), poor prize money and players on fairly big wages at every club is to blame im assuming. Looking to head to the MLS or Europe. Applied for one MLS job just to test the waters but they said they couldnt afford the compensation, another simply laughed at my application. Thought my stock would be a little higher after winning the A - League 2 seasons running an the final series that follows. Still in Asian Champs league as well yet the only team thats head hunted me was Bristol City who were 7th in League 1. I do love the MLS and ideally wanna head there but may have a look at the lower Spanish and Italian leagues as not headed there for many FM's. Certainly want to avoid England until later in my long FM13 save.
  16. Very good stuff! Very well displayed! Love the skin that displays player image & Squad number!
  17. I can picture the folk of Gateshead walking round the town centre in the Scott Carson 1# Goalkeeper jersey's! Just caught up. Well done chap as before with continued success. Gateshead is quickly becoming my least favourite team though as everyone seems to end up there at some point on this forum....either that or the Gateshead massive love this forum
  18. Yeah I believe it was you advice I read about searching for decent asian signings. Came close to signing Japan's Morimoto as a marquee player but a MLS side diddled me to that one. So effectively im screwed for this seasons Champions league as 2 of my 5 oversea players wont be able to be selected. Ah well, will just give it my best and 100% ensure one of my 5 oversea players the following season is asian. I've scouted plenty of top notch 16 year old australians after the newgen date in september and was even more pleased to see they can all be signed for roughly 3k. Only issue is my board will not give me any transfer funds what so ever. Such a shame as found so many who are future stars. Thats why its annoyed me I cant seem to shift any players to none Australian clubs for money (even a small fee). Ill certainly stick this season out but getting itchy feet. I love the country but the league seems to screw itself over a little with its rules. Then like you've pointed out its made that little more confusing by differing to the Champions league rules. Always found the MLS rules confusing learnt them and quite enjoyed it but the A-League rules have proved very difficult. Just does not appear to be enough home grown talent around and found it hard attracting bigger name Australians back home. For example Mark Schwarzer got released from Chelsea on my save an his current ability is 124/200 and due to his age being over 40 it will drop quite rapidly now. He wont even consider talking to me. Yet if I try talk to some quite well known, big rep brazilians there extremely keen to join me. Neither here or there really as i've avoided marquee players all together as our budget wont allow it, even though the board would actually let me put us massively over budget lol!
  19. oh balls! Wish the game made you aware of this early. Had no messages of any sort relating to league rules etc like it does within europe. Ive already filled my 5 overseas spots. No asian based players either. How annoying. If this is a game breaker ill be very disappointed as ive built quite a tidy squad. Achieved wonders first season and built more over pre-season. Ive read a few times that you just have to accept A-League sides will continue to lose alot of money and only continued success and Champs league qual will aid the poor finances, but is there any other tips to assisting the bank balance? Find it near impossible to actually sell anyone. Obviously A-League sides can purchase your unwanted Australian players and nobody else will touch them either so they always end up getting waived.
  20. Do Agree! finally completed my first season. won the league and final series with Melbourne Heart. Assembled quite the squad but there seems to be a distinct lack of youth with decent potential. The league rules do restrict you but thats the rules so have to work around it. Im playing without a marquee player as my 5 youth slots are all in use by long term players. (likely will become marquee in future). Won the league with a 4-5-1 formation GK: The Veteran Bolton DL: Signed David Carney DR: Germano for 75% of the season but he agreed to move elsewhere and I signed a young 19year old Romario at right back. DC: Signed 2 vets at centre back, Kisnorbo & Milicevic MC x 3: Gerhardt, Engelaar & Meeuwis for a majority of it. There all the standard overseas players. Gerhardt and Meeuwis were extremely injury prone though. I've let them go ahead of 2nd season. ML: Kewell....who else...player of season, league player of season etc.... MR: Dugandzic has kept Richard Garcia on the bench virtually all season. Though he now claimed hes too good for the A-League and wants out. Valued at over a Million I may have to cash in. Got Garcia and decent youth coming through though. ST: Signed a lad on a free called Luis Machado. Young Uruguay did superb in debut season and kept fellow Oz signing Brent McGrath out the side. Found pre-season long and hard. Months of nothing. League could do with expanding or playing everyone twice home and then twice away like Scotland. Was hoping to pick up at least one overseas Australian but nobody got released other than Mark Schwarzer who i'd love to have signed to replace the past his best Bolton in goal but he wouldn't even entertain the thought of returning home. Had to look overseas and got Stefan Frei after he was waived by Toronto. Got Robert Cornthwaite back to the A-League as well as youth Bailey Wright after his release from Preston. So Im covered centre back wise once Kisnorbo and Milicevic's decline in ability becomes more rapid. Few questions though guys. I read someone that if a side from the A-League qualifies for the Asian Champions league they get an extra overseas spot on the roster for an asia player? is this correct? Still waiting if thats the case. Also I read elsewhere that the newgen date for Australia is 27th april yet nobody let alone me has had a youth intake yet? Just concerned whats happening.
  21. Very Very Very tempted to make a Melbourne Heart guide. Always love reading everyone elses guides but my time is so limited on the blooming game itself as it is I doubt i'd have time to create something as good as you guys do!
  22. ah dam! Was hoping I could get away with build a youth side full of quality that may even count as australian after 4 years. Nevermind will just have to be super careful which overseas players (looking at around 15 players at min with potential room for 1 lol!) I sign. The Australian talent on offer for free seems real low at the start of my game (latest patch for fm13). Have to pick up what I can an build next window possibly.
  23. Wow many thanx Adelaidean! For some reason your response didnt show up before I replied! Does the overseas rule apply to players under the youth age (19 years old or what ever it is). I usually only play long term saves and it normally doesn't take long for my average squad age to be 22-24 years old. I always go hunting for young prospects & think i've got a few in mind from my previous save but just concerned I could sign 3 brazilian 17-19 year olds I know of but they'll require international spots as that'll be pretty pointless as those goldust 5 spots really could do with being filled by players ready for the squad now. Been playing for about 8 hours (over last 3 real life days)and not actually progressed 1 day yet! Im a bit OCD when it comes to looking through endless list of players and staff.
  24. Yeah thats the tricky thing. Been going through my scouts existing knowledge and people whove been mentioned on here. Done my usual 100 contract offers of which I will narrow down once I know who accepts my offers (do this so I dont miss out on anyone by throwing all my eggs in one basket lol). But in reality I know looking at my squad I already have 5 overseas players and salary cap is at roughly 27k out of 31 or something. (At work and cant remember off memory). Not got alot of people I can move on really. Picked one overseas player to transfer list but still its gonna be tight. I've tried putting offers in for as many free agent australians as possible. Noticed not many staff are interested in joining. One thing I have noticed that i've not noticed anyone on here saying. When browsing through the non A-league Australian players i've noticed 95% of them have minimum release clauses in there contracts all mysteriously priced at £3,000. Ive put a fair few bids in for young prospects from those clubs. Fingers crossed this will help. Is it similar to the MLS where you can sign all these players then when it comes down to squad registration day anyone not selected gets released? Or does the A-league on fm13 prevent you from signing people regardless of registration day if you dont say for example have a spare over seas slot?
  25. Anyone still playing in the A-League on FM13? Promised myself Id experience the A-League on fm13 before getting fm14 and finally growing board of my 1 long term save so picked the first Oz side I got randomly and that was Melbourne Heart. Looking for pointers and advice.
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