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  1. We didn't complain about imgur being slow. The problem was that imgur blocked fmscout because our members had hot-linked to over 130k pictures hosted there over the past 2 years. I explained it here. Thanks for the kind words man, I appreciate it There is no overall storage limit, but I've set a 2MB limit per image and I thought that was more than enough for most people. I see your @2x screenshots are quite big (3840x2035). Perhaps saving them as jpg (80%) would get them under 2MB?
  2. I'm also getting the same as Red till i'm dead. Not sure what is the reason for this, but I was convinced it's a false alarm and clicked on the "Recover malicious file" option. Then I scanned the file with Microsoft Security Essentials and it doesn't find anything malicious.
  3. Great work with the skin! The start screen alone is very tempting for people to convince them into downloading lol I've uploaded the file to our download server if you wish to add it as a download mirror. And I'll gladly host all new versions for you Link: HelveticaLite skin for FM16 Also assigned the page to you, should you wish to make any edits.
  4. Thanks for your replies everyone Using attribute definitions from the manual is bad? I'd say it's a good thing someone kept excerpts from that older manual (2012 if I'm not mistaken) and combined it with material from another official document of Hints and Tips by Marc Vaughan & Nick Habershon (think that was in 2007, but I may be wrong) because the current online manual on the official website is unusable (sections not expanding, not as much content as it used to include).
  5. When choosing players, I have a personal preference towards the more physically strong. The first attribute I look at is natural fitness and then stamina. Of course I care about pace too, but the other two seem very important to me. According to this article explaining player attributes on Football Manager: NATURAL FITNESS How fit a player is as standard - his base level of fitness. It affects how many games he is likely to be able to perform to peak physical fitness in before becoming noticeably tired and susceptible to injury. STAMINA Stamina is a player's ability to endure high-level physical activity for a long period of time. With the demands placed on a player over a nine month season, players with high attribute ratings for Stamina will be able to perform at their top levels for longer. It ties in directly with Natural Fitness. My Questions 1) Does natural fitness only matter until the player is used in a game? 2) Is there a way to increase a player's natural fitness or is it one of those attributes that it is what it is? 3) How exactly stamina works during a match? Maybe there's some kind of simple formula that lowers a player's condition percentage as playing time goes by based on stamina, work rate, perhaps aggression and bravery? 4) How much does condition affect performance during a match? If a player becomes tired and his condition drops to 60%, does it mean that his performance will be at 60% of his skills? For the sake of this example, let's assume morale is beyond great and doesn't affect his skill set. 5) If a player has low stamina, is it better that he also has low work rate? To minimize getting tired too fast that is. 6) If a tired player means he's more likely to get injured, how much can it actually increase his injury proneness during a match? Let's say it's a player with an injury proneness attribute of 10 and playing condition down to 50%. Thanks for reading and hoping to get some insights from you
  6. Thanks for your prompt yet insightful replies, oneronaldo and Cougar2010! If either of you likes the idea of working on FM guides that can reach dozens of thousands people, please PM me.
  7. I'm gathering feedback on some questions which could turn into guides. By posting on this forum, I'm hoping to find people who can share their insights and provide answers; maybe even turn into regular contributors for guides we're publishing on fmscout. So here's my topic for today: Reading the profile of a backroom staff member. Which details matter and why? And I'm not referring to the coaching and mental attributes that most people probably know how to use in order to calculate the stars formula for training areas (ddm and stuff). Look at the following screenshot: FM16 staff profile. Do you somehow utilize the information on the darker horizontal bar when scouting your next opponent or do you ignore that? What about age? Is it just an indication of when you should expect his/her attributes to improve (as staff also have CA/PA)? Does it have any effect on the players? How does reputation affect the efficiency of your staff? Is the license's grade (coaching qualification) just an unnecessary detail for realism's sake or not? Do you pay attention to scouting knowledge when hiring new scouts? What difference does it make when you assign scouts to nations they know or not know? Are you looking for specific type of personality when looking for staff to sign? Do you think staff can be more efficient when coaching players of similar personality? Please feel free to add anything else that you feel it can be important, even if it's just a small detail. Thanks for your time