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  1. Torslanda Idrottsklubb - Sweden - ETTAN Fotboll DIV1 Södra (Tier3) - 2024: season 4 review Intro <FM21 - custom, edited database used> - League - Squad - Finance - Transfers - League This season went much better than last two. We played much better football through the season and our defense also consolidated only I am still struggle to make fullbacks to play better. Only had few matches where we were really unlucky or the opponent have superb game and we lost. One of them cost us the title. We went to the play off and statistically we were the better side but eventually we lost it to AFC Eskilstuna. Not a single side from ETTAN division 1 managed to win promotion/relegation play off against Superettan side from 2020. This fact just underline the gap between the two tiers. I do not mind that we will remain in this division for few more seasons. My young and unexperienced squad still have to grow to be competitive in Superettan sometime then. At least we had a record making season: Once again Rudin was our star player who develops really well. Lindh, Davidsson also had a good season along side with our first choice CD pair. We participated in the cup as well. Nothing to write home, beat a lower division side at the first round then lost to an Allsvenska side. Youth intake - preview I am satisfied with this intake. The reported PA decreased all over the board but it is may be due to Rudin who is rated high now. Two promising wingers and other useful prospect with good personalities. We have promising youths now for all position and no desperate need. He is really small but very quick. He is really big and nimble. They would be rather interesting looking winger pair. Other We had 27k € loss for the year less then previously. Unfortunately we lost our best U19 coach whom we can not replace with same quality, sad day in the office. We also lost our two Kiwi midfielders on free. They requested too much wage that I do not willing to provide them. I am not fully comfortable that they leave but have to live with that. We will be a young and inexperienced team for the next season so I expect some drop in our performance. Our U19 team managed to win their premier division group and the play off semi final. They lost only to IFK Norrköping U19 in the final. I sense it is a good sign to our future but I do not know what other teams do with their much superior youth set-up. I won't get any further upgrade if we do not improve our reputation and/or finance situation significantly. Summary
  2. I think I get your point. I will try not to overestimating the importance of personality but I will be rather conservative. I am still willing to sign a really good prospect with bad personality but I try to keep the amount of them low to not hinder the development of other prospects. Yes, I saw your team determination, impressive. My manager avatars' attribute for level of discipline is 19 already, all other hovering around 10, I make sure that I use this feature extensively we have literally the same idiom @Padders I saying there is better in my humble opinion. Still rated as good in my book but not as good as professional for example.
  3. I rate the following personalities as good: Fairly Professional, Model Citizen, Model Professional, Perfectionist, Professional, Resolute. And the following media handlings are good as well: Evasive, Level headed, Reserved. I agree with you that ambition and determination also important so I wont sign any youth with Unambitious or Low Determination trait anymore. For me Its more about to avoid these players/youths with clear bad personalities as they may have bad impact on others, and it was not the case earlier I think, at least I did not recognize it. My squad personality rated as fairly professional right now as per the club info page, it was fairly loyal . My new HoYD has Determined personality that is not ideal I think but he has far superior attributions than the next available target with better personality. What really shocked me just now that players training performance and their development how greatly differentiate based on their personalities. If my memory serves well in older versions of the game my youths with not so good personality also developed an acceptable level and could become really good player but now their level is only stagnate. Maybe it is due that my side now only semi-professional and the personalities have greater effect compered to a profession side where players get more training, do not know. @Padders Your enthusiasm really amaze me, Sir!
  4. Torslanda Idrottsklubb - Sweden - ETTAN Fotboll DIV1 Södra (Tier3) - 2023 - season 3 review Intro <FM21 - custom, edited database used> - League - Squad - Finance - Transfers - Transfer 22 - missed last time League Worse performance than last year, maybe I overestimated our ability. Only our very best players rated good and decent for DIV1 Ettan and have Superettan potential, most of our players only good for DIV2 for now. From that perspective our position and performance was reasonable. I was still somewhat disappointed with the season as we managed to grab less points than last year and finished 8th compared to 6th place of last year. Rudin was incredible and banged 27 goals during the year. I tied him as long as I can, hopefully we can keep him. Nevertheless I have a really good feeling about this season and rate it as a turning point in our campaign for the top football as it is helped me to realize and learn one fundamental element: personality. I was aware that good personality is a key factor in youth development but it makes day and night difference really now. As far as I see it is not just translates into better training performance therefore better development but also plays roles in the performance on the pitch. Also the general personality of the squad helps improve the individual players much more than I thought. Even without dedicated mentoring its forms players personality on noticeable level. Maybe in case of older iteration of the game (for the record: I only played the series up to FM16) was the same but the visualization of training performance makes it more visible. Academy products with good personality always on the top of the chart and existing guys takes bottom places on the training performance table and barely improve if at all. Realizing and learning this changed my attitude drastically. I will only sign youths with good personality without exception even if the potential ability is lower. Only will sign youth with mediocre personality if he is a clear future star for us. Replace my all existing "inherited" players as soon as I can with academy products with good personality even if current ability is (much) lower. Furthermore I also have other observations during the season that may help me improve as a manager: I cannot mastermind a defensively sound tactic. Its always harm more than it helps so I will stick to our standard more or less working attacking tactic and only adjust it slightly against the actual opponent: I will try to outgun them and hope that our defensive players will improve enough to make our team defense more competitive. It is worth to pay at least one scout to help to get know better our upcoming opponent even on this level. I was blind so far in that perspective. All promoted DIV1 Ettan side relegate immediately back without any question mark. Definitely the biggest obstacle for us in this challenge will be to reach that bar. Superettan contains only professional, established sides and it will be hard to grab a position there. It is not worth to chase a miracle promotion than get a harsh reality check. I must focus on build a fairly professional squad slowly but steady and go further step-by-step. On short term maybe it means suffering but I am sure that on long term it will pay out. I must manually control the U19 selection as the manager field players on different position that I want to. Youth intake - preview I think our improved junior coaching started kicking in. The general current abilities noticeable higher than the last two intake. Also our U19 team promoted to premier division that consist Allsvenska sides as well and reached respectable league position. I think it is a good sign to our future. All signed players will spend one year in U19 team than most of them will go to first squad. Our next towering DC. Will be moved to senior team after one year. I have a big hope in this guy, he should solve our DL position soon. Need to improve his pace and agility. Other We had 46k € loss for the year, the youth and junior coaching cost us lot but we do not have any other choice. Just after the season end I managed to sign an incredible HoYD. After completing his coaching course (I think he started it before he joined us as it was continental pro course) his professionality also have been highlighted so hopefully it also means that he has high professionality. I still cannot believe that he sign to Torslanda, cost a lot though. He was an active player when the game started if I am not mistaken I am sure that he will able to help us to fulfill the potential of our current youth and junior facilities. Next season most of the squad member will be academy product and I plan to keep only Blank (GK) and Davidsson (AMC) and maybe Backlund (AMR/L) on longer term. They usually put good training performance on the table and have acceptable personalities. All that matter is now to avoid relegation and focus on youths with good personality and provide them everything in order their development. Field them even if they have lower CA. Get rid of all players that have bad personality. Summary Sorry for the wall of text and for my poor English but I really feel that I have a personal enlightment now
  5. Torslanda Idrottsklubb - Sweden - ETTAN Fotboll DIV1 Södra (Tier3) - 2021: season 2 review Intro <FM21 - custom, edited database used> - League - Squad - Finance - Transfers* - *I forgot to make screenshot about this but only few player left for free, I will make up for it. League Not so exciting than last season. We were safe from relegation and from promotion as well through the whole year. We had some promising results against higher rated teams so with a little bit improvement we can gain promotion as far as I see. We scored the most goals and almost we conceded the most... We need to improve our defense. We throwed away ten points when we led with two goals and only finished with draw in the end. So many match ended with 3-3. Tried tinker with the tactics that resulted a winless July... so I continued with our 4-2-3-1 Wide positive tactic. If somebody has a good defensive tactics and willing to share I would be more than happy to learn from it as it seems I lack in that field. Youth intake Not sure what to think. There is no single player that I think will be first team member within one or two years, nonetheless I will bring up the better looking youths to the first squad after one season spent in U19 squad. Peter Hjelm looked good at first but his defensive attributions vary between 1-3... better AMR than FB . Almost everybody get signed now. From the next year I will only sign the really promising players. Started looking to a better HoYD cause the amount of unambitious player is horrendous but there was no better candidate so I have to stick with the current one. Two highlighted payer: At least he is either footed and fairly professional. Not that I desperately need players to the front but I have to take what I get... An OK left footed DC. He goes to the first team as backup DCL. Unfortunately his personality and media handling rather mediocre. Hopefully he will still improve as I really need good defenders. Other We had 31k € loss for the year inspite of I keep our wage cost under control. By end of the season I convinced the board to upgrade our junior coaching to adequate level and our youth recruitment to fairly basic. I think they get tired that I continuously asked them about the upgrades through the whole season. We should improve our reputation and finance as I do not see that the board will grant further upgrades. Also gained some coach badge. Some of our youth already contributed to the season. Edelvik was our starter DC played decently and Rudin also played on some games in the second half of the season, scored on his debut, he will be the starter ST next year. For the next season four additional youth will join to the first squad: Saglam (age:16) back up DC - if he improve well and convince me than he will be Edelviks' partner instead of Edge Henrysson (18) backup DC - regen that was there before I joined Ahgren (18) backup AMR(C) - also a regen that was there before I joined Öhman (17) backup GK Our aim for the next season will be to challenge for promotion despite of the board require only to fight bravely against the relegation... I do not share their pessimistic view. Summary
  6. Torslanda Idrottsklubb - Sweden - DIV2 Västra Götaland (Tier 4) - 2021: season 1 review <FM21 - custom, edited database used> - League - Squad - Finance - Transfers - Intro League: It become clear rather early that the league is quite balanced, at least six team will compete for the promotion including us. Our defense was not that bad what I thought even our slightly attacking tactical approach. We were close to the top spot thoroughly the entire season but always slipped, fortunately other sides did the same. Two games to go we were second with one point behind Höganäs BK and the top six were congested. It was clear that we have to win the last two matches to secure the title and hope that Höganäs BK will drop points. In round 25 we were down by two in 70th minutes and Höganäs BK led to 1-2 ... I just accepted that we won't gain promotion this year but miracle happened, we scored three goals in the last six minutes and our opponent conceded two goals and lost their match! Round 25 In last match we managed to secure the lead early but we somehow conceded a miserable goal from a huge mistake (59. min.)... draw and IFK Malmö take the lead (62.)=> we are second on the table, BK Astrio take the lead (71.)=> we are third and out of promotion chance. Then Mahad Hussen - who is our main striker and finished the season with 15 goals - in minutes 83. scored a fantastic goal outside the penalty boxed and secured our championship and automatic promotion. Round 26 50 point would not have been enough for the top spot in any other DIV2 league, not even for second spot... we were extremely lucky I guess or just our division was more balanced than other divisions. Youth intake: At least we get a decent DC who will go to the first squad right away. On top of that a good striker also come through. Unfortunately the fullbacks have bad personalities but at least with a better media handling that suggest they are fairly professional but unambitious. Signed them anyway. Other: We had 11k € profit for the year. More importantly junior coaching have been upgraded to average level. I decided to not renew Krizanovics' contract as he never really recovered from his long term injury so we are searching of a new Ass.man. now. For next season my aim is to secure our place in the higher division and avoid relegation and start to give some playing time to our youths. Summary:
  7. Torslanda Idrottsklubb - Sweden - Division 2 Västra Götaland (Tier 4) - 2020 season 1 (intro) <FM21 - custom, edited database used> Torslanda IK is a local sports club in Torslanda. It is an urban district situated in Gothenburg Municipality, Västra Götaland County, Sweden. An Old Norse Religion place of sacrifice to the God Thor was once located here, which gave rise to the name Torslanda; meaning "Thor's land". Volvo Cars operates one of its largest automobile plants, Torslandaverken in Torslanda. It opened in 1964 and some models produced at the plant have carried the Torslanda name, including later versions of the Volvo 240 during the early 1990s. It also holds the headquarters for Volvo Car Corporation and AB Volvo. The Club was founded in 1944 by Anders Tullock, Bengt Tullock and Erik Danielsson. Highest league position of the club is a 10th place in Div 1 South back in 2008 (based on official website). * So the story begins: During the year before the season end the local car manufacturer, Volvo became the new kit sponsor and provided aim to the club the purchasing of new equipments from Craft, a Swedish brand that is a producer of functional sports apparel. Besides Volvo granted a new bus to the team to make the travel to the away games more comfortable. The board in a hope to extend the partnership with the worldwide reputed company decided to change the colors of the club and introduced the new crest for season starting in 2021: The chairman hopes that Torslanda IK will be the next Wolfsburg and Bayer Leverkusen and became a successful "company club". After the successful Division 3 campaign that ended with promotion Declan Edge resigned due to personal reasons and a new greenhorn manager was appointed, Alexander Alexandersson. <profile1,profile2> Information about the club, squad and season preview: General Profile History Facilities Finance Season preview Club vision The financial situation is surprisingly good for now and we have a good wage budget what I partially will use for contract extensions as half of the teams' contract will expire soon. Maybe will let one or two player to leave to save some money and provide place for the upcoming youths. The squad is not bad and a mid-table finish sounds reasonable and the board do not raise the bar which I approve. I think with a bit of luck we can aim higher. At least there are enough player to fill a match squad which is not bad, I thought it will be worse. We have some good players in the front and midfield but we lack at the back. Hopefully we will get some quality juniors soon otherwise we will have problems. On the other hand we have a decent and young goalkeeper, I am really happy with it. Also there are some useful regens at the U19 team There is a small New-Zealanders diaspora presumably due to the former manager who is a Kiwi. They will key role in the upcoming campaign. Interestingly one of the current squad player, the 29 years old Zlatan Krizanociv is the assistant manager at the club. He is not bad for this level but his skill set is not what I looking for my main striker, other players are more suited for the role. He is better Ass man than a player, but he is the most influential player as well. Hope he won't start moaning about his playing time. Unfortunately he is recovering from six month injury presumably just before the first league game he will be available. Also managed to sign a new HoYD and some coaches as well. *********** When I found Torslanda IK browsing Swedish lower leagues I really liked the idea to try this challenge with them but I just cannot stand the green in their otherwise good looking crest. I figured It would be a good idea to make a little background story for them and make a link with Volvo in my headcanon. It makes my immersion better as once I win the CL (hahaha, sure I will :D) it would be more realistic if the club backed by such a big and otherwise local company. * credit goes to wikipedia and official club webpage
  8. Dear Colleagues! As a kind of FM veteran (started playing the series with CM3) finally after five years of absence I return for this great game - I have a big boy now so hopefully I will have more time to spare for this hobby. I decided to purchase FM21 as it contains enough new features for me compared to FM16 and I toy an idea for this challenge, already tried before once but now I want to give a proper shoot for it. I have two question: 1. Is it allowed to post career update in the next thread dedicated to FM22 indicating that I play with FM21? 2. Is it allowed to use cosmetic changes, including change the color of the selected club - other changes would be using real name fix from sortitoutsi community? Thank you and have a good luck on the football fields!
  9. Hello, I just would like to enquiry that did you experience defect in youth intakes? I mean I get only 4-5 few new regen per intake after the new patch. Other teams also suffer from this around the world. Have a good weekend! regards, s
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