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  1. People are stupid. The sooner you realize this fact the more a lot of things in life start to make sense.
  2. Great thread! If you don't mind, I'd like to ask for your opinion on my tactic: How do I improve this tactic if I want to stick with this shape? I signed Messi on a free + have a lot of good strikers, that's why I want to play with 1 Treq and 2 strikers. Thanks!
  3. I managed to buy Haaland first season with Man City (after off-loading Zinchenko + Mahrez + Jesus), and he's already absolutely devastating: The crazy thing is he's still continuously improving over the course of the season (I use De Bruyne to mentor Haaland to help him improve his intelligence). This mad lad is also working on his weaker foot in his spare time.
  4. Exactly! Not just Man City, but Leicester City also owns OH Leuven from Belgium, and Chelsea has a really strong "partnership" with Vitesse in the Netherlands (there should be other examples). They funnel lots of young footballers through those affiliates each year.
  5. But I have to wait until the player turns 18 to do that, even though they are EU nationals and my affiliate is also in the EU. Is there a way that I can move my under-18 EU players, who have agreed to sign a contract with me, immediately to my affiliate? There's going to be a cap (6?) on the total number of under-21 players a club can sign per season for all English clubs. That's a rule that foreign affiliate can bypass. I kinda just want to see if SI has any plan to implement this model of intercontinental multi-club ownership that's slowly emerging!
  6. I'm wondering if FM does/will provide (for example) Man City managers with access to the City Football Group? CFG owns >10 clubs globally in almost every continent. It is already common practice irl for Man City to buy young players and train them at a CFG club. Can/will it be implemented in FM? This will partially bypass post-Brexit FIFA/UEFA/FA rules and will surely be an interesting feature to play around with!
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