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  1. Oh ‘streaming’. came in here hoping for another ‘playing FM drunk’ story...
  2. In reply to the OP: I know that regular saving (aka ‘save-scumming’) gets looked-down on (aka ‘cheating’) on the board, but I’ve found it can be really helpful to explore the limits and expectations of the the game/‘board’ at the club. if it’s always happening in November then keep a save in October maybe? Get sacked; go back to that save and make some changes. I do find that this game is very strict in the top division regarding expectations, results and fan-support. I sailed close-to-the-wind a lot in my Tottenham save (well; at least playing as Spurs isn
  3. Thinking about it I'd not mind playing 97-98 season (and taking England to France '98) in the CM3 engine. Played it in CM97/98 recently, but would be awesome to play it in CM3 as it was just that much deeper a game. Outside the CM-era of classic databases I think there'd be a lot of mileage in a 'FM 1960' game. So many great teams and players. The game was very different back then (no substitutes, different formations, different style-of-play). Competition-formats were different; old 'European Cup' and 'Cup Winners Cup'. For me Spurs had a great team, doing the double in '61,
  4. Remember Jermain Defoe (in real life) shooting from anywhere and everywhere through his career. Scored a load but took a load of chances to do so. Not seen a lot of Haarland in real-life. I’d not complain about 12 in 18 games though!
  5. Year ‘to forget’ for me! Helder-bloody-Postiga... ...and he knocked us out of the Euros...
  6. Yeah, it's a bit of a flight-of-fancy. Everything I read on the subject was that SI owned the database(s?) and the game-engine, and Eidos the branding and the game-interface. Only SI know for sure how accurate this is though. Would love to see a 'streamlined' version of the modern-engine with the classic data in though. Maybe not as in-depth a game as the current one, maybe just the 'main' leagues for the era's we're talking about, maybe not as many media-features. And a more 'classic' presentation (older-looking stadiums and finances that are more realistic for the time in-question).
  7. Oxford United. Have history in the top-division (the old 'First Division' pre-Premier League). Big stadium with room for development... well a fourth-stand maybe? Good looking kit? Also not fans of Portsmouth?
  8. Hi all. As I’m stuck at home (as I’m sure most of us are) with no sport or football to watch I’ve been exploring some old Championship/Football Manager games aka ‘going retro’ with a view to playing some classic squads/scenarios. Got me thinking of the history of the game; we must have European/World football history represented from 1993-2020 and all the changes and up’s and downs for teams in that period represented. So topic for discussion: which ‘classic’ CM/FM database would you like to see re-imagined with the modern game-engine. One of the best ‘ideas’ from SI was the ‘FM 1888
  9. Great news Riz! Hope you and the family are staying safe
  10. Actually I've always thought there was a lot of mileage in this idea. We all have our own ways of playing the game, and we all have 'rules' for certain games (or even ask for 'rules' to play by on the forums). Can be fun to role-play as a manager though? I've played 'AVB' and 'Tim Sherwood' saves back on FM13 and 14? Playing their style of formations and tactics, signing targets that were linked to the team at the time. Some good memories; answering all my press-conference questions arrogantly, eschewing holding-midfielders...wearing a gilet...bringing through half the youth-tea
  11. Relevant for the UK leagues next year: As well as having a set number of 'import' (foreign) players dressed in the match-day squad it would be good to a maximum number of them 'on the ice' at any one time. Old EPIHL had 5 imports dressing but a maximum of 3 on the ice at any time. NIHL has usually allowed 2 dressed with only one icing at any time (effectively meaning no import-netminders at that level as it precludes icing your second import). Currently I think you can play with as many imports on the ice as you're allowed to dress? The NIHL is effectively the second-tier
  12. Seen lots of 'Brexit' posts on different forums today, how will it effect Ice Hockey in the UK, Football, sport, interest rates. Love that there's one on here about ' How will it affect my Spurs save on FM19" Lol
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