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  1. Actually I've always thought there was a lot of mileage in this idea. We all have our own ways of playing the game, and we all have 'rules' for certain games (or even ask for 'rules' to play by on the forums). Can be fun to role-play as a manager though? I've played 'AVB' and 'Tim Sherwood' saves back on FM13 and 14? Playing their style of formations and tactics, signing targets that were linked to the team at the time. Some good memories; answering all my press-conference questions arrogantly, eschewing holding-midfielders...wearing a gilet...bringing through half the youth-team? Would be even more fun to take on a managers reputation, contacts, relationships and playing-style. The media could comment if you started to play different formations and tactics, the chairman could comment that you're 'not playing to your strengths' maybe if you divert too far from what's expected of you. Imagine a Harry Redknapp save: rocking up at a team in trouble, signing Crouchy and Kranjcar and Defoe, wheeling and dealing... A Mourinho save...arrogance...parking the bus...the incessant pressure to win A Wenger-at-Arsenal save...can you turn things around? Or taking a real-life lower-league manager and steering their career to the top, maybe even England?
  2. Relevant for the UK leagues next year: As well as having a set number of 'import' (foreign) players dressed in the match-day squad it would be good to a maximum number of them 'on the ice' at any one time. Old EPIHL had 5 imports dressing but a maximum of 3 on the ice at any time. NIHL has usually allowed 2 dressed with only one icing at any time (effectively meaning no import-netminders at that level as it precludes icing your second import). Currently I think you can play with as many imports on the ice as you're allowed to dress? The NIHL is effectively the second-tier of British Ice hockey next season with the EPL now defunct, so would be good to get this nuance of the rules in if possible.
  3. Fair play. Why not include a 'Stadium Editor' though. The stadiums are generated from different 'parts' clearly so why not have a simple editor with drop-down menus for the different stadium elements and then we can design our own. Then people can share their stadiums on Steam. It would add that bit of immersion; I, for one, love that all the Premier League stadiums are licensed in the latest FIFA. Kind of like how the Premier League clubs aren't licensed, but I've edited-in the photos and logos for those teams. And like how a certain national team can be included in the game by...doing that thing...you know that thing you have to do whenever you install the game before starting a new save...
  4. I remember when Tim Sherwood took over at Spurs from AVB I deleted his entry from the database and made a 'Tim Sherwood' profile when I started the game. I role-played the save as him (starting in January) being bolshy in press-conferences and telling everyone I was brilliant and promoting youth-team players. Stayed at Spurs though, didn't leave and get Villa relegated in the name of 'accuracy' I think role-playing as a manager would be fun, would be good for the games when you set yourself certain rules to play in a certain way and you could have news stories if 'you' do something out-of-character. Also good if you ever wanted to see Mourinho at Arsenal say, or see if you could get the England job as Big Sam, and you could have your own relationships with your back-room team who follow you between clubs. Always found it a little weird working with Pochetino's back-room staff in the current version of the game, but can't be bothered to try and assemble 'my' backroom team every game-start.
  5. Seen lots of 'Brexit' posts on different forums today, how will it effect Ice Hockey in the UK, Football, sport, interest rates. Love that there's one on here about ' How will it affect my Spurs save on FM19" Lol
  6. Also a problem in the lower British leagues, though I know MK Lightning (EPIHL) were running 4-lines at one point before injuries took their toll later in the season. One of those was essentially a 'youth' line though and got little ice-time comparatively. Also similar to above, I've seen teams in the EPIHL signing 14/15/16 year olds and playing them on 1st and second lines. I'm pretty sure from discussions on The Hockey Forum that under-16's cant play in the EPIHL (unlike in the 80's where certain 'generational talents' by British standards would play from 14/15). Maybe some sort of age limit would go a ways to preventing this. I'm sure Arch has mentioned it to you as well Riz, but some way for the AI in the EIHL/EPIHL and lower to manage their squads around 3-line Hockey would be more realistic (maybe based on league/club reputation? Any team in a certain league under a set amount will maintain a smaller squad maybe and aim to ice 3 lines of a certain quality).
  7. Hi all (and Riz in particular). Some ideas I've had from playing and being involved with the editing side over at TBL forums (split into ideas for the current version of the game and for any subsequent games 'proper' if there's ever an 'EHM2'). Ideas for current version: More customisable ice surfaces. In the absence of 3D arenas having customised ice really helps give you the idea you're playing at home or in someone else's 'barn' for me. I recently made a pack for the UK consisting of centre-ice logos and sponsor logos for the faceoff circles. However plenty of teams don't have adverts in the faceoff circles, so would be nice (and satisfy my OCD) to have other sectors of the ice available to place logos. Logos linked to arena, not to team. Linked to my above point: many teams (aside from the very top-level) share rinks with teams from the same city, or lower-league teams. As such it would help for the customised ice/logos to link to a specific arena, as opposed to a team. Currently, if teams share arenas, I have to copy the 'parent' team's logos and re-name them for the lower-league team that shares the rink (OCD again). Would allow us to make logo-packs smaller/more accurate. 'Special' competition-specific logos (for playoffs/European Finals/World Championships) For the Champion's League final and World Championships the ice is usually marked up with special competition-specific logos. Again would be good if the game recognised a special game/competition and used a logo pack for that particular game. This can even apply to the NHL Playoffs, where the Stanley Cup logo usually makes an appearance under the ice for the participating teams. Player/Head Coach role. Again, lower down the leagues in the hockey world it is quite common to have a Player/Head Coach. Currently we only have Player/Coach as an option, which usually means a new Head-Coach is appointed by the AI early in the game. Would be nice (again from an editing perspective) to be able to accurately model this in-game, especially for lower-leagues where the budget isn't there to have a separate Head-Coach. 'Alt' colours activated. They are in the database, would be really good to have 'Alt' colours pop up now and then if I'm playing as New York Rangers and taking on an Original-Six rival, or playing as MK Lightning in the EPL Playoffs. Colour-changes in extra-config activatable by date. Been playing with the extra-config file and seen it is possible to use it to change a team's colours. Unfortunately this only happens at the game start (and we can already change colours using Archi's editor anyway). How I'd like to use it is specifically to change a team's colours on a certain date. In the English Premier League this season all teams used their 'dark' jerseys at home till Christmas, and then swapped to 'light' jerseys at home in the new year. Would be good to be able to mirror this in-game. Also for 'historic' databases (such as when the NHL changed from light to dark jerseys at home, or when a team has altered their colours). Also be useful to specify certain colours to be used in certain competitions or against certain opponents (such as Rangers tending to play in Whites at home versus Philly). Transfers in extra-config overwrite trade-AI. I like editing, on Football Manager I've been known to spend hours editing future-transfers into a start-of-season database to mirror players that have moved throughout the season in real-life. Largely you can in the extra-config anyway but there are a few exceptions. 1. In the NHL the AI will cancel and 'future-transfers' you program in if you try to mimic real life trades. 2. In leagues with a fixed-limit on foreign (or 'import') players the AI will cancel any Future-transfer that places them over the limit (hence you can program future transfers for British players in the UK leagues, but not for imports). I'd like for any future-transfers in the extra-config to in effect be 'hard-coded' at game start. In effect 'forcing' the game to accept them (as in Football Manager). This would allow us to apply a list of future-transfers to the start-of-season database (instead of producing a seperate database) to allow a Trade-deadline data-update. Actually it would allow a player to play through a season with all the transfers happening as in real life (if they wanted to). U20 World Championship divisions and U18 World Championships Again for 'lower league' GM's losing talented youngsters to age-group internationals can be a challenge, as can managing the youth teams and trying to develop youngsters internationally. Would be good for the full international groups to be included. Player 'dots' Would be good for the club's 'foreground' colour to show up on the player icon on the match view, as well as the background colour. In a lot of leagues it often turns into a boring procession of 'white dots' playing 'black dots'. Again without a 3D match engine a bit more variety in the player icons (as with the rinks) can really make it feel like you're playing different teams. Editable League Structures Would really like to see a historic database for the Heineken British League back in the early '90's (3 divisions with Promotion/Relegation and the finals at Wembley Arena). I know that more editable leagues is something that's being looked at and this would be good if we could replace leagues in certain countries with ones that match the old structures). Ideas for subsequent versions: Dynamic League/Team reputation It would be good to have certain things affect a league or a teams reputation in the database, for instance winning a World Championship or a good run for an underdog in the Olympics or winning at a Continental competition in Europe. This could add value to long-term gameplay, with perhaps the KHL approaching a true rival-status for the NHL, or certain Nations becoming more of a powerhouse leading to an increase in popularity for the sport in that nation and perhaps leading to better quality new-gens/regens in the player-pool. League Expansions Would love to see expansion teams feature in the game, or in leagues that are 'closed' with no promotion/relegation have existing teams invited to join. This would give the game enhanced re-playability and provide an ever-changing game-world to give the player new challenges. For instance you could be mid-dynasty with an NHL team assiduously built over several years only to find it threatened by an expansion-draft. You could be dominating in the Swedish league and invited to join the KHL. Toiling away in the lower-reaches of the British Leagues with a team of amatures/semi-pro's and asked to join the Elite League. This could all be dictated by various factors like league and team reputation, as well as a random element so that certain circumstances don't always dictate the same outcome. Especially if the game is to continue without licences then there shouldn't be any legal issues to doing this. Have it as a selectable option at game start-up and anyone who want's to play with strictly accurate teams and structures can be kept happy too. Would open the game up to 'Bottom to the Top' challenges as well? Maybe the NHL would even expand into Europe? Training and Tactics I really like the new training and tactic interfaces in Football Manager, they just seem much more intuitive than sliders/training intensities. I'd especially like to see more 'individual' training and training to different depending on whether you're an NHL side or a Semi-Pro team practicing a couple of nights a week. For Training: Have different training focusses, have players be able to train different roles and show us what attributes a certain type of training will focus on. For Tactics: Have it much more explanatory as to what certain settings make your players do. Appreciate that the game is based on 'old' FM builds with sliders, but I find it so much easier in modern FM to set my team up to play how I want them to. Whether that way of playing is particularly effective is another thing! This would also help new players who maybe don't have the knowledge of Hockey yet to adapt to the game. Player roles Linked to the above point have player roles (which are already in the database) actually be selectable. You might have a Power-Forward with a good shot who you actually want to play as more of a sniper, you might have a certain game where instead of playing as a Pointman you want both your defencemen to be more conservative and play with 2 defensive D-men against the oppositions top line. You might have a NHL 3rd-line Grinder who drops down the leagues to play in Britain or Australia who suddenly finds himself the most skilful player on the team! So while he's 'naturally' a Grinder you'll play him as a Power-Forward or in a Finesse role. I know you can do all this with sliders and personal instructions, but again it works really well in the most-recent FM's and if we ever get a new-build of EHM it would make sense to build on that. Finally a personal request to Riz: I'm a massive MK Lightning fan (in the English Premier League) and we've been invited to join the top league (British Elite) in the 2017/2018 season. Would love it if in the next 'build' of EHM the Elite League expansion was included. The Elite League will grow to 12 teams (with a new London team playing out of Wembley expected to be the 12th). I know it's a long shot, but I know expansion teams for the MLS were included in a recent version and would be really cool if the league re-alignment could make it in. Doing it for the 2016/2017 iteration of the data (if we're getting one) will be difficult as all the details aren't likely to be known till the end of that season. But you could have MK Lightning and a London team (London Emperors is the name that keeps floating around) join the Elite League (with Belfast switching conferences to keep it balanced). To replace MKL you could have a new team playing out of the Leeds rink that's being built (though there's even more conjecture as to what the EPL will look like next year let alone the year after. So yeah...really just me wanting to mastermind my team's debut in the Elite League. I know it's a long shot and there's plenty more to do with the game before then but you don't ask then you don't get
  8. It's your game mate? Do what you want! I've had games where I've removed managers from the data-base and 'role-played' them (quite scary how I managed to 'channel' Tim Sherwood quite so well really: "I know managers who spend half their time on the golf course, would you ask them that question?"). It's up to you how you want to play it.
  9. Guys...why don't you give Eastside Hockey Manager a try? When Gareth Bale broke my heart and left Spurs back in '13 I fell out with football big-time and revisited EHM2007 which I can remember from the old days of the Championship/Football Manager magazine. I found that I could play as my Hometown team Milton Keynes Lightning and it's got me really into Hockey (MK Lightning/New York Rangers/Oxford City Stars). The interface will be familiar to anyone who played the 2005-2008 iterations of FM (2D match engine) and its a very deep game in it's own right. Now it's been re-released and updated as EHM:EA and I think the 2015 databases are about to drop and that's how I'll be spending my time till FM '16 launches. And the more people who buy EHM the more likely we are to have it grow to a fully-franchised game with yearly updates and improvements.
  10. And if you look in the match report (in the older versions of the game anyway) I think the 'winner' of the fight is usually the last one to have landed a blow in the commentary?
  11. Will throw in my lot here for UK Leagues. Be nice to at least have Elite and Premier leagues as in the old EHM '07. Will throw money at the game if it means I can manage my hometown team MK Lightning! Would be good to add the National Ice Hockey Leagues as well (Leagues 1 and 2) below the Premier. There is promotion and relegation between these leagues and that always presents a different challenge in a Hockey Sim IMO. (Plus I could play as the Oxford City Stars, my 'local' team!) I'd also like to see the French League included, and I also saw a book recently about the Australian Ice Hockey League, if that's a going concern still then I'd like to have that in just for the novelty factor!
  12. I've not got too into FM15 this year, I've been playing more Eastside Hockey Manager lately to be honest! Have picked it up recently again after some of Spurs better results and I've been inspired to see if I can get some of the players replicating their real-life form. Best result I've had is Chadli's 6 goals from 11 starts, playing as a RAUMDEUTER of all things! He just has this habit of popping up in the box off of the left flank and banging them in! Kane I've had less success with, but to be honest I've just been playing him in the cups at this early stage of the season as per real life, and Ade has been on a tear for me anyway. Looking to ease him into the league late november/december time. Been experimenting with a few different roles for him as a lone-striker (Target Man, Advanced Forward, Complete Forward) any hints from those who have got him 'beasting it' in their games as to what role to play him/training to concentrate on? Mason similarly im struggling to find a decent role for. BBMid is what I'm using him as at the second, but he doesn't seem to have the stamina for the role. Any hints for him? Bentelab makes quite a good Defensive Deep-laying Playmaker for me, when partnered with someone to do the 'dirty-work' in midfield anyway, and Fazio is a surprisingly effective CB when given instructions to 'Cover'. As things stand I'm at the end of October, 4th in the league with it all still being quite close, in the Capital One Cup quarters and heading a group of Lokomotive Moscow, PAOK and Sutjeska (who?) level on 7 points with Lokomotive after 3 games. Aiming to get into the Champions League with this squad (maybe a few additions in Jan if I can offload Adebayor) also aiming to integrate Tommy Carroll, Pritchard and Fredricks next season if I can so will keep you posted. Any help regarding Kane and Mason readily accepted though. I know they'll both get updates in the Jan database but don't want to wait till then honestly!
  13. Tried to change WHL a few times but no joy. Cheers for pointing me to the graphics folder Lohan but whatever I do seems I'm doomed to have this massive stadium which resembles the Etihad Stadium more than anything? It's a shame as theres obviously supposed to be some functionality there?
  14. Hi all. Anyone know what the stadium_templates edt file does? Only 2 entries in it: "FORCE_STADIUM_TEMPLATE" "Watford" "20,000 - 30,00/40-50d flat roof (2 corners)" "FORCE_STADIUM_TEMPLATE" "Kingstonian" "0 - 10,000/0-10c (0 corners, mixed top) v2" At a guess it would seem that it has something to do with how the game generates the stadiums? I'm having a play with it as I'd really like a more accurate version of White Hart Lane in the game but got no ideas as to what to write and what some of the above numbers refers to? Anyone had a play and any success with it? Odd that only Watford and Kingstonian are listed in it?
  15. Was just wondering if anyone else was having problems but I guess not! Or if anyone from SI had any ideas? I'll try giving them a call, have e-mailed already but no response. Will have to wait and see if I get the code before the full game arrives!
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